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If you’re one of the thousands of students up and down the country and you’re struggling to cope with lockdown – here are some things that might help.

How to tackle homesickness if you’re spending lockdown at your student accommodation

Whether you returned back to university in September for your second or third year, or it’s your first time away from home, homesickness is common and completely normal.

However, this time of course the circumstances aren’t normal and as the UK goes through yet another national lockdown, many students are struggling to deal with homesickness in the ways they could before. 

So, if you’re one of the thousands of students up and down the country who have remained in their student digs during the third lockdown, and you’re struggling to cope – here are some things that might help.

  1. It’s not your fault

This may sound like an obvious place to start, and many may be wondering what we’re getting at, but a surprising amount of students who have chosen to stay away from the family home during this difficult period have blamed themselves for their decision.

Firstly, you’re absolutely not alone. So many students have chosen to isolate within the familiarity of their student accommodation in Ormskirk, whether that’s in a bid to concentrate on work, to protect more vulnerable members of the family at home or to bubble up with flatmates.

Second of all, and most importantly – nobody is to blame for this unpredictable and unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. As we go through the motions of another wave of lockdown, it’s only natural to feel you could be doing more – but it’s incredibly important that you realise you’re doing everything you can, and that’s enough.

2. See friends and family

Just because you can’t go out and visit friends or return home to see family, doesn’t mean you should go without seeing them altogether. Make a habit of having a daily call, a weekly zoom party or even just touching base throughout the day via WhatsApp. That regular communication will almost certainly make you feel a lot better, and will help to make you feel less alone during all of this.

3. Make your digs a home away from home

For many students who find themselves missing home, it can be something as small as a smell or a favourite throw. So, why not make your student accommodation in Ormskirk a home away from home?

You can do a lot with your room at university that doesn’t breach any of the decorating rules. From soft furnishings and diffusers to fairy lights and cosy blankets, making your place as familiar and snug as you can will really help to reduce the homesickness until restrictions ease a little.

4. Remember, you’re not alone – get outside!

Lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your student accommodation at all, so why not go out and take a walk. Exercise can work wonders for your mental health, but more than that, it will serve as a tangible reminder that you’re not here alone, but instead there are dozens of other students just like you who are here, and away from their loved ones.

You could even go for a socially distanced walk with one other student, so be sure to speak out if you’re struggling because the chances are, you’re not the only one.

Remembering that this is a temporary situation we find ourselves in is as important as any of the other tips today, so if you’re lucky enough to have found a student accommodation in Ormskirk that has all the facilities and space you need to make yourself feel comfortable whilst you wait this out, then like the rest of us, all you can do is your best.

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