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Time to get your Vogue face on, because today we’re looking at the bright and colorful world of costume design. This week the 20th annual Costume Designer Guild Awards were handed out, with flicks such as 'I, Tonya' taking home the prize of Excellence in Contemporary Film. Read more
Renowned for its diverse film program, Boston’s Wicked Queer film festival provides a vast exploration of what it means to be part of the LGBTQ spectrum. The festival doesn’t settle for safe or simplistic expressions, instead providing a myriad of perspectives about queer identity which reflect Boston’s community. Read more
In celebration of the fact we’re well and truly into festival season, we’ve decided to turn our spotlight onto the best LGBTQI indie film festivals out there. If you’re a big fan of queer-themed cinema, then get these in the datebook. Read more
It’s official: 'Transparent' is moving on without Maura. Jeffrey Tambor has been given the kick from Jill Soloway’s hit Amazon show after an investigation apparently suggested his behavior “could not be justified or excused under scrutiny.” Read more
A pall has fallen over the achievement for the filmmakers of Oscar-nominee 'Last Men in Aleppo', who have just learned Syria refused to expedite the travel visas of producer Kareem Abeed and star Mahmoud Al-Hattar. Read more
The past few years have been solid for queer cinema, from the release of Oscar-nominated ‘Call Me by Your Name’, to 2017 Best Picture winner ‘Moonlight’, to breakthrough hit ‘God’s Own Country’, to Sean Baker’s ‘Tangerine’ – the list goes on. Read more
As many of you know, this weekend saw the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards honoring the best achievements in film and TV performances for the past year and giving us a clearer idea of which stars should (and shouldn’t) be preparing their Oscar speeches. Read more
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