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Is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus as televangelists in the US and several news outlets claim? Here's the scoop on Colloidal silver.

Is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus?

There is no medical cure for coronavirus and all viral infections, which is why people are turning to nature for solutions. One of the known natural antivirus agents is colloidal silver, a traditional remedy whose antiseptic properties were used in ancient Egypt, the Middle East and India by royal households to keep water and other fluids fresh and to treat various infections. Until its ban in the 1930s, it was recognized and used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial by clinicians to treat bacterial, parasitical, fungal and viral infections. But is Colloidal silver a cure for coronavirus as televangelists in the US and several news outlets claim? This article focuses on its antiviral properties in connection with coronavirus.

Colloidal silver and coronavirus

In the absence of medical solutions for coronavirus, people are turning to natural solutions such as colloidal silver. Because colloidal silver is a broad-spectrum antivirus, that also strengthens the immune system, it can potentially prevent or help to treat coronavirus infection. Many people are now taking it prevent infection. Websites that sell colloidal silver have seen an increase in article views and purchases of colloidal silver by people in Hong Kong and China.

On the Jim Bakker show, naturopathic doctor Sherrill Sellman said Silver Solution has been tested on some of the strains of coronavirus and found to effectively deactivate them and to boost the immune system. The product in the article sells for $125 (£95) but high quality colloidal silver can also be sourced from  reputable sellers in the UK who ship globally – for as little as £9.99 for a 15ml bottle.

Medical use and research on colloidal silver

Before antibiotics were invented, colloidal silver was used until there was pressure to remove it from the market in the 20th century because silver is natural and cannot be patented. Now companies are permitted to use it in medical instruments and wound dressings to kill pathogens. Many manufacturers have registered numerous patents for colloidal silver medical products. Colloidal silver is extensively used in medical implants, wound dressings, dental work, surgical needles, breathing tubes, bone implant systems, fracture setting instruments and catheters (to kill pathogens). Consumers should ask themselves why it was banned and is now being widely used in medical products.

Research into its efficacy as an antimicrobial agent is ongoing and it is now known to kill over 650 known pathogens within 72 hours. In one study, three types of silver nanoparticles, one in a magnetic form, were tested and found to effectively destroy bacteriophage ϕX174, murine norovirus (MNV), and adenovirus serotype 2 (AdV2) under different conditions. The magnetic form was found to be most effective.

Colloidal silver has also been found to kill and eradicate the smallpox virus, the influenza virus and HIV-1, and to prevent HIV from attaching to host cells. It is known to prevent infections and viruses such as hepatitis B. It is also used to treat and prevent flu and the common cold. A study on children up to 12 years old, with nasal congestion and the common cold, treated half of them with a solution of silver and beta glucan and the other half with saline solution. Both groups benefited, but 90% of the silver group completely recovered.

There have been many other studies. Still, currently available research evidence only reveals the surface of the potential benefits. More research is required.

Three Ways in Which Colloidal Silver Works

DNA binding. Colloidal silver goes straight to the DNA of the virus (and other pathogens) and binds with the DNA. In the process it destroys the hydrogen that holds the cell together, destroys the cell and kills the virus.

Pathogen cell membranes. Colloidal silver also attaches to the virus’ cell membrane and foils its attempt to attach itself to the host cells, preventing infection.

Catalytic oxidation. Colloidal silver attaches to oxygen molecules and reacts with certain molecules that circle around viruses. The virus then fails to attack body cells.

Risks of using colloidal silver

There are claims that colloidal silver doesn’t work at all and myths that it poses risks. However, many people who have used it, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian, swear by it.

Colloidal silver will kill pathogens but will not affect the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It is even safe for pregnant women and children. One big benefit of taking colloidal silver is that it doesn’t create any resistance in pathogens. It has even been found to be effective in destroying drug-resistant MRSA pathogens that cause life-threatening infections. Yet it has no known side-effects.

However, poor quality colloidal silver with impurities and fillers (that may be toxic), ionic silver and high concentration colloidal silver will cause problems such as turning the skin blue. This is why people should not make colloidal silver at home and preferably buy good quality products from reputable sources.

Final scoop:

The coronavirus is a new phenomenon and there is no research on potential cures. Colloidal silver may be a lifeline or just a gimmick – only time will tell. Clearly there is a lot of positive information about Colloidal silver which, in the absence of a mainstream solution, is not something to be dismissed outright.

Of course, there are several other ideas on what could be a possible cure about coronavirus. A keto diet helps bolster your immune system, so maybe that could be key in curing coronavirus.

