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Dr. Sadraei is an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Check out the different options that the specialist offers.

Chubby to chiseled: Dr. Sadraei can make anyone look like a Greek God with cosmetic dentistry

Dr. Kambiz Sadraei  is an artist in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He’s a very known and respectable professional that is popular in his community amongst his colleagues and has gained very loyal patients. Not only that, but he has a strong reputation online with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and a huge subscriber fan base on YouTube.

The successful doctor was born in Iran, but grew up in Los Angeles and has now settled in sunny El Paso, Texas. His career as a cosmetic dentist didn’t start out right away, since he was actually a full time musician. Dr. Sadraei explains that, “I still love my music, but I became a cosmetic dentist because it includes everything that I love which is science, health and art.”

However, what makes Dr. Kambiz Sadraei very known in North America is that he’s the only cosmetic dentist that performs Buccal Fat Pad Reduction.

What is Buccal Fat Pad Reduction?

It’s a cosmetic procedure that reduces the fat in the cheeks and gives the patient a more chiseled look. Many patients end up leaving his practice looking like a Greek god or goddess.

Even though some people may lose Buccal Fat naturally, others need to undergo surgery in order to remove it. Buccal fat pad is actually a rounded mass of fat that is gathered together in the middle of your cheek. Buccal fat is usually found in hollow areas beneath your cheekbones and under the facial muscles. This can affect the face of your shape, regardless of your weight.

It can be a stand alone plastic surgery procedure, or it can be combined with other types of plastic surgery such as having a facelift, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, Botox injection or even chin implants.

Who can do Buccal Fat Pad Reduction?

Believe it or not, there are some rules in order to go through with this procedure. You have to generally be healthy, have a round and fuller face, a certainty that you do not like the chubby cheek look, you have pseudohermitian, you wish to look more feminine and that you don’t smoke.

It’s advised that patients shouldn’t go through this surgery if they have a face that’s narrow,  or have a rare disorder called progressive hemifacial atrophy and that you’re above a certain age. You may be better suited to receive botox services in Greenville SC.

How is the Buccal Fat Pad Reduction performed?

Dr. Sadraei is known to do an excellent job, which is why he’s so popular with his clients. The general surgery procedure that he does is that he provides local anesthesia or general anesthesia to patients, depending on the amount of surgery that’s required and that a small incision is made inside the cheek. Once the incision is made and the fat is removed, the patient is then stitched up and good to go.

Why do people love Dr. Sadraei?

He has a very good reputation in the community and is known to make his patients happy. Dr.Sadraei explained that, “I know it may sound cheesy, but I love making my customers smile and it’s one of the things that I love about my job.”

When it comes to buccal fat pad reduction, it’s important to understand the procedure so that you can find the right doctor to trust and deliver the results correctly. Dr. Sadraei is known to have a lot of experience and knowledge for the procedure, which is another reason why customers always go back to him.

He has also reassured customers who haven’t taken the procedure before, by having before and after images from previous clients he’s worked with. Dr. Sadraei is also known for his philanthropic side, since he offers free dental treatment to cancer patients and survivors.

Dr. Sadraei advises, “If you wish to do buccal fat reduction, you have to be 100% certain about it. I can make a dramatic or minimal change to your face, but the results are always on point.”

You can contact him for further information about the services that he provides on social media, or check out his YouTube channel where he uploads videos of his cosmetic dental procedures.

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