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Do you want to use cannabis to treat symptoms? Here's why getting a medical marijuana card is a good idea, with tips on how to snag one!

How to Get your Marijuana Medical Card Today

Did you know that medical marijuana is legal in more than 33 states in the US? According to research, the need for obtaining a marijuana medical card is high. So, a medical marijuana card is an ID that helps you get access to marijuana for medical purposes without much hassle. 

Having access to one isn’t difficult. However, getting your marijuana card has nothing to do with national laws as each state has set rules and policies that you need to follow to obtain your MMJ card. Remember to check what your state allows before beginning the process.

Here’s a detailed overview of how to get your marijuana medical card.

Steps to get a marijuana medical card

  • You need first to visit a physician to determine whether you qualify for a marijuana medical card. Some states such as California allow you to hop on a call with a doctor. Several other states as well allow you to get your medical marijuana card online through remote medical attention. In doing so, you can also give a detailed description of your allergies and any disorders. Either way, the doctor assesses your condition carefully. You can carry along your medical records and any other documents showing your medical history.
  • The other step after the doctor confirms your condition is signing up for a marijuana medical card. Medical marijuana doctor services like Veriheal are on standby to start you off. In a physical situation, the physician takes you through the online application process. You must provide a document verifying your place of residence. Carefully fill in your names, email address, location, and mobile phone number. On top of that, there are fees you must pay for the application to go through. Usually, the charges range from $50 to $100 in most states. 
  • The waiting period for the card is 2-3 weeks. If there are corrections needed, you’ll be notified to make them via email. Once the waiting time relapse, you can pick your card and start using it. Also, don’t forget that this card lasts for one year. Therefore, you’ll need to renew before that time to make sure you don’t get locked out from the service.

Why do I need a marijuana medical card?

  • A medical marijuana card is a necessity that you shouldn’t underrate. With more conditions requiring more personalized attention, an MMJ card is a must-have. In a case where marijuana is illegal, a marijuana card is a ticket to get help. You’ll use the card to get medical marijuana from a dispensary. 
  • More than 64% of the states in the United States have legalized recreational marijuana. As a result, the age restriction for this is 21 years old. However, 18-year-olds with a qualifying medical condition can receive medical marijuana treatment. Some of these conditions include anxiety, sickle cell anaemia, epilepsy, among others. They, of course, need to own a marijuana medical card. 
  • In some states, holding a marijuana card allows you to grow the plant in your hood. As such, you’ll limit the hassle to get the medication from the dispensaries. For instance, some states allow recreational marijuana users to plant three plants while users with an MMJ card can grow five plants. In a nutshell, a marijuana medical card gives you an added advantage. 


By now, you must have gathered all the information about a marijuana medical card. It’s up to you to go through the required steps to obtain one. You’ll, however, be needed to have a medical condition that qualifies you. MMJ card helps you to get marijuana drugs from a store conveniently. Nothing is as good as getting treatment when needed most, and that’s what an MMJ card helps to achieve. Besides, the delivery service is available if you want it that way. The marijuana will be delivered to your doorstep provided you have an MMJ card.

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