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  • You need to qualify in saying, “Colloidal silver can turn your skin blue.” There has been, to my knowledge, only one person where their skin turned blue, which resulted by taking gallons of colloidal silver in a short period of time over an extended period of time. But when taken as directed there is absolutely no issues, period. The only thing one should know before taking colloidal silver is to know if they are allergic to metals, which very few people are. Other than that high quality colloidal silver is safe and the best remedy against ALL viruses and bacteria.

    March 10, 2020
    • The person who’s skin turned blue had impurities in the silver which one was copper and that’s what turned his skin blue not the Colloidal Silver just FYI .

      March 19, 2020
      • There was also a woman but shes never mentioned?
        I swear by Colloidal Silvrr.

        March 25, 2020
      • Yes you’re right I’ve taken it for ten years and still on it I use it to help people in ma area an no complaints at all so skeptics should keep their eyes opening

        April 11, 2020
    • This was a fraud by a big pharma company

      March 25, 2020
      • no, the Blue Man wasan obstinate dumbass that got picked up on by oprah & turned into a spectacle. she used him, making it worth his while.

        April 8, 2020
    • Colliodal silver has been around for a VERY long time….So why isn’t there any creditable research? I find it hard to believe that there isn’t. Again, pharma money.

      March 29, 2020
      • Because they want a vaccine. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Our government is greedy, the medical community is greedy, the pharmaceutical companies are greedy.

        They’re all greedy and don’t WANT a natural solution because that means they would lose billions if not trillions of dollars in profits.

        They don’t care about us. They care about the bottom line and making a buck and the stock holders. That’s all they care about.

        Sad but true. 😥

        April 12, 2020
      • There is plenty of research.. the result is, it’s a sham. Colloidal silver has no proven results. Think about it, what is flecks of silver in water going to do, beside risk heavy metal poisoning. People that sell these and other homeopathic things are snake oil salesmen. Through all my years of medical school, specialty training, and internship, much less practicing, I have never seen one confirmed case of anybody getting better by drinking this. The only use silver has is in dressing and reducing scarring on topical 2nd degree burns, and that is silver sulfadiazine, which is a carefully prepared mixture of cream and silver, NOT your grandma’s silver spoon, chopped away and thrown in water and sold at 80 bucks a bottle, where you are told to drink it. (I’m exaggerating of course), but people that believe this stuff only make it harder for real doctors with PROVEN treatments. In all these years I will never understand the mentality of people who choose to take something that has slim to no chance of working, when we have medicines that DO work and have been proven over a 12 year, double blind study. Boggles my mind.

        M.D. and Immunologist

        April 13, 2020
    • And if you saw the TV account of the “blue man”, his solution looked like dirty laundry water. He was either using non- distilled water, adding salt or other minerals to the solution, or just let it process hours at a time. Before I learned to make nano silver, I at least strained my solution with natural coffee filters, and cleaned off the wires before that. The solution was always clear with maybe a very slightly yellowish tint.- but it was clear !

      April 4, 2020
    • argyria happens when one acts excessivele and stupidly . there are a handful of cases. all of them are dumbasses that should’ve known better. they all made over-brewed silver chloride solution by adding salt to speed up the process, and used way too much for way too long. there has never been a proven allergic reaction to pure silver, only to impurities. this author has the history pathetically wrong: CS was NEVER banned in the USA, it was left behind in favor of antibiotics and other drugs which worked better.

      April 8, 2020
    • Couldnt agree more. Been using it since 2010

      April 17, 2020
    • Ive been taking colloidal silver for 25 yrs and have not been sick with absolutely nothing, no colds no flu no infections. Nothing ill swear by its effectiveness, shame on this government for keeping it secret.

      August 5, 2020
  • Jim Bakker is right about Colloidal Silver.
    It’s used in bandages and for treating burns.

    Simple to make it with pure silver rods, 3 9V batteries and distilled water
    Visit your nearby health food stores…
    They have all the traditional cures.

    What’s wrong with hot toddies as a starter.

    Doctors only prescribe pharmaceuticals BOO to them

    March 13, 2020
    • Amen Greg. Used it for years now. Make it myself. No side effects in any of our family members. Doctors and pharmaceuticals hate it, since it work, hence this plenty negative websites and law suits. Regards, Albi

      March 20, 2020
    • You’re so right, Doug- I survived the 1950s killer flu outbreak by my father’s hot toddies and a poop pile of blankets. Now that I make my own CS- or NS- we use it for EVERYTHING!

