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Tired of feeling lonely? With the internet you never have to feel that way! Learn all about Livebeam, a fascinating communication platform!

Livebeam streaming platform about Friendship, Relations or Cultural Exchange

At Livebeam we think that the importance of communication is undeniable. Long ago one of the most prominent philosophers of Ancient Greece, Aristotle, claimed that humans are social animals. 

That’s true as everyone needs to be involved in social interactions somehow. And today, when the Pandemy made it hard to travel, communicate with lots of people in the real world, lots of men and women suffer from loneliness. 

Due to the latest research, chronic isolation from society is no less harmful than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Sociologists claim that in Japan, there are almost half a billion people suffering from loneliness. Can you imagine the rate of these people in your country? 

In the era of hi-tech, it is the Internet that became an alternative to real-life communication. Especially when lockdowns were started. And we can say that it is online communication that is salvation from loneliness for lots of people. To evaluate that fact, you need just to launch your browser and find a proper platform to start chatting with other people. Let’s discover this topic together with Livebeam!

What Does Online Communication Bring to Society? Livebeam experience.

  • First of all, it is an opportunity to find friends not only in your neighborhood or city but also far beyond its borders. For communication and friendship, borders and countries do not play a role. 

You can sit at your PC in Nome, Alaska, and your best friend will be at this time at Glenelg Beach in Australia. And you will have a great chat, share your news and experiences with each other. You can try Livebeam and look for your new friend abroad!

  • Cultural exchange is the second most important phenomenon that online communication provides us with. If earlier societies were closed, and any representative of another country was a stranger, then with the possibility of online communication, borders and conventions would have disappeared. 

You can not only make acquaintances with people from other countries but also exchange cultural experiences, learn traditions, listen to the music of your countries or talk about the peculiarities of life in your culture. This is an incredibly interesting experience that is made possible by the global network. Remember that you can always meet new people at Livebeam!

  • Learning languages becomes even easier if you constantly chat with the native speaker that uses the language you are learning. And no matter how many mistakes you make, if you could understand each other, you are interested and the conversation continues, you are on the right track. 

Live communication, be it text or video, helps you learn the language better than any academic textbook and the most advanced courses.

  • Creating your own community is another important stage that people have come to after the creation of the Internet. Now you are not limited to neighborhood residents, school and college friends, work colleagues in building a community of interests. 

Moreover, such social connections very often lead to loneliness. If you are fond of cricket, but no one else from your acquaintances shares your passion, you will not be fully satisfied with the communication because you simply cannot share an important part of your life with them. 

And if you do share it, it will not be of value to others. It seems sad, isn’t it? It is much easier to find like-minded people through the global network. 

You can chat with a fan of your favorite game from another corner of the world, find a fan club nearby and move the communication offline, or simply create your own community according to your interests.
And this is only a small part of all the benefits that online communication provides us! 

How to Find Friends Via the Internet at Livebeam?

Finding friends is not easy. For many people, this is a real Mission Impossible. But with online capabilities, things get much easier. Even if you are shy, overly withdrawn, or complex about your appearance, speech, or behavior, you always have a chance to find a friend. You can always try Livebeam in order to do it!

Simple communication in a chat or on a forum very often ceases to be anonymous, goes into the stage of acquaintance, and often develops into friendship. For example, at Livebeam you can chat with different people and make friends. Moreover, due to the peculiarities of online communication, even the most introverted people can easily meet and communicate on the Internet. 

And for many, such acquaintances become a turning point in their lives. For example, among our circle of acquaintances, there is Martha. She became interested in chatting at the peak of the popularity of online chat culture, in 2000. 

Martha had difficulties with her boyfriends, she had complexes because of her height and weight. But a month after she started chatting with other people, a young man invited her on a date. They have been talking in chat for a week and then decided to meet in real life. This year they celebrated 20 years since their wedding. And there are many such examples all over the world. 

Thanks to online communication, you can not only find a friend and soulmate. Sometimes interlocutors find each other as business partners, future colleagues or employees. Online communication allows you to fill all spheres of life, because behind every online contact there is still a living person who may be interested in you.

Is It Real to Communicate with People from Other Cultures Online? Livebeam experience.

If you grew up in a monocultural space, you may find it difficult to communicate with people from other cultures. In fact, each human being has exactly the same physiology, psychology and needs, regardless of the culture in which he grew up. Yes, there are some things worth observing. For example:

  • Never joke about the religious views of the interlocutor. For many cultures, this is taboo. Only if you agree right away that there can be jokes on this topic, it is worth conducting such conversations.
  • Never try to win the other person over to your side. If you are a vegan and your counterpart loves steaks, you shouldn’t convince him that he is doing wrong. In addition to these differences, there are many other topics for discussion in the world.
  • If you want to make friends from another country, it is best to be careful about your counterpart’s homeland. You can try making new friends from another country at Livebeam!

But all these features relate more to elementary politeness, and not to the difference in culture.

Livebeam: How to Choose the Right Platform for Friendly and Fruitful Communication?

Yet we have come to the most interesting question. Where to find buddies or just interlocutors to communicate with? We can say that fashion goes round so the epoch of online chats returns now. 

It Is the most convenient way to chat with other people both in group and private conversations. Everyone can join the chat and quit it when needed. Besides, chats have quite a friendly and relaxing atmosphere so you may feel comfortable there from the first moments. Want to try it out? Choose a reliable chat and start your communication experience! 


We advise you to join Livebeam to get through the whole specifics of online chats. Livebeam can help you to find new friends. You are welcome to join the biggest community and to chat with lots of people without any obligation! Just try it once to feel all the merits of that kind of communication available for all the people round the world.

Join Livebeam! Livebeam is a new window of communication. Livebeam is a streaming & social discovery platform to e-meet strangers that make you beam from ear to ear

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