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It can be tough to stop procrastination, but here's a list of tips to deal with the problem in ways that are healthy.

Stop procrastinating: The healthiest ways to deal with procrastination

Procrastination means doing something else instead of doing the task you should be doing. The tasks that are usually procrastinated are the ones that are unpleasant or boring but most likely important tasks. It is not something that you should be used to doing because it hinders you from being productive. It can cause you to put off tasks until the last minute making you cram something that you could have finished earlier. This happens when you give in to impulse.

For example, you’re sitting in front of the computer trying to start an essay you have been dreading to write and then your phone dings and you decide to look at it and then you don’t notice that you have been using your phone for 10 minutes completely ignoring the thing that you have to do.

It is highly important to overcome procrastination because it has serious consequences. Make the most out of your day by following these steps on how to deal with procrastination.

Recognize that you’re procrastinating

Here are signs that you are procrastinating:

  • Doing low-priority tasks that can wait that you are asked to do instead of getting started on the tasks that are already in your list.
  • Leave an item on your to-do list for a long time, even though it’s important.
  • Reading the task over and over without making a plan on how, when and what to do with it.
  • Start the task and go off to do something else that isn’t important
  • Doing things that are unimportant
  • Waiting to be in the “right mood” or the “right time”. Trust me this is only a lie you tell yourself to delay a task.

Work out why you’re procrastinating

You need to understand the reasons why you are procrastinating before you can begin to tackle it.

Possible reasons:

  • You find the task boring. Solution: remember that if you finish it ASAP you can proceed to other things that you find enjoyable.
  • Poor organization. Solution: keeping a scheduled routine can help you with this.

Adopt anti-procrastination strategies

You might be asking yourself, how to get more energy to finish the task that you have been dreading to do. Procrastination is a habit and a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior so don’t be upset if you can’t break it overnight. You can only avoid it by trying to practice these strategies consistently.

Things you can do to avoid procrastination:

  • Commit to the task. Focus on finishing a task before taking on another.
  • Give yourself a reward for finishing the task. This will keep you motivated.
  • Ask Someone to check up on you to maybe remind you to do the task.
  • Do it ASAP. As soon as you receive the task do it.
  • Rephrase inner dialogue. Forget about “have to” and practice saying “need to”. This can help you remember that it is an important task that you have to do immediately.
  • Get rid of distractions. Put your phone on silent. If you’re at home, go to a room that can isolate yourself from noise and people or things that can distract you. Maybe turn off the music if you’re listening to any or the tv if it’s on and you have on in the room.
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