      April 4, 2020
    • I agree w/ you with one exception and that is using a 9 volt battery to make the colloidal silver. The reason they use machines which are computers which sense the conductivity in the water is to draw down the current of electricity slowly as the water reaches greater conductivity. If the current is not reduced, you start out with small particles (which is greatly desired) but as it goes along, conductivity is raised w/ more silver in the water and the particles get larger and larger which are not very effective and might be detrimental in fact. Just my 2 cents worth, and yes I have a Silver Gen machine and have had great results of aiding the body to heal through the years I have used it. Also helping others to boost their immune systems during this virus outbreak.

      April 23, 2020
  • very important information for europe

    March 13, 2020
  • I don’t think we should be afraid so easily, why is the world making such a big fuss about it, is it even killing as many people as say simply any other virus? how about boosting our immune system instead maybe use colloidal silver or a good quality vitamin C

    March 13, 2020
  • there is a problem sharing this article on face book

    March 14, 2020
  • i conducted research on effect of colloidal silver nano particles synthesized green method kills bacteria which are antibiotic resistant. it also work effectively for various kind of virus. it is time to explore aqueous silver nano particles to combat corona virus.

    March 15, 2020
  • Boy oh boy oh boy, does CS ever work , for many years now me & my wife & a few friends have not suffered from a flu or cold due to CS. I have treated many people with CS and cured them, 2 years ago my wife had a stroke, wound up in the hospital which is heavy laden with germs etc so she contracted U T I and the Doctor said it’s turning into sepsis which would have killed her. So I secretly treated her with VS and in 2 days she was cured. then about 4 months later still in hospital she got pneumonia & the Doctor said she would die in 4 days. So again I secretly treated her with CS and in 2 days the doctor said she’s all cured and can go home.So no one can tell me that CS won’t kill the Corona virus because it definately will. The world needs to wake up.

    March 18, 2020
    • I’m glad to see there are still smart people around; maybe this is nature’s way (coronavirus) of getting rid of dumb and ignorant people and keeping the smart ones around to repopulate the world. Because the world is getting stupider, cause they believe whatever the media says (it is getting out of hand).

      March 20, 2020
    • Hi Benjamin,

      CS = Colloidal Silver (obviously), but what about brand differences?
      I’ve heard they can vary in efficacy due to concentration and particle size etc.
      Do you have any thoughts on that perspective?

      March 22, 2020
      • Hello David I don’t know about brand differences for I make my own CS (Colloidal silver) I use only distilled water and a generator that I bought from the Silveredge “Find it in the web . and I just let the Generator run in a quart sized jar for up to 10 hours then I check the amount of silver in the water with a laser beam in a dark room and it’s generally loaded with lot of silver. Now if it was going to turn my skin blue, I’d be blue already for I take about 1/2 a cup of CS per day every day. sometimes more. For years No blue on me. Don’t be scared of CS. it can’t hurt you. it wont hurt you, and after you try it for awhile you’re going to say just like my wife does “CS is my best friend” There is no virus that CS won’t kill I hope this information helps you.

        March 27, 2020
      • Hello David I can’t tell you about brand differences or concentration or particle size. I make my own colloidal silver. and I check the content level with a laser beam. when it has a lot of silver in it, I take it off of the generator. And I have cured many with a flu or a cold in 4 hours. and cured UTI in two days and pneumonia in two days as well. And just yesterday this woman called me to tell me that I have completely cured her breast cancer in the last 2 weeks. So if CS will kill every virus known to man, why would it stop at the corona virus

        March 29, 2020
      • MesoSilver ® 20 ppm Colloidal Silver 250 mL/8.45 Oz , I have been using it for years, and no colds or flu. Buy on Amazon

        April 20, 2020
      • Hi. I have used CS for many years. And its true about the size. When CS is made too quickly or with higher amps or volts the particles are larger. As the process continues and the concentration gets denser, the volts go up because of conductivity. So yeras ago thes CS generators would not adapt. There are machines out there forsale that do. It will state if the volts decrease in the process.

        April 28, 2020
    • Hey Benjamin! That was some pretty hopeful info. Just wanted to ask how much you gave her each day and what ppm you used. Would be great to know and even better to spread the word. Thanks, Benjamin

      April 1, 2020
    • Hii benjamin i have uti and antibiotics have failed to cure me and i need the colloidal silver how can get get it please help or where can i get it.anyone with help also please

      April 3, 2020
    • How much do you use and what ppm ? Thanks

      April 3, 2020
    • Question to Benjamin
      How much and in what way did you give CS to your mother when she had pneumonia?

      thanks to all for the data

      April 5, 2020
    • Can I ask you what the dosage was that you used? Thanks.

      April 9, 2020
    • Benjamin, what dosage did you use for the UTI and how did you administer it? I have had a UTI for 10 months now, antibiotics didn’t work and I finally refused any more, since they got progressively more toxic. I have been using D-Mannose, a tsp every 2 hours,
      which keeps it from going to my kidneys,, but hasn’t cured it. How can I use silver?

