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Want to boost hydration, gym performance, and feel great all-round? A liquid I.V. could be worth considering. Take a look at how it works here.

How a Liquid IV Works

Liquid I.V.’s work to keep your body hydrated more effectively than water on its own. As someone that works out, I know that being properly hydrated helps my performance in the gym. Not to mention, my mood and overall energy are better when I’m hydrated. 

So, is a liquid I.V. worth it? 

How much of a difference does it really make to keep you hydrated? 

What Is a Liquid I.V.?

Liquid I.V. is a powder that you add to water to enhance the hydration process. Cellular Transport Technology is typically used which is the element that improves hydration compared to drinking water on its own. 

Glucose, water, potassium, and sodium (electrolytes) are included in a liquid I.V. which puts it in the category of an Oral Rehydration Solution. 

Simply put: 

Oral Rehydration Systems enable water to enter your bloodstream quicker while minimizing the loss of nutrients during the process. 

When it comes to liquid IV vs Gatorade, I found that liquid I.V.’s can contain up to three times the quantity of electrolytes. Glucose drinks, such as Gatorade, also tend to be filled with up to double the number of calories and sugar compared with liquid I.V.’s. 

How Liquid I.V.’s Work 

One of the reasons why I’d opt for a liquid I.V. over water on its own is because water has to pass through your digestive system. While passing through your large and small intestines, as well as your stomach, some of the water goes to waste. 

Liquid I.V.s’ include glucose and sodium which means they can pass through the small intestine and straight into your bloodstream. The result? 

Less waste and faster hydration. 

Water bonds with glucose and sodium which gives it the ability to skip the process of having to go through your entire digestive system. 

Ingredients Inside Liquid IV’s 

I was interested in what other ingredients, aside from electrolytes, that liquid I.V.’s contain. 

I found that different liquid I.V.’s include slightly varying ingredients, but some of the most common ingredients are listed below. 


Guayusa includes caffeine naturally and is included in liquid I.V.’s to improve your mental and physical energy. 

Matcha Tea 

  • Matcha is packed with antioxidants and even includes caffeine.
  • Therefore, it’s no surprise that using a liquid I.V. with matcha tea will help to improve your energy for workouts.
  • L-theanine is also included which boosts energy over a duration of time.
  • Personally, drinking too much coffee leaves me with a shaky feeling and a hard crash. L-theanine helps to prevent this by spreading out your energy more evenly. 

Valerian Root

  • Valerian root is a popular sleep aid that helps to keep the body and mind relaxed.
  • After using it in the past, I realized the sedative effects also eased my anxiety. 
  • If you suffer from sleeping problems, valerian root can help to relax your mind.
  • This is also linked with improving your ability to think more clearly and focus when working out. 


  • Melatonin is a natural hormone that your brain already creates and it comes from the pineal gland in your brain.
  • This is the hormone that makes you feel tired once it gets dark and helps to regulate a healthy sleep/wake cycle. 
  • Whenever my circadian rhythm is dwindling, melatonin can be an effective way for me to get myself back into a regular sleeping pattern. 
  • The better you’re sleeping, the more energy you have during the day for intense workouts and maintaining a good mood. 


When I’m properly hydrated, my focus is intensified and my workouts feel incredible. My overall energy outside of the gym is also more balanced and I don’t feel the need to give myself big caffeine boosts. 

Some find that the increased hydration effects of liquid I.V.’s are minimal and prefer sticking to regular water. Others may notice that it has a big impact on their hydration. 

Now that you’re more aware of how a liquid I.V. works, you can decide whether to try it for yourself. 

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