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A concise guide to visiting the Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges in the outbacks of South Australia is one of the most majestic natural beauties in the entire continent.

It is believed that this range started forming about 800 million years ago by sedimentation in the Adelaide Geosyncline basin, and the mountains formed as fold mountains about 300 million years ago.

Today, thousands of tourists, both Australians and foreigners, visit this lovely spot. If you wish to explore the Flinders Ranges and the accompanying National Park, this guide will help you!

  1. Driving to the Flinders Ranges

There are numerous ways to reach the Flinders Ranges, but most people prefer driving from Adelaide. It’s not a tough job since Arkaba, located in the ranges, is just a five-hour drive from Adelaide’s main city.

You’ll get to witness the lovely wine countryside of the Clare Valley and see some of the oldest wine cellars in the area! You’ll also get to see a town named Melrose and the Alligator Gorge.

The best vehicle to drive in this region would be an off-road caravan as that will provide you comfort and convenience. You can search for the best off-road caravan online and book them according to your budget and needs.

This can also be a great long-term investment if you love exploring nature!

  1. Fees for visiting the area

Taking a day entry permit will cost you AUD $11 per vehicle per day. The best part is that you get full access to the entire National Park throughout your stay without paying anything extra!

This permit will be the easiest to obtain for people who want to visit the Flinders Ranges as a part of a bigger traveling itinerary.

Visit the official website of Wildlife Services SA to know more about the ticket permits and to even book your tickets online.

Those wishing to visit multiple national parks throughout their visit to South Australia can go for a multipass. This pass comes in two formats, AUD 44 for 2 months or AUD 99 for a year.

  1. Food in the Flinders Ranges

Of course, you can’t plan a proper trip to the Flinders Ranges without first knowing the kind of delicacies that you will eat!

One major reason so many people love visiting Arkaba is that most can enjoy hosted dinners in safari lounges.

Many others can even spend the evening singing and dancing on an outdoor terrace and soak in the beauty of the outbacks. The local tour guides prepare a bonfire in the middle of the spot.

You’ll enjoy a wide variety of local South Australian produce, such as the twice-cooked Berkshire pork belly, Yarra Valley caviar, butternut pumpkin, and some delicious Australian red wine from the vineyards of Arkaba!

  1. Where to stay in the Flinders Ranges

While the stay depends on the tourist’s personal preferences, some areas are frequented by most visitors.

For example, the Wilpena Pound Resort is the only accommodation in the Ikara-Flinders Ranges area. Moreover, the entire stay here will give you the experience of a lifetime!

Otherwise, you can experience Australian beauty by camping inside a tent or in the resort rooms. The Wilpena Pound Resort even has a local visitors center, a convenience store, and a petrol station to fuel your vehicle.

If you plan to travel with a caravan, you can ask for a special parking place on the premises. You can simply stay within your caravan instead. This will save quite a lot of money on accommodation.


  1. What to do in the Flinders Ranges


When it comes to different activities in this region, there are innumerable things that you can do.

Join a local cultural tour with a tribe member from the local Adnyamathanha tribe. They will beautifully explain the story behind the Ikara-Flinders Ranges and how the entire tribe lives together in harmony.

Besides this, you can also hike up Arkaroo Rock, where you will witness beautiful aboriginal artwork.

Unlike other artwork on rocks, the ones done in the Flinders Ranges can be seen with the naked eye.

However, complete your trip up and down Arkaroo Rock before the sun rises too high and the temperatures become too warm.


Spending time in the Flinders Ranges will give you a new perspective on life and travel. So don’t wait anymore and get started with this once-in-a-lifetime experience!



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