      April 13, 2020
    • That is a great testimony Benjamin! I would just offer a caution about the wording though. With the FDA out there, using the word “cure” can really be an issue legally. I use it to help others and make it. I just say that I have seen a number of wonderful results as CS seems to help the body to heal. (I don’t and cannot cure anything, that is the body’s job) Take care!

      April 23, 2020
  • It absolutely works with many types of infections and can attest that it will not turn you blue . When i hear these same stupid arguments of how dangerous it is,. That tells me there is an effort to not let ppl cure themselves. Having had a bad mrsa infection yrs ago that the doctor had no idea how to solve,. I met someone that assured me they could cure,. It literally was two days and it was gone other than where i had it, the skin had to heal.
    It works.

    March 19, 2020

    March 19, 2020
    • It healed my four year old son of MRSA when he contracted the virus through the eczema on his feet. It traveled up the left leg to his knee.
      He was totally fine….then he was limping in the evening and moaning. I thought he pulled a muscle in his thigh…..he kept telling me that he couldn’t walk. He moaned most of the night so I brought him in in the morning to the ER hospital. They never let us leave for the whole day. Transferred us to a children’s hospital in Edmonton,AB Canada. He had a knee surgery flush and they said it went well. felt the holy Spirit telling me to look into this when I got home. I purchased some along with his antibiotics. It was a strong dose of keflex in liquid form 3x per day for 30 days. That’s a long time people!! So I began giving him two teaspoons of hydrosol silver each day along with the keflex. He was cured in three weeks. Blook work said there was no more MRSA!

      March 25, 2020
  • I’ve been making and drinking this since 2010. Whenever I get a cold CS gets rid of it.

    March 19, 2020
  • CS works wonders and it can be made at home under $20, hit me up if you’d like to know more, or simply google it. Thanks filmdaily for brining this important tool to our awareness!

    March 21, 2020
  • Yes silver does work, just use your common sense, I have seen it quickly work on MRSA infections, deep cut infections from accidents, kidney infections, abscess gums, flu, colds, ear aches, and pink eye. It has never failed. Every virus, bacteria, or yeast infection that I have seen quickly cleared up after the use of the silver. I am no doctor, nor have any medical degrees so therefore can not give any advice. But being nearly 70 years old and never been in hospital since the early 1950’s, I can say that the silver is my go to item whenever bacteria, virus, yeast problem pops up. I am not anti doctor or anti medicine. I would definitely rush to a hospital if necessary, such as a broken bone, bad cut or an un diagnosed problem . Although I have been to a dentist a few times. Anyway, when this new virus hits town, I will be spraying a little silver into my nose, and drinking a teaspoonful before I go to the grocery store. If silver kills the other viruses it might work on this new one. Of course I will keep my distance from other people, wear light gloves and take all the other precautions when going to grocery store. Also I have not turned blue yet.

    March 22, 2020
    • Ocie, you and I think alike !

      April 4, 2020
  • 6 years I’ve been making and taking this stuff, I haven’t turned blue.
    8ppm and your fine.
    NASA use it on the space station… ever seen a blue astronaut ??
    Wake up world.
    Or sit back and wait till your a statistic of Global Population Reduction……Dam bio labs.

    March 22, 2020
  • Made my own for 8 years now…. treated many things with it, Pink Eye (24hrs – Doctor said it would take 2 weeks), Glandular Fever (5 days – doctor said it would take 14 weeks!), common colds & flus, small infections etc….
    It’s not a cure all, i can’t get it to work on skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, but its an effective home medicine for sure…
    I’m fully stocked and taking it daily to prevent Covid19 if i can, so are all the family.

    March 22, 2020
  • yes been using colloidal silver for years mainly for gum infection~it absolutely works and that is taking a small amount like a teaspoon every other day~i am going to try and stock up at reasonable ptice~ i promise you~it works for me !!

    March 22, 2020
  • Hi I can’t afford a Dr. I got a sore throat so bad I cried I took what money I had & went to a dr. Nothing he gave me nothing just took my money. Then I researched I’ve been making my own Colloidal Silver for 6yrs. My sore throats earaches are gone in a few days. I started colloidal silver in a nubilizer 3 days ago. I nubilizer it on my dogs eyes to stop the tear stains. My husband soaked his foot in it & got rid of a MRSA like infection that the drs medication couldnt. One soaking is all but took.
    Why cant someone finance studies like Dr. OZ is doing on Coronavirus on alternative meds like silver. I also am sick of stupid drs. & medical studies that are biased. Ever illness drs. Say. I dont know what causes it I cant cure it but let’s try…. BS. So many cures exist. Plus they are making are food unfit for consumption.

