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My Lovely Boxer Episode 7 Review by DoramasVip

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Exploring the Emotional Depths of “My Lovely Boxer”: Episodes 7-8

The boxing ring may be the central stage, but in episodes 7 and 8 of “My Lovely Boxer”, the spotlight turns towards the emotional journeys of our main characters.

With the first fight behind them and a few months until the next match, we witness a transformation in both the boxer and her manager, as personal setbacks threaten to shatter their resolve. The question looms: will these trials bring them closer together or push them further apart?

The emotional depth of these episodes is nothing short of astonishing. It’s a punch to the heart (pun intended) that one might not expect from a series centered around boxing. After Tae-young’s brutal encounter with an excessively violent gambling syndicate, a certain level of turmoil was anticipated. 

However, the anxiety takes a back seat to a more subtle transformation in his demeanor. Despite external signs of his recent ordeal—bruises and a hairline fracture to a rib—he maintains his role as Kwon-sook’s trainer. Simultaneously, he orchestrates a plan to ensure Kwon-sook’s upcoming fight against Ah-reum proceeds smoothly.

In a surprising turn, Tae-young diverges from his original agreement with Kwon-sook. He sees potential in her, a latent passion for the sport, once liberated from her father’s abusive training methods. With her innate talent, he believes she should explore the possibility of falling in love with boxing in a more nurturing environment.

Behind the scenes, unbeknownst to Kwon-sook, Tae-young is actively seeking sponsors in the United States. Initially perceived as a tactic to hype up the fight, it becomes evident that he genuinely envisions a future for Kwon-sook in the U.S., where the grip of match-riggers is weaker.

Tae-young advises Kwon-sook to complete all rounds and lose the match by judges’ decision, rather than a knockout by Ah-reum. He explains that this outcome would be more convincing, reducing suspicions of a fixed match. More importantly, it leaves the door open for Kwon-sook to have a long-term career in boxing.

Kwon-sook, resolute in her decision to retire, faces opposition from Jae-min, who reveals his true intentions. He has been subtly positioning himself as her future agent, and he bluntly proposes a partnership once her contract with Tae-young concludes. His haste leads him to quit his job prematurely, a move justified by his familial ties.

However, Kwon-sook’s determination to leave boxing prevails over her affection for Jae-min. She remains steadfast in her resolve, recognizing that he was exploiting her for personal gain. The breakup is emotionally trying for her, compounded by the loss of her first romantic relationship.

As Kwon-sook grapples with heartbreak, Tae-young, perceptive of her distress, steps in to offer solace. His support helps Kwon-sook navigate through the pain, enabling her to discuss past relationships with a sense of poignancy.

Unbeknownst to Kwon-sook, her emotions are evolving. Subtle signs of burgeoning affection towards Tae-young emerge, notably when she witnesses him with Soo-yeon, who expresses a desire to rekindle their relationship. Despite being exes, there’s an evident comfort between them that leaves Kwon-sook feeling like an outsider.

The series takes a somber turn with the tragic fate of Tae-young’s friend, Kim Hee-won. Having sent him to Taiwan to pursue a career in baseball, Tae-young believes he is safe from the match-riggers. 

nHowever, unbeknownst to him, they continue to exert influence, culminating in Hee-won’s untimely demise and a damning confession about match-fixing.

Tae-young’s grief is palpable, depicted with raw authenticity. The scenes, including a poignant moment where he forgets his shoes before leaving for the funeral, resonate deeply. Kwon-sook, while passive in her approach, ensures he eats and takes care of himself, but worries about his seclusion.

In her quest to aid Tae-young, Kwon-sook, drawing from her own experiences, employs a forceful tactic. She drags him into the boxing ring, urging him to let out his emotions. This powerful scene showcases the exceptional talent of the actors, deserving of accolades.

Following this cathartic release, Tae-young gradually reemerges from his isolation. Kwon-sook’s support continues, intertwined with her rigorous training regimen. Their bond deepens, with Tae-young now resolute in seeking justice for Hee-won. The match-fixing syndicate, now underground, is poised for resurgence, and Tae-young prepares to confront them.

A pivotal moment arises as Tae-young relinquishes control of Kwon-sook’s management to his junior, stepping away from his company. While this decision is heart-wrenching for Kwon-sook, it signifies Tae-young’s commitment to granting her autonomy. He shields her from potential fallout related to match-fixing allegations.

The episodes poignantly address the maturity gap between the leads. Kwon-sook confronts her insecurities when she witnesses Tae-young’s intimate moment with Soo-yeon. Her subsequent growth demonstrates a conscious effort to be someone Tae-young can rely on emotionally.

With each episode, “My Lovely Boxer” peels back layers of complexity, weaving a narrative that resonates on both visceral and emotional levels. The characters evolve, confronting their demons and forging new connections. As the series progresses, one can’t help but await Tae-young’s next move, eagerly anticipating a development that transcends professional camaraderie into a romance for the ages.

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