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Need some alternatives to the OnlyFans app? Peruse these options if you want to jump ship from OnlyFans.

The best app alternatives for OnlyFans content makers

The OnlyFans app is only going downhill from here. For those who haven’t heard by now, the OnlyFans app is banning sexually explicit content starting in October 2021. Many Twitter users are in agreement that this is the dumbest move the company could make. There are many reasons why OnlyFans users are upset, and their reasons are quite valid. 

Since the OnlyFans app is making the mistake of banning NSFW content, creators are looking for other avenues in order to continue earning the same amount of money they were earning before. OnlyFans reached its high levels of success on the backs of content creators posting sexual content and now OnlyFans is turning its back on those creators. They’re messed up for what they’re doing. Here are some of the best alternative options.

Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect is a fully-customizable Whitelabel solution for creating your own OnlyFans alternative. It is a full-featured turnkey platform that is ready-for-launch with no coding needed. You can start an independent private website for monetization of exclusive content and fan base of creators under your own brand and domain name, with your own privacy policy, pricing no transaction limits.

Most importantly, it has no restrictions or bans of adult content. Scrile Connect keeps NO commission (0%) fee from revenue. Also, there is an admin dashboard for agencies and admins to manage creators and members, set payout commissions, check earning statistics and control all aspects of your platform.

The platform has multiple built-in monetization tools for content creators:

  • Locked posts on paid monthly subscription or one-time fee basis
  • Paid private messages with premium PPV attachments with no price limit
  • Private video and audio calls on pay-per-minute basis
  • Live broadcasts with tipping


FanCentro is a great alternative to the OnlyFans app and has already released a statement saying users can easily migrate their content from OnlyFans over to FanCentro without any issue at all. 

They also offer a “university” dedicated to giving creators a breakdown on how to maintain and grow a consistently paying fanbase online. The main issue with FanCentro is they keep 25% of subscription fees from creators while OnlyFans only keeps a 20% cut. That extra 5% would be annoying to lose.

My Girlfund

My Girlfund is similar to the OnlyFans up because it provides a service where creators can chat one on one with paying customers. They’re also free to offer other content including customized videos & pictures. Those videos & pictures can be as explicit as a creator chooses. Creators receive $1.80 for every message they reply to and they’re free to take things to the “next level“ if they want to set their own rates. 


ManyVids is a great alternative for OnlyFans since it’s sort of like a one stop shop for NSFW content. If you’re looking to purchase photo & video packages from the girl you have a crush on, this is a good option. If you’re looking to subscribe to her weekly or monthly posts, this is a good option. 

If you’re looking to watch live webcamming, this is a good option. If you’re looking to purchase the underwear & bras worn by specific creators, this is a good option! There is a lot to be explored with this alternative site.


JustForFans is all about supporting individuals who work in the adult movie industry and have explained they’ll never remove explicit content from their platform. The fact that they chose to make this statement so blatantly makes them perfect competition for OnlyFans since models from the adult movie industry will definitely be taking note. 

Unfortunately, JustForFans pulls 30% of creators’ income which is 10% more than OnlyFans. This would definitely be a great option if the pay cut they pulled wasn’t so high. 


LoyalFans immediately made the announcement that they will continue to allow all forms of consensual and creative expressionism on their app when OnlyFans dropped their statement about banning NSFW content. 

It’s obvious that the timing was absolutely perfect. Just like OnlyFans, LoyalFans only keeps 20% of a creator’s profit which means they’re a totally perfect company to move towards for OnlyFans creators who want to continue posting sexual content.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is another alternative for models who want to post explicit content without a hitch. Taking a scroll through this site reveals a lot of different options for people of different interests. 

According to the official website, AVN Stars is considered one of the “fastest-growing social media sites in the industry” which means more & more users are joining every day. With so many other sites to use outside of OnlyFans, creators don’t have to worry too much. 

If you’re looking to watch live webcamming, this is a good option. If you’re looking to purchase the underwear & bras worn by specific creators, this is a good option! There is a lot to be explored with this alternative site.

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