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Are you looking to add to your skincare routine? Learn about some of the best cleansers on the market and how they can help your skin!

Why do we need to cleanse every day?

We wash our faces every day, and we cleanse our faces twice in the morning and evening. I believe most people don’t want to do so twice a day, which is too troublesome. So why do we need to cleanse twice a day? Have you mastered the correct way to cleanse your face effectively?

Because the face is in direct contact with the outside world, dust and debris in the atmosphere continue to fall on the facial skin. The sebum, sweat, and exfoliated epidermal cells secreted easily mix with bacteria and dust in the air, so dirt is often deposited on the face. Needless to say the degree of outdoor pollution, even indoor is full of bacteria and dust invisible to the naked eye. In addition, the ingredients of cosmetics are another factor that promotes dirt on the skin. The dirt on the skin not only affects the appearance but also easily clogs the pores, affecting the normal secretion of sebum and sweat, hindering the normal function of the skin, and slowing down the metabolism. At the same time, it creates an environment for bacteria to multiply, so it is easy to cause various skin diseases and accelerate skin aging. To prevent the occurrence of skin lesions, it is necessary to remove the dirt on the skin and keep the skin clean. The easiest way is to wash your face. Regardless of age and skin type, everyone should develop the correct habit of washing their face.

We wash our faces every day, but we wash our stratum corneum. The stratum corneum can be said to be the protective film of the human skin.

  1. Light Absorption

The stratum corneum can absorb most of the ultraviolet rays by the epidermis to protect the body’s organs and tissues from sun damage. Artificial exfoliation will inevitably expose the skin tissue to the sun without any cover.

  1. Prevent the loss of nutrients in the body

The semi-permeable membrane of the stratum corneum has a very good barrier function to isolate external aggressions. Adults lose about 240 to 480 ml of water per day through the surface of the skin. But if the stratum corneum removes, the water loss will increase by more than ten times.

  1. Protection of body skin

The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin. It is a layer of dead cells, a very thin stratum corneum membrane. When we touch the detergent with bare hands, it is the barrier function of the stratum corneum and prevents detergent penetration.

After understanding the protective effect of the stratum corneum on human skin, some people have to ask: Since the stratum corneum has a protective effect on our skin, why do we need to exfoliate?

  1. The stratum corneum is our outermost skin tissue, 28 days is the metabolism cycle. For one thing, the stratum corneum protects,  moisturizes, and sunscreens the skin. For another, it also prevents some microorganisms and bacteria from invading. If it is not completely separated from our skin during the normal metabolic cycle, the stratum corneum will slowly accumulate over time, thus blocking the normal breathing of the pores and causing skin problems.
  2. Generally, our skin is rough and not smooth enough, and the skin tone is complex and yellow. It may probably result from the accumulation of the stratum corneum. Washing your face is not only to decompose dirt and wash it off but also to soften the cutin and remove the cuticle (dirt) attached to the epidermis. Soaps and all cosmetics used for cleansing are alkaline because alkalis can soften keratin. Once the stratum corneum softens, the skin will become smooth, and the effective ingredients can fully penetrate the stratum corneum.

Face washing also promotes skin metabolism. After washing the face, the sebum and aging keratin flakes are removed, and the original defense ability of the skin is temporarily reduced. However, to restore the defense ability of the skin early, the cell division of the basal layer begins to become active, and as a result, increases the skin’s metabolism.

The correct way and thorough cleansing can make the skin achieve perfect results. If you want to clean your face better, you can try the following five kinds of cleansers with various functions, which can meet different skin types.

The first type: NEWDERMO Sonic Cleansing Brush For Cleansing And Exfoliating Cleansers And Massagers

This cleansing device is designed with silicone and is waterproof, so you can use it while showering. There are different brushes for different parts of the face which can be thoroughly cleaned. 7-speed adjustment, this is simply tailor-made for you. There is no problem at all by choosing different modes every day, seven days a week.

The second type: KINGDO Bloom Ultrasonic Adsorption Cleansing Brush

This cleansing instrument uses ultrasonic + adsorption technology, high-frequency adsorption to remove excess oil and makeup residue. If you often put on makeup, then this cleansing device is definitely for you. It has three modes: gentle cleansing, deep cleansing, and flash cleansing, suitable for all skin types. It can effectively massage, exfoliate, and promote blood circulation. Two kinds of brushes are suitable for different facial area. O-shaped brush head is used on the T-zone area, which is soft and has strong cleasing, popular with the oily skin. C-shaped brush head is wave shape and can flexibly adapt different skin type, which is suitable for all skin types. That is to say, this cleasing brush can meet different skin type with only one machine. That’s so great. It’s a good budget for Christmas gifts. 

The third type: KINGDO Mini Facial Cleansing Brush Waterproof Spin Rechargeable, 3 Modes for Deep Cleaning

Long-term use of this cleansing device can effectively reduce pore dirt, makeup residue, excess oil, and improve skin problems such as clogged pores, enlarged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. Small and portable, you can stuff your bag when you go out. It is also one of the best gifts for family and friends.

The fourth type: NEWDERMO Sonic Vibrations Facial Cleansing Brush with 2 Bristle 1 Massage Head Smart Timer

This cleansing device has 2 brush heads and 1 massage head. The short-haired deep cleansing brush can clean the pores and remove dead skin. The long-haired soft care brush is specially designed for sensitive skin. The massage head helps relieve facial fatigue and tighten the skin. If you feel tired from studying or going to work, you can massage for a while after taking a shower at night.  Then you will feel refreshed and have a sound sleep. Tomorrow is full of energy.

The fifth type: Newdermo Vibrating Facial Cleanser Cleansing System

This vibrating facial cleansing device is simply a gospel for lazy people, cleansing efficiently and quickly. ABS material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, and has heat preservation. The brush is soft, no need to worry about tingling sensation, suitable for all skin types. People who feel that it is too troublesome to cleanse their face twice a day must own this one quickly, no worries at all.

Only when you cleanse your face effectively, can the subsequent skincare be effectively promoted. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to cleansing, cleansing correctly and thoroughly, and maintaining good skin conditions.

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