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causes of Headache

Eight common causes of Headache and natural remedies to Cure


One of the primary causes of headaches can be changes in your vision. If you use spectacles or lenses you must check your vision every six months. Changes in your vision, or extra strain on your eye muscles might cause headaches behind your eyes, blurry vision, or red eyes. Book an appointment with an ophthalmologist immediately.


In modern lifestyle pretty much everyone has to bear high levels of stress at certain times. Be it physical or mental, stress can affect your body in many ways. Using electronic gadgets for a long time can also create stress that might lead to headaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc.Limit your screen time. Try to go for walks for 20 mins daily. Meditation can also give good results in reducing stress and controlling its adverse effects.

Exposure to heat or cold

If you spend longer hours under the blazing sun, that can also cause headaches. Similarly, some people also suffer from headaches due to colds. Climate changes and sudden drop or rise in external temperatures can be a reason for unexplained phases of headaches. Avoid long exposure to heat and cold, but when you must, take precautions. Wear hats, or woolens, and carry an umbrella. Protect your body from the extreme weather conditions. Also, keep yourself hydrated to avert the effects of environmental factors.


The stomach is one of the most sensitive organs in our body.Indigestion, gas, or other gut-related issues can ultimately create symptoms like bloating, headaches, nausea, etc. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily to stay fit and avoid these issues.


Hormone imbalance can create havoc in our body. Pregnant or lactating women often complain about headaches. Pre-menstrual women often complain about frequent headaches. Even older women nearing menopause can suffer from headaches. Also, diseases like thyroid and PCOD can trigger headaches among women. Consult a doctor to treat the hormonal issues. Headaches will descend once the underlying cause is treated.


Remember when you had a rave party the previous night and woke up with a hangover and excessive headache the next morning? Alcohol and any other chemicalsubstances can invite headaches and other symptoms if consumed over a moderate quantity.Put restrictions on yourself or stick to a decent limit. Acold shower, or consumption of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and lime watercan help detox your body.


Struggling to sleep almost every night? It feels awful when you get little or no sleep at all after a hectic day. You wake up with dark circles under your eyes, a terrible mood, no energy,and a headache on top of everything to embrace a new day. Practice meditation and Yoga. Listen to music, think positive, or do something creative you are passionate about. Small changes in your daily routine can help you deal with greater challenges in life!

Underlying health issues

Most headaches are harmless and cure naturally without medication. In some cases, if it becomestoo frequent and unbearable, you must check with a doctor to find the root cause. Ignorance can be lethal. So, when you feel it’s not under your control anymore, don’t hesitate to visit a professional for a thorough check-up. Your headaches might be just a symptom to indicate some more serious problems. Get yourself treated and the headaches will vanish over time.

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