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Liquid vitamins are a common way of getting one's daily vitamins. Take a look at the benefits of taking liquid vitamins instead of vitamin pills.

Why Liquid Vitamins are all the Rage

Making sure we get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals can be a crucial part of optimizing our health. Vitamins and minerals have been observed to be an essential part of the way our bodies fight fatigue, disease, and inflammation. They aid us in building and supporting eye, heart, brain, and gut health. 

Modern diets can make it difficult to absorb all the vitamins and minerals we need from just food alone. According to the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults should consume between 1.5-2 cups of fruit per day, and an additional 2-3 cups of vegetables daily. 

The CDC has also published studies stating that over 75% of adults don’t get the recommended amounts of fruit in their daily diet. The same study found that nearly 90% of adults don’t eat enough vegetables. 

That means most people aren’t getting nearly enough of the right vitamins and minerals from their diet alone. 

What’s the Best Way to Make Sure We Get Enough Vitamins?

One of the best ways to ensure our bodies get enough of the vital vitamins and minerals that we need is to take daily supplements. Think of a daily multivitamin as an insurance policy that fills in the gaps between the nutritious vitamins and minerals your taking in from your food and the amounts of those vitamins your body needs to operate at its optimal level.

One of the reasons taking supplemental vitamins and minerals is so important is that not all vitamins can be stored by our bodies. Some vitamins accumulate in our bodies stored in our livers and other fatty tissue. These vitamins are known as fat-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K stay in our bodies longer. 

Water-soluble vitamins on the other hand can not be stored by our bodies. While these vitamins (which include vitamin C and B complex vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, biotin, B6, B12) are easy to absorb any excess is lost by days end. That means we need to intake these crucial vitamins every day.

Solubility is also one of the main reasons to choose liquid vitamins. In their liquid form vitamins are absorbed by our bodies at a much higher rate. Liquid vitamins have an absorption rate of up to 98% while some pills offer less than 50% absorption. This leads us to…

Why Liquid Vitamins Instead of Gummies or Pills?

Liquid vitamins are quickly gaining popularity for their ease of use, great taste, absorbability, and customization.

For some taking pills is a difficult task, and for others, there’s concern about the safety of ingredients in capsules. Vitamin gummies can be an alternative but many leave a metallic or chemical taste behind, others include large amounts of sugar and can be processed with animal-based gelatines. 

Liquid vitamins offer an easy-to-use alternative to swallowing large pills or questionable gummies. Most liquid vitamin companies offer naturally flavored blends that taste great and make taking your daily dose easy. 

Another great reason to switch to liquid vitamins is the ease with which you can customize your supplements to meet your needs. By switching to liquid vitamins you can free yourself from the confines of multivitamins and having to take dozens of different pills to meet your nutritional needs. 

You can adjust your dosage of multivitamin blends or create your own with add ons like Zinc, D3, K2, and more. For instance, according to, adding liquid zinc to your daily routine is a no-nonsense way to ensure that your body gets an essential mineral it needs for overall health.

When you break down how our bodies absorb nutrients and consider all the ways in which liquid vitamins make meeting our vitamin and mineral needs more attainable, it’s no wonder liquid vitamins are all the rage.

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