    March 23, 2020
  • Same thing here. I was add Vitamin C, as vital, in high doses. Around December of 2019 I had gotten lapse with the C and the CS — usually a tbs a day, especially in the flu season. My son got sick a week before Christmas, very bad respiratory — was it COVID-19, yeah, maybe, now that we know the timetable in the US really as around then — and I got it from him (I work at home) and I got sick on Christmas Day. Yes, it was a miserable four days — horrendous headache, fever and not heavy sinus but mucous and cough. I notice the med sites say once you have this C will not shorten it. Well, I don’t really care what the doctors say anymore. I took 3,000 mg. of C three times a day, CS 3 tbs a day spaced out, ginger tea with apple cider vinegar for nausea (only got sick once) and hopefully to get an appetite, which I had none. Any, this 64-year-old female was feeling better within four days — fatigue and cough lasted another week or two longer, but I was at least back to work. My soon took another week to feel better. He doesn’t listen to me.

    Anyway, that’s it. I used to get very sick colds and flu in my younger years, a couple of flu bouts sent me to the ER. Since 2008, when I started with at least 1,000 mg of C a day, magnesium 400 mg. a day and a good multi with 1,000 mg. of D, plus CS, I can count on one hand the times I have been sick, and those times, even the most miserable, only lasted, at the most, three days. I do live a very stressful life, and in those years between 2008 and the present it has been very, very stressful.

    I have never had insurance, because i can’t afford it. My three siblings, better off than I, with uber good insurance, for some reason have all kinds of problems, none of them use alternatives — they have faith in today’s medicine. I can’t really say Western medicine, can I? Because doctors used to recommend vitamins and silver was used for a variety of purposes, most especially burns.

    Oh, and on the subject of burns, I wish I had known about CS years ago, because I once burned my hand really bad with hot water, and it blistered for days. Last year I had some hot water spill on my hand while pouring tea. I wet a gauze with CS, wrapped it around my hand, and the pain was gone in less than an hour, as was the redness, no blisters, nothing — just perfect.

    I feel bad for people who don’t know about especially CS and Vitamin C, especially — they actually being told even C is a quackery. Please tell that to Dr. Levy, who speaks extensively on C, and the man whose story was on 60 Minutes, who was about to be removed from life support to die from swine flu. This was in Australia. Well, large infusions of C cured him completely. Shame on Big Medicine and Big Pharma.

    I will take precautions and I will give myself, and anyone who will listen, at least a fighting change. Oh, and before I forget, I have used this for my pets with wonderful results, too. And I am glad I discovered and glad I can make it. Yes, a pair of silver rods, not expensive, will make gallons of CS. No wonder Pharma and Big Medicine hates it.

    March 23, 2020
  • How much is recommended? Assuming orally? As a preventative and/or treatment? Thx!

    March 23, 2020
    • I use a shot (1-2 oz.) per week as a preventive. Also use a nasal spray bottle….

      April 12, 2020
  • Governments hate the fact that a simple silver solution could replace so many drugs and help tp keep people healthy. It has been proven time and time again that silver will cure a pneumonia within a week and yet, doctors still insists in sending people home with an antibiotic drug that could do a lot more harm than good. Just try to imagine how it would look if a doctor dared to use silver in the lungs to treat the coronavirus and succeeded. Do you think he would announce the result or hide it? Of course he would hide it as the medical associations would destroy him if he did.

    March 24, 2020
    • Yes, but unfortunately people with Pneumonia don’t have a week. I am with you on CS, just saying.

      April 26, 2020
  • Been making and using CS for 6 years. Anytime a Cold or Flu has started in me, CS has killed it within a day or two. It saved my brother from Bacterial Pneumonia when there were no antibiotics left to try. It IS being used more and more even by doctors for many things. The only real problem is that the Pharmaceutical companies can’t make money. And think of how much less doctors and hospitals would make if we are able to fix ourselves. It’s really a sad thing to think that money is more important than our health.

    March 24, 2020
    • I was diagnosed with the flu last year on a monday but on sunday the day before is when I started feeling bad so I started taking CS at 3 tablespoons a day and by tuesday the day after I went to the Dr I was feeling much much better. THIS STUFF WORKS.

      April 8, 2020
    • I’d like to make my own CS as well, so would please tell me how to do that?

      April 12, 2020
    • How do you make your own?

      May 5, 2020
  • Colloidal Silver is a perfectly LEGAL product. People should be encouraged to take Silver Water for the purpose of fighting bacterial and viral issues.

    March 24, 2020
  • CS is amazing, I’ve been using it for over 18 yrs in place of antibiotics. It has never failed! Totally agree with this article!

