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Grogenix XL Male Enhancement Reviews: Legit or Scam Supplement?

Male sexual health has a significant place in world health matters. It hosts an industry dedicated to the sexual improvement of men worth billions of dollars and has undergone thousands of research projects. Most men find their sexual health-challenged as they age, and they try and retain their performance through various means. Viagra, commonly referred to as the blue pill, is one way many men have gone, but just like most conventional medications, this pill has side effects. Other enhancement methods like rings and suction tubes also carry their level of danger and uncertainty. Grogenix XL Male Enhancement promises men a safe way to improve their sexual performance quickly.

What is Grogenix XL Male Enhancement?

Grogenix XL Male Enhancement is a supplement derived from medical-standard ingredients proven to enhance male sexual health. The product restores male virility giving men a new lease of sexual stamina, a boost in their performance confidence, and a handle on their staying power. These improvements come from a dual-action that improves testosterone production in the male body and increases blood flow to the penis to enable rock-hard erections and incredible staying power.

The manufacturer states that this supplement can essentially enable a man to dazzle their lover, satisfying them thoroughly and leaving them wanting more. It helps them erect on demand and pleasure their lovers, preventing any premature ejaculation and ensuring they enjoy their lovemaking sessions to the maximum. It also gives them an exhilarating release when they climax as the body has created a lot of semen for release on demand. This volume aids the orgasmic release of both partners. 

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This supplement contains seven powerful and natural ingredients that have proven their efficacy over time in sexual performance. The manufacturer openly talks about the specific ingredients to give users confidence in their effectiveness, safety, and power.

  • L-Arginine is an amino acid found in the body to help it synthesize proteins. It is also present in certain foods like meat, whole grains, soy, and other protein-rich foods. This amino acid boosts nitric acid production that helps dilate the veins. Dilated veins accommodate more blood and can transport a greater blood volume to the penis to help it have bigger erections.
  • Grown worldwide in a warm temperate climate.
  • Tribulus Terrestris thrives mainly in Africa and Eurasia. This plant produces spine-covered fruit that gives it the fitting name, puncture vine. It has traditional uses in treating dizziness, eye disorders, and the expulsion of kidney stones, among others. The herb acts as a testosterone booster, giving the same benefits to the body as the male hormone. Research shows that it helps improve muscle formation and aid in increasing sexual performance
  • Horny Goat Weed has, for many generations, made a name for itself as an aphrodisiac. Native to the Asiatic continent, this herb has treated low libido, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, among other conditions, over centuries. Research shows this herb boosts blood flow aiding in full erections and greater control of erections. It also increases sexual energy, enabling users to experience intense orgasms. 
  • Tongkat Ali Extract is derived from a shrub native to Southeast Asia called Eurycoma longifolia. People believe that this herb can boost physical performance and boost muscle growth. It can do this through resident compounds called quassinoids that improve energy consumption, increase endurance, and minimize fatigue. It is used in this supplement to alleviate sexual anxiety and boost sexual urges.
  • Saw Palmetto is a species of palm tree found in temperate climates. It has received acceptance as a dietary supplement for urinary problems arising from an enlarged prostate gland. Researchers also believe it can prevent hair loss in men, reduce inflammation, and support prostate health. This herb also boosts testosterone levels by helping to regulate the conversion of the hormone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The herb regulates the action of 5-alpha reductase to convert testosterone to DHT, thereby preserving the hormone levels. It works positively to boost erectile response and testosterone levels.
  • Muira Puama bark powder is derived from a shrub native to the Amazon Forest. It has several health benefits, such as settling an upset stomach, treating menstrual disorders, and managing joint pain. It works in this supplement to treat and prevent sexual dysfunction. It boosts sexual drive, improves erecting power and overall satisfaction during sexual encounters.
  • Black Pepper Seed Extract is a unique and common spice used in many households. It offers many benefits to the human body, including inhibiting cancerous cells through its active antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent organ damage and the development of multiple diseases, improve brain function, regulate blood sugar, and many others. This extract promotes testosterone levels by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone. It enhances libido levels to boost sexual desire.

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How Does Grogenix XL Male Enhancement Work?

The supplement promotes a healthy penis by encouraging the growth of the corpora cavernosa tissue. This area retains blood during erections, and encouraging the greater flow of blood to this area promotes its growth, prompting it to grow bigger to accommodate even more blood. The development of this tissue facilitates stiff erections and helps men have greater control of their erections. It also allows men to have firmer erections and enjoy their state even more.

The supplement can enhance the corpora cavernosa region by enabling tissue regeneration. The supplement has a rich base of antioxidants that specifically restore and protect tissue cells for growth. The supplement also promotes testosterone buildup that encourages the production of semen, the quality of erections, and energy availability.

How is Grogenix XL Male Enhancement Used?

This product works for men who want to improve their sexual performance. It does not come as a medication alternative but only enhances the body by supplying the necessary ingredients for healing and restoration. The product comes in pill form and goes down easy with water. This product works for men, and women should not use it for sexual woes. Any person suffering from a medical condition or having prescribed medication should consult a doctor before embarking on this supplement to ensure they can use it alongside their medication.

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The manufacturer has created a two-pills-a-day dosage. Users should swallow the pills with water, preferably after a meal, and follow the prescribed dosage and not overdose or underdose for any reason. 

Safety Concerns

The manufacturer states they have used pure and natural ingredients to create this supplement. They sell products certified by the Good Manufacturing Practices body, ensuring their supplements maintain the highest production standard. They stand behind their product in its safety and efficacy.

Grogenix XL Male Enhancement Benefits

This supplement benefits the user by restoring their erection ability. It helps users achieve greater erections and maintain them throughout the sexual act. The product helps reduce premature ejaculation by giving users control over their erections. Continual delivery of blood in high volume to the penis over time stretches this member and causes it to grow bigger. Users can then enjoy a bigger penis that their partners benefit from. 

Cost & Discounts

The company has prepared three pricing packages for its users’ benefit. One can buy a single bottle for a month’s supply at $60.04, attracting a shipping and handling cost of $9.95. Users can also purchase two bottles at $49.99 and get an extra bottle free. If a client chooses to go for the biggest package of three bottles, they get to enjoy a price per bottle of $46.66 and have two bottles added to their package free of charge. The two months and three months packages come with free shipping.

Money-Back Guarantee 

The manufacturer states that users not satisfied with the product’s performance should return it to the company to refund their purchase minus shipping cost. They, however, do not state the limit to how long the user can use the product before returning it. Should a user feel the need to know the extent of their guarantee, they can always contact customer support.


How much does shipping cost?

Users pay $9.95 for a single bottle pack while getting free shipping for two bottles and above.

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How long does the product take to affect the user positively?

The company encourages users to regularly take this supplement to get the most benefits from it. Regular usage promotes adequate uptake of nutrients and a long-lasting effect.

How safe is the supplement compared to others?

The manufacturer states they have used pure products to create this product. They also use safe facilities to manufacture the product and test it to ensure it works well.


Aging happens as a natural course of life. And while some changes occur outside man’s control, people can fight off some effects of aging. Men can choose to live a healthier life to slow down their sexual degradation and keep themselves young and vibrant. They should use supplements that help them restore their sexual power and fight off premature aging. They should also choose wisely to avoid getting products that potentially harm their users. Grongenix XL Male Enhancement promises to carry such benefits.

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