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Access your favorite videos anytime, anywhere with an onlyfans video downloader, your key to unlocking exclusive content.

6 Top Ways To Download OnlyFans Content On Your Computer, Browser & Mobile In 2023

Dive into the internet’s endless entertainment possibilities, from hilarious comedies to thrilling suspense shows and sizzling content shared by captivating models. OnlyFans, the hub for exclusive behind-the-scenes content by global creators, has skyrocketed in popularity. But, since you can’t directly download videos from OnlyFans, you need a trusty OnlyFans video downloader. Discover the top 6 options today to elevate your entertainment experience.

How To Download OnlyFans Videos On Your Desktop Using PPTube Onlyfans Downloader?

PPTube OnlyFans Downloader is your ultimate solution for effortlessly downloading videos from adult sites, including popular platforms like OnlyFans, LoyalFans, Pornhub, XVideos, xHamster, XNXX, and more. Whether using a Mac or Windows computer, PPTube provides a user-friendly experience for all your content-downloading needs.

Follow these straightforward steps if you wish to download a single video from OnlyFans:

Step 1: Copy the Video URL

Visit the OnlyFans platform and locate the video you want to download. Copy the web address (URL) of the selected video.

Step 2: Select Format and Quality

Within PPTube, click “Download and Convert to” to access format and quality settings Customize the format and quality according to your preferences.

Step 3: Use PPTube Video Downloader

Launch the PPTube Video Downloader application on your computer.  Click the “Paste URL” option, and the download process will begin automatically.

Step 4: Find Your Video

Check the “Downloaded” section of the PPTube program to locate and access your saved video, which is now stored on your computer.



  • It supports 20+ output formats.
  • It can download video files in up to 8K resolution.
  • It support batched download.
  • Can help download content from 10,000+ sites.
  • It offers 10x faster speed than peer downloaders. 
  • 100% safe.


  • Trial version supports 3 downloads and 1 playlist. 

How To Download OnlyFans Video With OnlyFans Downloader On Browser?

To avoid weighing down your system with a separate utility, you can opt for a browser plugin to facilitate direct downloads. Here, you can choose among the three options for your three web browsers. 

How to Download OnlyFans Video Online Using Chrome Extension?

Collector for OnlyFans and Fansly is a paid extension that simplifies the process of mass/batch downloading content from your active subscriptions on OnlyFans and Fansly. This extension offers a trial license for limited use, allowing you to experience its capabilities, and when you’re satisfied, you can purchase a monthly license to unlock the full version.

 Here’s a step-by-step guide for downloading OnlyFans content using this Chrome extension:

Step 1: Access the Extension

Launch the extension and log in with your OnlyFans or Fansly credentials, depending on your active subscription platform.

Step 2: Select Content to Download

Browse your active subscriptions and select the OnlyFans content you wish to download.

Step 3: Activate the trial license (Limited Use)

If you use the trial license, activate it within the extension before proceeding.

Step 4: Begin the Download

Click the “Download” button or initiate the batch download process to save the selected content to your local storage.

Step 5: Purchase a monthly License

After experiencing the trial license and determining its suitability, you can purchase a monthly permit for the full version.

Step 6: Enter the License Key

Once you’ve obtained your monthly license, enter the provided license key into the extension. This key will be specific to the platform you intend to use (OnlyFans or Fansly).

Step 7: Enjoy Unrestricted Access

With a valid monthly license, you can now enjoy the full capabilities of the extension, including the mass downloading of content from your active subscriptions.


  • It supports both batch and mass downloads.
  • There is an option to exclude content posted by creators promoting other creators.


  • You cannot download from any platform other than Fansly and OnlyFans. 
  • A trial license offers limited functionality.

How to Download OnlyFans Video Online Using Firefox Extension?

Video DownloadHelper is a versatile Firefox add-on that allows you to download videos from various streaming platforms, including OnlyFans, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, and more. This guide outlines the steps to download videos from OnlyFans using the Video DownloadHelper extension.

Step 1: Install Video DownloadHelper

Begin by visiting the Video DownloadHelper add-on website. Locate the “Add to Firefox” button and click it to initiate the installation process. Follow the prompts to add the extension to your Firefox browser.

Step 2: Begin Downloading

Launch Firefox and navigate to Locate the video you wish to download and open it. As the Video DownloadHelper extension actively monitors web pages for downloadable content, you’ll notice a download icon appearing in the Firefox toolbar when the add-on detects a video on the page.

Click the download icon, and Video DownloadHelper will start the process to save the OnlyFans video to your computer.