    March 26, 2020
  • I have used it for years and it works and im not blue. You can get a machine to make your own on Amazon for around 100 bucks i highly recommend it

    March 27, 2020
  • The only problem with this article is where it claims that colloidal silver will only kill pathogens and not beneficial gut bacteria. colloidal silver like any other antibiotic cannot discriminate it will kill all bacteria good and bad. that is why it is always a good idea to take a pro biotic course after use in order to replenish useful gut bacteria

    March 27, 2020
  • we have been making and takeing silver water for 25 years my whole family takes it my mom and dad are both 95 years old and has never had a flu shot dad has never been sick and. still in very good health mom beat brest cancer and has been cancer free for 10 years,it works,yet the fda dosen,t recognize it, Go figure

    March 27, 2020
  • My father got me into CS about 30 years ago..he told me a story about in West Texas where he lived that when the cow was milked ..they did not have refrigerate to keep the bacteria off limits. So, what did they do to keep milk fresh? A pure silver dollar was tossed in the milk and it kept it until consumed! I use it every day in a GLASS sprayer and hit my eyes and in the nose ..and a quick spray in the mouth….here is the results…no colds or flu ,no runny nose , used it on dogs that were attacked by other dogs with wounds and were healed fast! People that I’ve given it to have raved how they feel so much better and cured them of their sickness….now, do I have faith in bet your ass I do! More than synthetic meds!

    March 28, 2020
  • We found colloidal silver in 2000 .. it was a life changer for us. After 3 years of experimental drugs that did not work this did. I totally recommend MesoSilver only. It’s the best and we trust it. We have used it 20 years now. We purchase the 5 gallon containers and divide it between family members . It’s the best price and we all split the cost . I could go on for days about what we have used it for. It’s amazing! It’s true . It works. We have purchased 30 gallons in all these years. No ones ever turned blue.

    March 29, 2020
    • What about the brand SOVEREIGN SILVER? I’ve seen literally hundreds of rave reviews about it. It’s supposed to be the most refined and BIOACTIVE form available

      April 5, 2020
    • Right on Bro, I have done the research and MesoSilver is one of the best, I have been taking it for 3 years and hardly been sick a day. I bought it at Amazon

      April 20, 2020
  • Such a great page!! Been CS fan for years! All great follow up posts!!

    Ive used for burns, cuts including one to the bone, sickness, bug bites, cysts Inside eyelids, even a sore/sprained wrist. Agree with the fact it does not work on psoriasis (only thing i personally can find it doesn’t work on).

    Silver + water = periodic table = no patents = no fda testing = no money to be made so pharmaceuticals need to boycott it

    Im sure it will be a great preventive to covid-19 but there is no money to be made for them.

    Meanwhile i will try to survive with my homemade 10 cent CS remedy (Ohh how cheap the best medicine really is). I can tell u it aint going to hurt me so i might as well put faith in it like i always have in the past. (Never failed me)

    ***FYI I personally believe CS acts similar as an antibiotic when drinking so i take probiotics if drinking because i believe all single cell organisms including good bacteria are suffocated when in contact with silver particulates.***

    Also ive Nebulized as well years ago with no issue, stuff is awesome for almost everything.

    All u need is two .9999 (not .999) silver rods, distilled water, and 30 volts (Optimally) But theres plenty of info online for making it so i wont go further.. no salt tho!! No matter what anyone says!

    Everyone stay safe from covid and lets keep fingers crossed once again silver will save the day from the novel virus!

    March 30, 2020
    • So a couple of things. Colloidal silver is silver ions not an actual particle of silver. It will bind in the stomach with usually chlorine and is then ineffective. The best way to use colloidal silver is put it in a spray bottle and sniff it up each nostril and spray the throat. This usually kills a cold in its tracks. There’s one thing that’s essential with this and that’s to always have this on hand and to use it at the first sign of a cold. Any delay gives the virus time to reproduce. If you delay then the best you can hope for is to dampen the cold down. Trust me on this if you spray immediately you’ll kill it usually with one application possibly two a few hours later.
      If you can get your hands on a high quality Nano silver then that’s better than colloidal silver.
      You can get silver into your lungs either by buying any nebulizer. On eBay for twenty bucks or put in your CPAP machine which as a bonus sterilizes your machine. This completely evades the stomach acid and goes directly into the blood stream.
      The various comments regarding BIG Pharma not wanting people to know are true and even when the silver product is patented they still aren’t interested. Think how much money they make on products for the common cold. Do you think they want people to know that you can cure it?

