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Cleanse Your Mind and Body This Year

How to Cleanse Your Mind and Body This Year

New years equal new resolutions, lifestyle changes, and fresh starts. Maybe you made goals for yourself at the beginning of 2023 and are staying consistent in working towards them. But maybe you’ve found it difficult to be the change you want to be this year. Although we’re already well into February, it isn’t too late to reset. Life can easily get in the way of good intentions and plans. Whether you’re proud of your commitment to your resolutions or wanting to start them, now is the time to reboot your system.

Doesn’t a mental and physical reset sound like bliss? Instead of carrying the old with you into 2023 (and maybe you’ve been carrying baggage from the last few years), you can cleanse your mind and body to enter this spring with a fresh start. If this sounds like just what you need, keep reading for a list of ways you can begin a total system reset. Testosterone supplements for men could be the answer you need.

Set Your Intentions

Before you begin your mental and physical cleanse (or rather, as the first step of the process), take some time to set your intentions. Picture what you would like to get out of your detox and how you’d like to feel, both physically and mentally. And because a true cleansing goes deeper than a one-time reset, establish your intention for what you want to do and how you want to feel this year. This will give you specific goals to reach towards as you continue forward.

Book Intravenous (I.V.) Drip Therapy

Due to the mind-body connection, ensuring your body has enough vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes, and other important fluids is imperative to maintaining overall wellness. I.V. treatment is the most effective way to absorb these powerful ingredients because not only is the absorption rate incredibly high (roughly 90 to 100 percent), but it’s also a quick treatment with fast results. Through insertion into a vein, I.V. therapy effectively treats a number of health concerns (such as migraines, viruses, and hangovers) and provides preventative health measures like cleansing, detoxification, antioxidant infusion, and all-over cellular metabolism boost (with the NAD IV treatment). 

For health maintenance, regular I.V. fluid treatments are the most effective way to ensure your body is running its best.

Cleanse Your Body By Eliminating Ingredients

Your body naturally detoxes through your digestive tract, kidneys, and liver. Bodily eliminations are detoxification, including sweat, exhaled carbon dioxide, and waste. You can aid your body in its detox by choosing which beneficial ingredients to consume and which harmful ones to avoid. Some ingredients that will hinder your body’s removal of toxins include salt, sugar (fructose), artificial preservatives, trans fats, and any ingredient you’re intolerant of.

Try to avoid these ingredients wherever possible (give the 80/20 rule a try), and replace them with healthy, fibrous alternatives like fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts, and high-quality animal proteins. 

Replace Toxic Ingredients With Natural Alternatives

Along with subbing artificial and processed food ingredients with natural alternatives, consider the places in your home where you can do the same. For example, rather than using home cleaners packed with toxic ingredients, replace them with non-toxic, natural products. Consider your household for things like cleaners, cosmetics, room scents, containers, skin and hair care products, and building materials. The key is in limiting your exposure to toxins. Even if you slowly swap out one product for another as you consider the ingredient lists, working towards a clean lifestyle will be majorly beneficial for your mind and body. 

Transform Stress Into Positivity

Stress is powerful at entering your life and sapping your mental and physical health. Stress is unavoidable because unideal situations will always occur, and even lifestyle and routine changes can place stress on your body and mind. Get into the habit of thinking about stress as something you can replace with more positive feelings. Rather than focusing on the negative emotions stress brings, you can use mindfulness rituals and deep breathing to emphasize the positive and good in your life. This step takes practice, but it will make a huge difference on your wellbeing. 

Move Your Body

Lastly, get into the routine of moving your body every day. Your workouts might fluctuate, from intensive exercise days to ones where you only get in a quick walk, but the act of exercise does wonders for your health. Your body will sweat out toxins when you exercise, and even gentle movement will limber your muscles and bring clarity to your mind.

This year, detoxify your mind and body by following these practices and you’ll feel a powerful change!

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