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7 Trending Ideas for Packaging Bags That Will Elevate Your Brand

When it comes to the swag game in packaging, one name rings louder than a bass drop at a music festival—Brandmydispo. They’ve been dishing out custom mylar bags and printed packaging bags like they’re on the fashion runway. And if you’ve got your sights set on pushing the envelope, then honey, sit tight!

Because we’re about to zoom through five tantalizing trends that’ll have your custom packaging bags swaggerin’ like a rockstar. Hold onto your metaphorical hats, y’all!

1. Die Cut Mylar Bags: Precision’s Flirtatious Wink

The Allure Decoded

If Mona Lisa were a bag, she’d be a die cut mylar one—mysterious, yet precisely curated. Imagine bags shaped like leaves, dolphins, or even guitars; they’re like the Cirque du Soleil of custom printed packaging.

The Good Stuff

  • Visual Aesthetics: This ain’t just a custom printed mylar bag; it’s a geometric visual cocktail. Perfect contours bring order to the chaotic world of shelf space.
  • Tetris of the Retail World: These fit your product better than Cinderella’s glass slipper.
  • The Kardashian Effect: Exceptional shapes create a brand identity so strong, it’s practically a celebrity on its own.

2. Holographic Mylar Bags: Shine Bright Like a Mylar

Oozing Magnetism

With holographic mylar bags, it’s like having a disco party in every package. These packaging bags shift colors like a chameleon in a crayon box—ultra-cool and bound to snag eyeballs.

The Glam

  • Seeing Stars: One look, and you’ll feel like you’re lost in a cosmic field of ever-changing colors.
  • Spotlight Stealer: On a crowded shelf, these bags scream, “Over here, darling!”
  • Niche-King: These are a hot ticket in markets like cosmetics and novelty items, where ‘ordinary’ is a dirty word.

3. Metallic Foiling: Because Your Bags Deserve Bling

What’s The Jazz?

Metallic foiling on your custom stand up pouches and customized mylar bags is akin to an iced-out rapper—it’s dripping with flair, without saying a word. This is how you add quiet opulence to your product.

Bedazzle Benefits

  • Class in a Flash: It adds a ritzy edge that says, “I’m not just a snack; I’m a whole meal.”
  • Typeface Glam: It makes your text look like it’s dressed up for the Oscars.
  • Choose Your Charm: From gold to platinum, the color options in foiling are as extensive as a Pantone color guide.

4. Custom Shaped Windows: Peep, But Make It Fashion

Unveiling the Concept

No more boring rectangular windows, my friends. Think heart-shaped, animal-shaped, or heck, even UFO-shaped windows. It’s a custom cut peek-a-boo!

The Showstoppers

  • Tailored Transparency: These windows are an open invitation to ogle the product without breaking the seal.
  • Shaped Like You: They add a unique layer to your brand story by linking the window’s shape to the product or brand motif.

5. Inside Printing: The Inner Beauty Revolution

Why It’s a Bang

Inside printing on custom packaging bags involves spicing up the interior with designs, additional info, or branding.

The Hidden Perks

  • Surprise Element: Imagine the consumer’s delight when they discover the inside is as beautiful as the outside.
  • Information Overload: An excellent space to include fun facts, how-tos, or QR codes for special promotions.

6. Textured Finishes: The Tactile Tango

The Touchy-Feely Connection

Ever thought about how something feels in your hands? We’re diving into the sensual world of textured finishes, where custom mylar packaging bags are as delightful to touch as they are to look at. Think embossed floral designs, ribbed surfaces, or even a faux-leather finish. Oh la la!

The Sensory Boons

  • Multi-Sensory Branding: Now, your brand isn’t just seen; it’s felt. This invites customers to engage with your product on an additional sensory level.
  • Grip It Good: Textures can be practical too! For example, a ribbed surface can provide better grip, reducing the chance of accidental spills or drops.
  • Tactile Memory: Our brains are wired to remember tactile sensations well. A unique texture can become a memorable feature that shoppers associate with your brand.

7. The Eco-Awesome Bag Brigade: Because the Planet Deserves its Own Runway

The Lowdown on Green Glam

Why make Mother Nature the plus-one when she can be the star of the show? Say a big, hearty hello to eco-awesome bags, where a fashion-forward look marries the comfort of a good conscience. We’re talking creations made from corn husks, reclaimed sea plastics, and biodegradable wonder-stuff. Yes, it’s high time your custom stand-up pouches get their green groove on!

Why This is the Bee’s Knees

  • Eco-Allure: Who says you can’t have eye-candy and soul-food in one package? These bags pack both in spades.
  • Beyond the Bin: We’re not merely talking waste here; think future soil-nourishing compost or perhaps an upcycled marvel in its next life.
  • Green = Gold: A survey from the not-so-distant past (circa 2021) spelled it out: A staggering 75% of shoppers dig brands sporting eco-savvy packaging.

Why Not Feel Fab?

Textured finishes are not just a subtle touch; they are a loud statement that your brand considers every aspect of consumer interaction, down to the fingertips.

There you have it—five trends that are shaking up the custom printed packaging universe like a supernova. From the geometric elegance of die cut mylar to the covert thrill of inside printing, these trends are setting the stage for a packaging revolution.

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