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Jeremy Roma: Pioneering a Paradigm Shift in Network Marketing With Daisy

In the intricate landscape of influence marketing—commonly known as affiliate, direct, or multi-level marketing—a vast chasm typically exists between the triumphant few who make it to the mountain top of success, and the many who tread the path of unfulfilled dreams. This ratio alone is not the tragedy, in any capitalistic environment success is not meant to be equal; but what is a tragedy is when the success of the few is intentionally built on the manipulated dreams of the masses; where the journey to the mountain top is, by design, filled with a trail of casualties.

Yet amidst this backdrop emerges a narrative that defies convention:, which stands for Decentralized AI System, is the brainchild of an emerging thought leader, Jeremy Roma, one of the three founders behind this disruptive project.  Hisodyssey isn’t just one of individual ascendancy but of a collective triumph. His credo, “We are all born to do what has never been done” isn’t mere rhetoric—it’s a reflection of his ethos that resonates profoundly with those who seek success beyond traditional boundaries, and is epitomised in the collective success of’s 220,000 Crowd Funding Contributors. “There is a movement of influencers who are seeking more than financial freedom alone, who are committed to the alignment of purpose, intention, and disruption.”

Diving into a candid conversation with Jeremy reveals the depth and nuance of his approach:

“My 2 partners and I were on a mission to rethink this industry, to disrupt it at the core” he articulates thoughtfully. “While our roots lie in traditional network marketing, an arena I respect for its foundational brilliance and achievements, the traditional and current models in our industry are flawed, and ripe for disruption.”

Roma’s reverence for the roots of network marketing doesn’t deter him from being aware of its discrepancies. He observes how the tantalizing allure of financial freedom can, unfortunately, serve as a tool manipulated by opportunists, shadowing the genuine potentials of the industry. “Creating wealth by influencing truly beneficial decisions and behaviours is a brilliant model; but creating wealth by driving financially harmful decisions and behaviours is unfortunately what much of this industry has become. Inventory based product sales, car bonuses that leave people chasing then holding the bag for something that was financially premature, recognition and qualification driven autoships, weekly and monthly rank requirements that cause desperation and a manipulated push for purchases, are just a few examples of how the traditional direct sales model is in conflict with healthy money principals and a healthy life overall.”

“The concept of financial freedom, while enticing, has been skewed by a few to further personal ambitions,” Jeremy remarks. “That being said, if there is a silver lining in even the casualty based model, it would be the personal development that many gain, despite the negatives. Many venture into this space investing beyond their means, with minimal financial returns. Yet, the transformational journey of self-growth they embark upon can be invaluable, as it was for me.”

This very epiphany ignited Jeremy’s mission: to architect a business model where there are no casualties, or as he says, “A casualty free model where everyone wins with profits, equity, and income, even if they never refer a single person.”

“Our objective was crystal clear,” Jeremy elaborates. “Create a new decentralized model where there is immutable trust and transparency by using blockchain technology and smart contracts, where each member enjoys passive profits even without referring others, where those who choose to refer others earn permanent residual income from a single one-time referral transaction, and where an influencer can truly build something one time and get paid for life.”

In an industry that is filled with hype and exaggerated verbal gymnastics, we decided to pull data directly from the blockchain analysis, and in the case of, the numbers themselves win the Gold medal. As of the time of this article:

220,000+ wallets have contributed to the Crowd Funding Smart Contract

2M+ transactions on the Smart Contract

590M+USDT has been Crowd Funded

340M+ USDT has been generated in trading profits

242M+ USDT has been paid out in AI Trading Rewards

185M+ USDT has been paid out in our referral plan

500M+ USDT is currently in live trading with the AI Development

When asked “what are the biggest keys to’s success”, his answer was simple and straight forward: “Without question, two things. First, is having the right partners. I have been on the other side of that as a marketer and as a business owner, and I can tell you, the most important ingredient in anything great in life, is doing it with the right people, and in business, that begins with the right partners. Equally as important, is having the right leaders in the field, leading the movement forward. We have been so blessed with some of the top leaders in the world, leaders who not only stood through the challenges, they led through them. Some of the most courageous and authentic people in the world, are leading”

In essence, Jeremy Roma’s trajectory is not merely a business success story. It’s a beacon for visionary thinking, resilience, and a commitment to collective betterment. With the innovative model of, Roma is not just participating in the network marketing narrative; he’s redefining it, championing a future where shared success isn’t the exception, but the norm.

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