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How to avoid scams when you buy essays online

If you browse the internet, you might find some concerning posts on forums that discourage people from buying essays cheap online. For instance, Quora has a few posts that heavily discredit online sites for students. But are they right when they say online tutoring, masters assignment help, and freelancing sites are scams?

Sure, there might be a lot of websites that aren’t reliable. Nonetheless, there are many serious ones that aim to help students. After all, not everyone has the time to write an essay.

When you have courses, work, study time, and other activities to do, writing is difficult. Especially if you’re not particularly skilled, a simple 2-page essay can take two days to write. Hence, asking for help can ease your load and solve a pressing issue.

But how do you pick the right site for you? Here are a few tips to avoid getting scammed.

Start searching

First off, start browsing sites. Type in a query like online essays, essay writers UK, or writing help. Click on the first results and analyze them. You can check the menu, the ordering form, and the overall presentation of the site. While you observe it, ask yourself:

  • Does this look presentable?
  • Is this user-friendly?
  • Am I being bombarded with information and ads?

Usually, scam sites like to add many pop-ads and flashy things to convince you to buy from them.

Moreover, the best assignment writing services usually are verified by some accredited companies and even Google. The first ones to pop as results to your query should be safe.

Ask your friends

A way to find trustworthy sites is to ask other students about what they use for their assignments. By picking the sites other people use, you know it’s safe, and the results are ideal.

You can also find forums online but be careful. Find a community of students who can speak freely about their experiences with online help.

Check for green flags

When you try to order from a site, look for guarantees. For instance, check if they have safe payments, payback policies, or if they offer discounts.

 They should offer to pay you back if the quality isn’t top-notch or if it’s not original work. 

Also, the site you’re analyzing should answer clearly if you have doubts and be quick to respond through all the contact methods.

Talk to the writers

Before you order, try to study the profiles of their writers. Their bio should have a few key elements:

  • Studies. The site should show the specialization of each writer and their academic titles.
  • Profile pic. Their avatar should be real. You can try to reverse-search the image and see if you can find the picture.
  • Contact information.
  • Samples. Some writers might have some samples on their profile page, so check them out to see their style.

If you decide to order, you should try to contact the writers first and see how fast they respond.

Try the site

You can search the whole web for information about a specific site. No matter how thorough you are, you’ll never know if you don’t try for yourself. So, order a small assignment from the site.

While you’re waiting for the essay to be ready, look out for customer service availability. They should answer quickly and solve any doubts or problems. Also, contact the writer and keep checking to see the progress of your work. 

When you get the essay, read it and try to see if it fulfilled all the requirements. First, you might want to check that the paper is 100% original. You can look for anti-plagiarism apps online for free. They’re easy to use and will show you how much of your paper is unique.

If it’s not totally original, see how the site will deal with a payback request from you.


When you order an essay online, try to analyze the site you’re trying to use. Start by checking the appearance of the site. Reliable sites are usually free from unnecessary ads. Also, they have a decent design that’s user-friendly.

Moreover, you can ask your friends about the sites they trust the most. Or you can ask students on forums, but be careful and use your best judgment.

You can look for the payments, payback methods, and discounts. Also, you should check the profiles of writers. Maybe you can contact them to see how available they are with customers.

Lastly, you can try the site. You can order a short essay and see the result. Don’t forget to check it for anti-plagiarism if you’re going to turn it in.

Finding a reliable site can be challenging. However, once you can trust a site, your load of work will become lighter, and you’ll feel less stressed.

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