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White Horn Kratom is a rare strain, but it has many benefits. Check out 6 tips on why you should search for and use this strain of Kratom.

Take Advantage Of White Horn Kratom – Read These 6 Tips

White Horn Kratom may be a rare strain, but its unique properties make it highly sought-after. Kratom enthusiasts go for the strain because of its energy and mood-boosting properties. It is a great supplement to experiment with once you have a bit of experience with Kratom. 

White Horn Kratom can give you a sense of relaxation perfect for combating chronic stress and depression. Its effects are stimulating and uplifting. It is more potent than most popular strains such as Green Vein Kratom and Red Vein Kratom. 

As beneficial as this strain is, users hardly harness its unique properties. Even the few who use the strain underestimate its full potential. These six tips will help you take full advantage of White Horn Kratom.

1. Ensure You Are Using Authentic White Horn Kratom 

The popularity of White Horn Kratom is surging day by day. Today, several vendors are selling the strain online. However, not all vendors sell superior White Horn Kratom.  Most purportedly sell fake products to unsuspecting Kratom users. 

But unauthentic White Horn Kratom can’t deliver intended effects. Therefore, buy authentic White Kratom from a legitimate vendor. So, before you buy from any vendor advertising White Horn Kratom for sale, you need to be sure they are reliable. Research more about them to get value for your money. 

2. Know Your Desired Effects

Kratom users take White Horn Kratom to experience varied effects. A high dose is needed for stronger effects. For instance, you can consume at least 7 grams of the strain to experience stronger effects. Similarly, you can take 2 grams of the strain for mild effects. This dosage is suitable for starters.

However, note that the strain is highly potent. Overdosing can result in serious side effects. Some of these side effects include weight loss, liver damage, and muscle pain. White Horn Kratom can also affect the nervous system over time when misused. Simply put, the kind of effects you expect should determine the amount of White Horn Kratom to consume. 

Ideally, beginners should start with low doses and gradually increase their dosage as they build their tolerance to this Kratom. 

3. Decide On How To Consume It

There are different ways of consuming White Horn Kratom. The simplest method is chewing the dried leaves. But this method isn’t usually the best for some users as it leaves the mouth with a bad taste. 

You can combine its powder form with milkshakes. However, this consumption method can ruin the White Horn Kratom’s alkaloids. Plus, some milkshakes and protein powders have chemicals that can potentially react with the strain.

Alternatively, you can mix your strain with food or make a cup of White Horn Kratom tea. Nonetheless, the heat subjected to the strain while brewing tea can suppress the alkaloids. 

The most excellent option of consuming the strain is using capsules or pills. Capsules don’t leave the mouth with a bitter taste. Moreover, they are convenient to carry and are discrete, making them ideal for travelers.

4. Stay Hydrated 

Kratom strains, including White Horn Kratom, cause dehydration. Many users have reported experiencing dehydration upon taking the strain. New White Kratom users stand a higher risk of dehydration than the experienced ones. However, dehydration affects all users. For that reason, drink plenty of fluids to keep your body dehydrated.  

Water helps with breaking down the enzymes in the Kratom. Your body will thus absorb the strain much faster when it is hydrated. 

Here are some signs of dehydration to note when taking White Horn Kratom. Increase your fluid intake if you experience any of them.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Constipation 
  • Lethargy 
  • Headache

5. Consult Your Doctor 

White Horn Kratom isn’t fit for everyone due to its potency. Some users, especially those with preexisting health conditions, aren’t supposed to take the strain. Others are allergic to and taking it can cause serious illness. 

Female users who are lactating or pregnant aren’t supposed to take the strain either. Moreover, those currently taking medications are discouraged from using White Horn Kratom. Consult your doctor to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the strain. He/she will also recommend a suitable dose that won’t compromise your health.

6. Strengthen Your Strain

As you start using White Horn Kratom, you might realize it is no longer giving you a stronger hit like before. Its effects could still be mild even after increasing your doses. You can make your strain stronger for more effects. 

You can also try mixing the Kratom with citrus juice to make it more potent. The enzymes in such juices reinforce the alkaloids in the White Horn Kratom. 


White Horn Kratom offers outstanding benefits more than most regular Kratom strains. Use these tips to capitalize on their beneficial properties for the best results. But remember to put your safety first by buying from trustworthy sellers

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