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Check out our list of the best engagement gift ideas for every couple this wedding season. You’ll be glad you did.

14 Best Engagement Gifts Any Couple Will Swoon Over

An engagement means many things. It means a union, celebration and all around joy. This cause for celebration is also a cause for giving engagement gifts, and sometimes finding the perfect gift can pose a challenge. Engaged couples receive all types of gifts, but with the helpful engagement gift ideas, you can find that one gift that is both personal and practical, a gift they will truly appreciate.

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive either. So, whether you have a tight budget or not, you can still find the right gift for your engaged couple. We’ve put together a list of personalized and creative engagement gifts most couples are sure to love. From contemporary to unconventional, affordable to luxurious, practical to romantic.

We’ve put together a list of personalized and creative engagement gifts most couples are sure to love. Check the promise rings collection to get more ideas. Read on to find the most unique gifts and cherished keepsakes any couple will be happy to take home.

engagement gift ideas

1. Towel Gift Set

Top on our list of engagement gifts for couples is a customized towel gift set. You can never have enough towels and this gift would no doubt be appreciated. Get a towel set for couple complete with their monogrammed initials, with a set of monogrammed guest towels that would be great when they have visitors. If the set comes with monogrammed soaps and a soap dish, even better.

2. Picture Frame

A picture frame is always a great item if you’re stuck on finding ideas for engagement gifts. A pocket friendly gift for anyone on a tight budget, it’s easy to go one step further and get one in a heart shape to signify their love. To make this gift even more unique, you could place any of your favorite photo of the couple inside. Extra points if it’s a photo from their proposal.

3. Crystal Champagne Flutes

One of our top engagement gifts is a set of champagne flutes. If your couple are known to enjoy their bubbly, they are sure to appreciate this gift. Find a set of crystal champagne flutes with a unique design that would bet fit their personality or represent their union. A great gift for those days they have something extra to celebrate, or just want to kick back and relax.

4. Leather Notebook

If any member of your couple loves to keep a journal or just write things down, then a leather notebook would be a cherished keepsake. A textured leather notebook especially could fulfill the something old and something new requirement for a traditional wedding, If you are looking for a unique gift that no one else would have got them, this might just be it.

5. Scrapbook Album

Another option of engagement present ideas that can help your couple preserve those special moments and memories in time is a scrap book album. Apart from keeping memories, this is one activity that can always bring them together, plus scrapbooking can be fun. Find one with a unique design and well organized chapters for a truly wholesome gift.

6. Personalized Scented Candle

If you could capture home in a scent and take it everywhere with you, wouldn’t you? Well, this is one of the best gifts for an engaged couple that can do that. Customize a scented candle with scents that would give them memories of home.

engagement gift ideas


7. Wedding Countdown Calendar

One of the most unique engagement gifts every engaged couple should have is a wedding countdown calendar. Once the wedding date is fixed, they can use this calendar to count down the days in the most exciting ways with creative art and sentimental quotes for each day.

8. Engagement Gift Basket

If you’re not sure what specifically to get, then you could try a bunch of traditional engagement gifts in an engagement gift basket. A little bit of everything they’d love as a way to celebrate with them and say congratulations. From sexy sunglasses to bath and personal care accessories, to tote bags, personalized mugs, baked goods and more.

9. Wine subscription

Another great idea for engagement gifts if you’re not sure what to get is a wine subscription. As long as your couple love wine, they are sure to love this. Get them a wine subscription of a variety of wines in an amount you can afford. They would get to pick any one that tickles their fancy from interesting parts of the world, and they will appreciate you while trying them.

10. Personalized Jewelry Dish

Every new couple needs a jewelry dish. Yes, the bride does, but this is still a good gift for the couple. If you’ve run out of ideas for engagement presents try a stylish and personalized jewelry dish. It can be customized with a sentimental quote, the couple’s initials or even their engagement or wedding date.

11. Holiday Gift Card

A gift card for a weekend away will always be welcome, no matter who you’re giving it to. The plus side is that a new couple will need it most, especially during the wedding planning when they just have to breathe.

12. Personalized Wine Cork Holder

For more unique engagement presents, consider a decorative wine cork holder that can be personalized to fit your couple. A sustainable and creative option, it can store the wine corks they collect in a decorative and stylish way.

13. Plant Subscription Box

There’s no hard and fast rule on what good engagement gifts are. So, if your couple have green thumbs or are leaning towards a sustainable lifestyle, you can gift them a plant subscription to get them started.

engagement gift ideas

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14. Rechargeable Wine Opener

Another one for the wine loving couple. Get a wine opener that practically does the work itself. A sleek rechargeable option that they will forever bless you for.

Never run out of engagement gift ideas with a variety of options that would fit any type of couple. Unique and memorable gifts to last a lifetime.

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