      July 28, 2020
  • People need to get the word out about these things.._ facebook, twiter, any social media platform. Not justsay a few words about it on forum. The only people on here are the people that already know the truth. I got numerous people thanking me on facebook for talking about colloidal silver and making them aware of it. More then one person told me that it saved their life when doctors said there was no hope for them. Colloidal silver works folks, and its ashame that so many people will loose their lives because they trusted what big pharma said. The hell with big pharma, just a bunch of lies. Spread the word people. Thats the only way we will overcome this.

    March 31, 2020
  • While its true colloidal silver will kill the virus it will not cure it or prevent it after you quit drinking it. If your body doesnt learn to kill it on its own you can get it again after the silver flushes out of your system. It would be good to kill an active bad case vut ultimately getting over it or a vaccine would be the best case.

    March 31, 2020
  • I had Pomona about 10 yrs ago dr gave me pill after pills nothing was helping he wanted me in hospital i got on web and was looking up fast cures and found out about collidel silver.i went out bought a nebulizer got a bottle of collidel silver. I put 1 teaspoon into nebulizer 3x aday and i was cured in 2 days.I swear by this stuff

    April 2, 2020
  • I suffered from earaches for years. Doctors prescribed steroids, $100+ for the tiniest bottle you’ve ever seen. The steroids worked temporarily and the earaches returned after about 2 weeks. Tried them twice. After the second time, and after the earaches returned, I was desperate. I couldn’t afford to spend $100 every month plus repeated doctor visits and costs. I had heard about colloidal silver but never bothered with it. One day while walking thru Whole Foods (something I do maybe once a year) I just happened to spot Sovereign Silver. It was my lucky day. For $15 I figured I have nothing to lose. A few drops in the infected ear each night for 3 nights and the each ache was gone. It took another 1-2 weeks for the ear odor to go away but it too went away and stayed away for 3-6 months at a time. First hint I have of the problem returning, I just use a few drops for 1-3 nights and I am good for another 3-6 months. Been doing this for 5 years now. You cannot tell me that colloidal silver doesn’t work. I know it works, at least for anything external, or for gargling and wounds and similar things. I’m not sure if it works internally, but since there is no harm, I don’t see why I shouldn’t try that too. Ready to order a 32 oz bottle and gargle with a teaspoon a day as a preventative measure.

    April 2, 2020
  • I make my own CS using two 99.9 percent silver coins, 40 volts DC, a 10k resister, a voltmeter, the resister goes across the voltmeter, test leads with crocodile clips at each end, and distilled water, I also use water filtered with zero water filters.

    April 2, 2020
  • I too have a silver edge colloidal silver generator and it has been nothing short of amazing in the way it cures infections of all sorts such as pinkeye ,ear infection ,infected tooth . I’ve been using it for eight years and haven’t had a cold or flu and cannot believe that it is not recognized as a potential cure for the coronavirus. I guess if there’s no profit in it it’s not worth trying to save lives. Shameful

    April 2, 2020
  • In addition to taking CS internally, I also highly recommend getting a nasal spray atomizer bottle. Toss the nasal spray stuff, wash thoroughly and fill with CS. Seems the major entry point of any virus is through the nasal passages, I use my CS as my first line of defense by keeping my sinuses sprayed with CS if I’m out in public. I also spritz my hands, hair and anywhere else I think I need to. I make my own CS so what I’m spritzing myself with is so inexpensive that I can afford to keep myself well dosed with CS. Making your own CS is no where near as dangerous as the naysayers want you to believe as long as you follow very basic guidelines. There’s really no need to pay high dollars for something that you’re not sure of the concentration or made by date. There’s also no need to pay big money for the rods. Find someone reputable selling precious metals, buy a 1/2 oz bar of .999 fine silver, have a jeweler roll it out lengthwise to about 1/2 mm thickness and cut the silver lengthwise. Voila, silver rods much less expensive and much longer life expectancy than the thin silver rods offered. Just my .02 worth.

    April 3, 2020
  • It can’t be patented. Therefore it can’t be profited. Big pharm funded the demonization of marijuana for the same reason. Now Patentable with gmo strains the marijuana disinformation magically seized.

    April 3, 2020
  • So, how can you tell if you have (or are making) authentic colloidal silver or silver chloride? I have purchased two CS brands: Natural Immunogenetics Corp, Sovereign Silver and Natural Path, Silver Wings. One is 10 PPM and is crystal clear like water, the other is 500 PPM and is a clear brownish tone… Both brands claim to be “Highest quality,” and authentic. Also, if you were to say, spray some on a face mask, would that provide extra protection? In other words, is the solution still effective once dry?

