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Heading to Singapore and need to find the best school for your child? Don't worry, here are tips for choosing the best international school for your family.

Tips for Selecting the Best International School in Singapore

As a parent, you will always want the best for your child. Even for those of you who may have submitted your application to get Singapore PR and became Singapore permanent residents and hence have the option to either send your child to local public or private educational institutions, you still want to consider carefully. When it comes to choosing a school for your child, etc.

Hence, while selecting a school for your child, you will have many questions in your mind. Here are a few tips you can pay heed to before selecting the right school for your child’s dynamic and prosperous future:

Keep track of the faculty and student-teacher ratio

The school should have all the resources along with the right teachers. Teachers need to maintain a friendly approach with the child, which will eventually help in the mental and emotional growth of the child.

The teacher-student ratio in the class should be less. This provides a medium for the teacher to interact with every child, and the child gets a platform to participate and express his/her opinions. This, in a way, helps the child to reach their full potential.

Curriculum and teaching style

Choosing the right curriculum for your child depends on the kind of job you have – transferrable or not. Therefore choose the right curriculum for your child to avoid hassles.

We know that no two people are alike. And every child learns best through different mediums. It implies that their strengths vary and they are efficient in learning, and one can demonstrate skills in different ways. The pedagogy style of teachers also affects child’s learning.

Communication with parents 

An interaction between the parents and teachers is a must for parents to keep track of a child’s learning and behavior in school.

Check whether the school provides parent-specific portals or websites so that parents are aware of the activities performed by the child.

Have a conversation with other students and their parents

The school will always portrait itself in the best colors. But a child studying in the school and its parents will make you aware of the truth. If you ever get an opportunity, make a conversation with other school students and their parents, and ask all the questions in your mind. 

Through this research, the information you receive will surely help you make the best choice for your child. And one can confidently decide whether to opt for the school or not.

Wrapping things up

Selecting a school for your child is a very arduous process, yet it is vital. Therefore keep in mind the above-stated factors before selecting an international school. Various international schools ensure to provide multicultural backgrounds as students come from diverse backgrounds. You can visit and only then make an informed decision.

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