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Cycling is a big part of staying healthy. Here are some tips on how to lose weight past the age of 40 by using an electric bike.

How to lose weight by cycling after 40

Another problem that you may encounter with the law is if you decide to limit your pedelec electric bike, either to run more or with more power than 25 km / h or 250W.

A pedelec electric bike like an Cheapest electric bike has to meet the same standards as any other bike without a motor. Many people these days are hesitating to buy a bicycle to move around in their daily activities and others to stay or get fit, and as we all know, electric bicycles are on everyone’s lips.

These new cyclists, who many choose to buy their first bicycle and enjoy cycling benefits, may have doubts not only in which model to choose, be it a mountain ebike, a city ebike or even an electric road bike.

But far from the typical doubts that make and model most closely match our pocketbook first and our personal tastes second, there are other doubts that many beginners ask themselves before launching into the vast world of two wheels.

One of them is the current regulations for the use of electric bicycles. In this article we assume you live in a European country. 

This is regulated by common standards for the entire European Union for the use of assisted pedal bicycles or pedelecs (electric bicycles ISO 4210-2014 and EN 15194).

In addition, you should know that for the purposes of law, you have the same responsibilities and rights as a normal bicycle without a motor. But electric bicycles must meet a series of requirements for this.

What electric bike to buy so that I don’t get fined?

Basically, it must meet three requirements, although there are some more fringes that you will have to attend to:

  •     MOTOR: Power less than or equal to 250W
  •     SPEED: Limited to 25 km / h
  •     CE CERTIFICATE: European Homologation

Every electric bicycle that is bought and is going to be used in European territory, must have a sticker or plate, usually at the bottom of the frame (you can see it here), where its Manufacturer, Brand and Model are specified.

In turn, you must indicate what type of electric bicycle it is, Pedelec 25 or Speed ​​Pedelec (more than 25 km / h. In the latter case of Speed ​​Pedelec, it is no longer considered like any other bicycle. For the purposes of the law, it will be like a moped. It is very important that the three indicated points of engine power, pedaling assistance speed and CE certificate are met.

Other requirements for an electric bike to be “legal”

In no case, the ebike or electric bicycle may have an accelerator on the fist or trigger. The motor will only act when we move the pedals, helping us in pedaling.

Although, as a general rule, electric bicycles range between 18 and 28 kg, in order to remain within the so-called pedelecs, it will not be able to exceed 40 kg in weight. It is prohibited to manipulate the systems of electric bicycles

Another problem that you may encounter with the law is if you decide to limit your pedelec electric bike, either to run more or with more power than 25 km / h or 250W.

The fines can be substantial, to give you the example of France, from reaching € 30,000 to spending two years in prison for modifying an ebike.

Where can you ride an electric bike?

Thanks to all this that we have just explained to you, pedelec electric bicycles throughout Europe are classified in the same segment as a conventional non-electric bicycle.

This means that we can pedal without any problem due to:

  •     Roads of all kinds
  •     Cities and urban centers
  •     Cycle paths
  •     Tracks and roads
  •     Walking trails

The limitation of its use as well as the regulations to be respected is the same as any other bicycle.

For example, in some states and areas of America, the use of all types of electric bicycles began to be prohibited on certain trails. This is due to their misuse, and not having such a strict and defined regulation as the European one, which causes many problems with other road users.

Some cyclists use the unlimited electric bicycles or directly the Speed ​​pedelecs that can run much faster than any current moped, with the danger that it poses and the deterioration of the terrain that it generates.

Therefore, if we respect the current European regulations, electric and non-electric bicycles, we can continue to live together for a long time on the asphalt and on the ground.

Additional info:

Can you ride the electric bike in the rain? Many people ask this before buying an electric bike. Before answering it, we are going to name some characteristics of electric bikes: 

They do not pollute: It does not eliminate gases, despite having an engine. 

They help health: This is what many people do not know. Although the bike has a motor and requires less effort than a pedal, it must be pedaled. In this way, the force that is generated transmits force to the motor. 

They don’t require maintenance: No more than normal than a common bike. 

With all these advantages, how not to think about having one. 

But what do we do on rainy days? No problem, the fact that it is electric does not mean that it cannot be wet. Wetting is not submerging (that is extremely prohibited). It also cannot be washed with a pressure washer. Pressurized water jets must be avoided at all costs, as they could cause damage.

They can be used in the rain or left parked where water falls. The important thing is that then, dry the electrical elements, that is, controller, battery and wiring. Do it with a clean, dry cloth. In this way you will prevent it from being ruined or rusted. Don’t forget a breeze step-thru electric bike for women to store your raincoat.


It depends on the applicable regulations but in principle an electric bicycle can be ridden in almost any place. Of course by considering the standardization that has been set.

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