    April 3, 2020
  • Thanks for the article. I’ve made my own for 15 or more years now. Haven’t had a cold or a flu since. Given it to friends kids who’ve had pimples – clears them up in no time. A friend uses it on her shingles & it fixes them up quickly, too. I’m a big advocate of CS. In these testing times, I’m not one to use strong alcohol as a skin cleaner. It’s renowned to be very carcinogenic.

    April 4, 2020
  • LOVE CS! I have been taking, making for myself, my animals and my clients for more than 10 years. It is by far my favorite modality for a wide range of conditions. Combined with zinc it seems to be even more powerful in some cases. I legally can’t say what it cures or not, but I can share that I would never be without it.

    April 5, 2020
    • How do you take the zinc ? Pills?
      I am CS user since 2010

      April 17, 2020
  • Yes, colloidal silver works!!!…..2013 my husband had stage 4 NHL and I was told by doctors that he was terminal…I prayed and gave him CS at least 5 times a day (1 tablespoon each time)….he was 5 months in the hospital…..he only weight less then 120lbs….unable turn over in bed and had to learn to walk again…now 2020 he is 85 years old and still drives to California which over 2000 miles to our winter home….he is now on a maintance dose of a tablespoon a day….Thank God for Colloidal Silver….

    April 9, 2020
  • I just ordered a nebulizer (about $40) to use with CS. They say 99% of coronavirus infections enter through the nose (as well as other upper infections). About 15M a day during the winter months will be a great preventative measure. About 15M 3-4 times a day with some oral CS would be a great treatment, imo.

    April 10, 2020
  • So,..CS… will not affect the beneficial gut bacteria ?
    If anyone in the know can comment on this..

    April 11, 2020
  • I’m new in this CS stuff, so could some veteran CS maker direct me on how to make my own TRUE Colloidal Silver (not ionic silver)?

    April 12, 2020
  • FDA approved drugs (side effects) KILL 100,000 in the US each year. And the FDA is worried about colloidal silver? They need to watch some TV commercials that scare the heck out of any sane person with the side effects that are allowed by the drug pushers in the FDA.

    April 12, 2020
  • I introduce CS to the UK in the mid 1990’s. I wrote about it in health mags. But was not allowed to advertise it in the mazines as only doctors cansell antibiotics. But It was legal to sell as a water purifier. CS made at home has much larger particles than chemically made from Silver Nitrate, with 50-100 parts per million. The benefit in smaller size is it gets through smaller capilarries and blood vessels. Silver has nothing to do with the immune system. I explain it as a second immune system. Viruses etc are single celled. they have no lungs. they get oxygen from their surroundings through their outer LAYER. Silver reacts chemically with the virus outer layer & stops oxygen entering causing suffocation. Hence the rapid demise of infections. The silvered medical equipment mentioned in this article were started in the mid 1990’s when I had dinner with 4 professors who could see the beneiits of catheters and stents that lasted more than a few hours before becoming infeted. I told them about silver and its Middle eastern history and modern usage and the research started from that dinner in Vienna. The biggest mistake the doctors used silver as a coating and shuld have added colloidal silver in the treatment. Now we are lucky to have experts giving us ongoingthe information about Corona visus. These experts have spent a century looking for a cure of a cold & flue. As they know nothing about curing any virus they are best qualified to tell u s what works with this new virus which is closed related to the cold than the flu. But for anyone who does not think this is all about money perhaps you could explain why I was sent a letter in 1995 by the Australian Government that if I continue to supply the Herbal Cancer Cure I had used to cure a woman with breast cancer and other cancers I would be fined $120,000 per event. Now we also know now, there is a Entrevirus that causes Diabetes 1 & 2. Silver would prevent that if you took it every day as the symptoms start many months after you get the virus. Remember CS works by touching the individul virus cell. The bkue man was injected huge volumes bu his doctor. It would be impossible to drink that amount. Remamber the royals have blue blood, and seldom get sick. they use silver for cuttlery drinking containers etc. They can afford gold but the silver keeps their blue blood and utensiles free from infection.

    April 13, 2020
  • Mesosilver all the way potent virus killer 100 percent works .

    April 13, 2020
  • Anymore healed taking CS for breast cancet

    April 13, 2020
  • Cancer

    April 13, 2020
  • Could someone please tell me how to make my own colloidal silver?

    April 15, 2020
  • A naturopath is a medical physician/practitioner—& there are very good ones (& not-so-good ones), but a naturopath is decidedly NOT a doctor, as you state—“Doctor” is a title that must be earned via following a particular prescribed & highly regimented course of studies, & its use (or misuse) is not to be taken lightly—least of all because it is ILLEGAL to call oneself a doctor (or present someone else as a doctor) when such is not the case….

    April 15, 2020

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