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Fear Is Not A Factor: A Lesson From The Lives Of Successful E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, Andres Corona And Eberths Perozo 

Founders of MidoCommerce Andres Corona and Eberths Perozo had the odds stacked against them from the beginning, they pushed through to where they are today as successful e-commerce entrepreneurs running a leading brand in the e-commerce industry. 

Today MidoCommerce, earns 7 figures annually, and the savvy entrepreneurs have demonstrated through their achievements that once there is a will, there’s always a way.  

Life can often get tough, but according to Eberths Perozo, rather than look for shortcuts and quick fixes, it’s important that people develop the spirit of tenacity and always be focused on their goals. After all, there’s always going to be something around to make people have second thoughts about what they want to do. But instead of avoiding challenges and risks, you grow by taking calculated risks instead. 

“I was never afraid to take the risk,” says Perozo, “nor was I scared of anyone, anything, or anybody. Fear is the greatest enemy of your dreams, so you must never let fear rule your life. There will be many ups and downs on your path to success, but one thing is for sure: if you can dream it, you can do it!” 

Those are powerful words to both inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs looking to succeed in any business endeavor, even if it’s not e-commerce. For someone who grew up in Venezuela, graduated from college with a degree in petroleum engineering but failed to secure a job and struggled to make ends meet for a while, he’s seen the ups and downs of life. Giving up was never an option, so when things didn’t seem to be working, Perozo decided to travel to Argentina to chase his luck. 

Similarly, Andres Corona’s story is one of setbacks and struggles as well. According to him, he had many instances of frustration whiles trying to push forward in life. Losing his father was a turning point in his life, where he realized he had to find a way of making extra money so he could pay his bills and take care of his mother and siblings. 

So he went into several small jobs, including selling protein shakes at a gym in his neighborhood. And then when he found out about e-commerce, things became a lot more interesting. But not immediately; there was a process of learning involved, and this initial period helped Corona to try out several e-commerce models before determining which strategy would work best for him. 

“Most people who jump into the e-Commerce business and fail immediately are the ones who easily give up,” he says. “You can make a great living from e-commerce, but you must dedicate time to it.” 

From starting with the Shopify store, they are focused mainly on Amazon FBA presently and have worked across various industries and brands — healthcare brands, sports brands, and so on. Their company, MidoCommerce, is one of the leading brands offering Amazon automation services in the FBA Wholesale Model. They know how to grow an online store from scratch to earn multiple figures consistently, and they have done so for several of their clients repeatedly.

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