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Trainers to the stars, like Phil Catudal and Joe Wicks have redefined the benchmarks for personal trainers. Here are some of the highest-paid trainers.

Who are the best-paid personal trainers in the world?

Trainers to the stars, like Phil Catudal and Joe Wicks have redefined the benchmarks for personal trainers. This is how they did it:

Looking at some of the highest-paid careers in the world, you’d be surprised to find that a career in fitness pays relatively well. It doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t quit your day job just yet. 

Having millions of social media followers, a great public persona, and prolific clientele are some of the hardships you’ll have to endure before you can rank in the millions these personal trainers make. They’re pretty private about what they earn, but these trainers are endorsed by high-end brands that pay for their lavish lifestyles. 

Although it’s not the only source of income for these high paid trainers, many of them have also ventured into other channels to grow their brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-paid personal trainers and what they’re earning.

Joe Wicks

He’s more known as The Body Coach and makes a whopping $40k per day from his business empire. The celebrity trainer of British nationality has built a strong network of influential clients, including the newly revived singer Adele. Currently he’s worth $14,599,260 (around £12 million). 

He’s been around for years, with a fifth book released as late as 2017. With over 1.9 million followers, around 500 people subscribe to his pricey weight loss plan every day.

Phil Catudal

This Canadian born trainer made the move to Hollywood back in 2014. He’s been working with some well-known celebs such as Steve Howey, Toby Onwumere, and John Bowie. He’s recently launched his best-selling book, Just Your Type which earned a decent amount of money.

As a cancer survivor, and losing his father to the disease when he was 12, Catudal supports local cancer charities and donates a large sum of his earnings to these causes. His work is less focused on getting people on track to good health as he recognizes that personal trainers are not Doctors. 

His methodology is this: he builds a reputation on helping people find the right exercise and diet for their body type.  Phil does not even charge extortionate fees: he is reasonable, but his intellectual property makes his business scalable – and has built “Phil Catudal” and “Trained by Phil” into a huge recognizable brand. 

Harley Pasternak

He’s pretty well educated, having a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. He penned the diet 5-Factor, a spokesperson, and an entrepreneur. He also created his food product line, 5-Factor World Diet, is a TV Fitness personality and the personal trainer to Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom and Miley Cyrus. 

He sits on a $3.6 million net worth and has managed to rank in some high earning celebrities in the past few years. His great success isn’t a surprise, as those close to Pasternak have shared how he runs his enterprise like a Fortune-500 business.

Tracy Anderson

Inventor, workout routine master, and the trainer to Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderson is the creator of the Tracy Anderson Method of physical training. Her success is built over almost a decade of dedication, and her program is almost worth $100 million. 

She’s been ranking in large numbers ever since opening her Tribeca studio in 2009. Anderson gives clarity that anyone can look great, even in old age!

Jen Setler

Not so much a celebrity personal trainer, but still very influential and successful, the 24-year old is based out in Los Angeles, and brings in $1,2 million annually. Her ventures have ranked her as one of the highest-paid female fitness instructors. 

She makes a pretty penny promoting beauty products, her subscription fitness plan, and other endorsements on social media. She’s young, fit and her somewhat 12 million social media followers love her.

Joe DiAngelo

Not only famous in America, DiAngelo has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, helping to teach mental strategies for his clients. He’s an international motivational speaker, fitness guru, and nutritionist. 

In more recent years, he’s become the personal trainer and monthly magazine column writer for Inside Fitness Magazine. He’s a successful business owner with clients in both America and Europe. Although he hasn’t disclosed his net worth estimates are around $2 million.

We can’t ignore their success, wealth, and great physiques. These personal trainers are just a handful among other successful trainers and influencers such as Anlella Sagra, Kayla Itsines, and Mark Jenkins. We know that success and wealth takes years to accumulate, but these personal trainers have showed that physical endurance can rank in the millions.

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