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How to Take Your Bath Game to the Next Level

You don’t have to be a little kid or a tired old grandparent to indulge in a relaxing, rejuvenating bathtime experience. In fact, more hard-working adults are discovering that time spent in the bath is well worth the extra few minutes of preparation required.

Yes, it’s easier to hop in the shower for a quick rinse and wash, but a bath is so much more than a way to clean your body. 

It’s time we shared our best bath secrets with the world, from timing and techniques to CBD bath salts and other essentials. Let’s dive right in!

Time (and Space)

Most of the skepticism surrounding baths isn’t rooted in effectiveness or embarrassment. Instead, it’s a matter of timing for many folks, especially those with busy schedules. If you’re accustomed to time-constrained shower experiences, a bath might indeed seem counterintuitive. 

That’s why you should always block at least twenty minutes for bath time from start to finish. This ensures you truly relax and indulge, and also make the most of the hot water, bubbles, CBD bath salts, and any other accompaniments you may choose to include.  

We also recommend setting aside social obligations and work requirements immediately before and after your time in the tub. Start thinking of the bath as a mystical worry-free zone where the stresses of the world are not permitted to enter! This makes all the difference in practice.

Key Gear and Tools

Ask any bathtime veteran, and they’ll explain that certain items are transformative to your experience before, during, and after your bath session. At minimum, we recommend picking up a nice silky robe, a couple of brushes or loofahs, and perhaps a shower cap to protect long locks.

You may also want to use bathtime to shave, exfoliate, massage your neck, or scrub some hard-to-reach areas that never get enough love in the shower. Feeling like a facemask before a big night out? Maybe CBD bath salts for a night at home? It’s totally up to you!

Any items that can help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation or cleanliness should be within arm’s reach, so long as they aren’t plugged into the wall. Before long, you’ll have a designated set of bathtime gear that suits your style and self-care goals.

Zen Environment

While most bath equipment serves a practical purpose like cleaning or grooming, you can’t overlook the importance of ambiance and atmosphere when entering your zen-like bath zone.

Consider every part of the ambient equation when setting up your bathtime escape, from candles and soothing music to a cup of warm chamomile tea or your favorite red wine. Only you can discover the secret formula that brings you the deepest sense of relaxation and calm, so try out different formats and see what you discover.

Keep in mind that warmer water and darker lighting will make you somewhat sleepy, especially toward the end of a hard day. Make the atmosphere lighter and more energized if you plan to get back to work or hit the town for a night out.

Magic in the Water

Stepping into a warm water bath with no flourishes is not the most appealing prospect. At the very least, add some bubbles or scented soap that creates more volume and an inviting aesthetic that makes you want to climb right in.

These days, your options are unlimited when it comes to bath “bombs” and various CBD bath salts that enhance your experience and offer health benefits as well. CBD is absorbed readily through the skin in a warm bath, making it the perfect companion in the tub.

Epsom salts are also a perennial favorite, fortifying our systems with much-needed magnesium. If you can soak in epsom salts while sipping on a healthy, mineralizing beverage, you’re on the fast track to optimal hydration and complete physical rejuvenation from the inside out.

Groom and Attune

Every minute in the bath should be savored and enjoyed exactly how you want. Some people like to accomplish grooming tasks while soaking, and others prefer to wait until after the fact. 

We recommend taking advantage of your post-bath state of calm to follow through with any hygiene or grooming goals that you may have overlooked during rush-hour showers. This could be a deep exfoliation, a revitalizing face mask, a full brush-and-floss of the teeth, or some pinpoint trimming and plucking for the brows.

These grooming feats will be made easier by your relaxed state of mind and the fact that skin, hair, and nails are much softer and malleable after a long soak. Seize the moment and walk out of the bathroom feeling and looking fantastic. 

Bathtime: Your Personal Getaway

Once you experience the magic of a bath, unburdened by time constraints and expectations, you’ll wonder what took you so long to try it out! 

Now, with CBD bath salts and endlessly customizable setups, your bath is a personal sanctuary like no other. Give it a go and see for yourself, then apply these tips to take your bath game up a notch. 

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