  • Can be downloaded and used for free. 
  • Sends an alert on finding new videos that might spark your interest on websites of choice.
  • Available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. 


  • It takes time to download some content.
  • The toolbar might seem a bit complicated.

How to Download OnlyFans Video Online Using Opera Extension?

The Bulk Media Downloader extension is a handy and efficient alternative to conventional media-grabbing extensions. With the ability to filter different media types, you can maintain a clutter-free grabber window. Following these steps, you can effectively use the Bulk Media Downloader extension.

Step 1: Open the Grabber Window

Start by pressing the toolbar button associated with the Bulk Media Downloader extension. This action will open the grabber window, where you can manage your media downloads.

Step 2: Allow the Extension to Fetch Media Resources

Once the grabber window opens, the extension will begin fetching media resources from the OnlyFans webpage. 

Step 3: Refresh Tabs if Necessary

If a media file you wish to download is located within a loaded tab before opening the grabber window, you may need to refresh that tab. This refresh action will prompt the media link to appear in the grabber window.

Step 4: Pause Monitoring

You can press the pause button within the extension when you’ve identified the desired media link in the grabber window. This action instructs the extension to stop monitoring your network, ensuring the current list of captured media resources is maintained without adding additional items.


  • It supports bulk download of media files. 
  • Downloading jobs can be outsourced to an external download manager. 


  • Comparatively slow than its peers.
  • It cannot grab YouTube links. 

How to Download OnlyFans Video Online ? is a user-friendly online tool that facilitates seamless video downloads from OnlyFans and other adult sites without associated costs. This efficient tool ensures swift downloads that do not compromise video quality. 

Follow the straightforward steps outlined below to download OnlyFans videos using effortlessly.

Step 1: Copy the Video Link

Begin by navigating to OnlyFans and locating the video you wish to download. Copy the web link (URL) of the chosen video.

Step 2: Paste and Download

Access through your web browser. Locate the designated area for pasting the video link on the website. Paste the copied video link into this area. Initiate the download process by clicking the “Download” button. Alternatively, you can employ keywords to search for the desired video within’s database and select it from the available list.

Step 3: Select Your Preferred Format

You will be directed to the download page after pasting the video link or selecting from the search results. You can choose your preferred video format from the available options on this page. Once you’ve chosen your format, click the “Download” button. Prepare to enjoy your downloaded OnlyFans video without any hassle.


  • No registration is required. 
  • Extremely user-friendly.


  • It requires a working internet connection.
  • It might redirect users to third-party websites.
  • Too many ads.

How to Download OnlyFans Video on Android Using iTubeGo?

iTubeGo for Android is a versatile and free tool that enables users to download videos and music online effortlessly. Follow the instructions below to acquire your desired content efficiently.

Step 1: Obtain iTubeGo for Android

Visit the official iTubeGo website to download the free version of the application. Ensure you download the Android version compatible with your device.

Step 2: Log In to Your OnlyFans Account

Launch iTubeGo and utilize the built-in browser or access the “Online” tab. Enter the URL “” to access the OnlyFans platform. Log in to your personal OnlyFans account. Configure your download preferences, including format and quality settings, within the “Downloading” tab.

Step 3: Initiate Video Download

Navigate to the profile of your preferred content creator within the OnlyFans platform. Identify the specific video you wish to download. Locate the “Download” button positioned adjacent to the chosen video. Click the “Download” button, and the video will be queued for download within the “Downloading” tab. iTubeGo will conduct a preliminary analysis of the URL before commencing the download. Monitor the progress through the blue progress bar; once it reaches completion, your video will be available on your Android device.

Step 4: Access Your Downloaded Video

Once the download process is finalized, proceed to the “Downloaded” tab within iTubeGo. Click the “Folder” button to access your collection of saved OnlyFans videos. Play your downloaded videos utilizing your default video player. Optionally, convert your videos to MOV, AVI, iPhone, Android-compatible formats, and more formats. To perform a conversion, select your preferred audio format before initiating the download.


  • Extremely user-friendly interface.
  • The built-in browser helps in easy searching. 
  • It supports multiple video and audio download formats.
  • It can convert your existing files to other formats. 


  • It lacks a browser extension.
  • The free trial has limited functionality.


When accessing and enjoying exclusive content on OnlyFans, having the best video downloader at your fingertips is the key. With the best onlyfans video downloader we’ve explored, you can take control of your entertainment experience, relish your favorite moments, and build your content library. While all the contenders in our onlyfans video downloader list deliver complete bang for your buck, PPTube video downloader stands out from its peers regarding website compatibility and diverse format support. So, choose the one that suits you best and unlock the world of exclusive content like never before.

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