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Do you want to surpass your weightlifting plateau? Here are some tips on how to improve your daily workout routine.

Are you interested to come out of your weightlifting plateau?

Are you engaged in weightlifting exercises to gain good body strength and muscles? During the beginning of your strength training, you must have observed a few changes in your body shape and strength. However, after continuing with training for more than 6 months or so, you will notice that your body has been adapted to the intensity and volume of your workout.

This condition is where the key exercises for your major muscle group get stuck at a certain weight then you have reached a weightlifting plateau condition. That is because your body no longer is challenged by your workout routine.

So, in such a condition, you need to retune the baseline and do a little more than increasing your weights to challenge your body in a certain different way. Torokhtiy can also help you in many ways through their various programs to overcome this weightlifting plateau condition.

The reason why few people get into such condition is due to the following three reasons:

  • Poor workout programming that needs to be changed
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor recovery

Here are also a few tried and tested tips that can also help you to make a breakthrough from your weightlifting plateau.

Increase your training intensity

You have to put more challenges to your muscle by working harder instead of longer. So, try to increase the weight with low repetitions instead of low weight with high repetitions. Also, try to lift your weights slowly in a controlled manner instead of bouncing or swinging.

Vary your exercise routine

If you always have been using machines then try free weights. In case, you are using for all these days a bench press to perform chest exercises, then try doing pushups. Changing your things up will keep your program fresh and will recruit entirely different muscle fibers.

Change your order of exercises

Another way, you can overcome a plateau is by changing the sequence of your exercises that you normally do. As an example, if you are always doing the same biceps exercises in one particular order, then your muscles will also fatigue similarly every time.

Stop exercises you have outgrown

You need to take a critical eye into your present routine of exercise that you have been doing so far. You must replace all outdated exercises with something more appropriate to your level of training. You may also consider changing your trainer.

Get more rest

Often by overworking you may reduce your capacity to do exercise, fatigue quicker, and develop a risk of insomnia, stress, and also loss of appetite.  Sometimes, it will do well for you by taking off your foot from the accelerator. Also, make sure that you are sleeping enough. 

Improve your nutrition

Last but not the least, you must take a proper diet for the growth of your muscles and fuel your workouts. You must take enough proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients that you may need. 

That is all it should take you to find and fix your problem and you can again start making progress as you desired.

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