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Cosmetic surgery is not always a perfect solution. Learn the facts from trusted doctor and surgeon Hassan Benar before you go under the knife!

Dr. Hasan Benar on the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery

Due to widespread social media influence, beauty trends have become a norm now, and women are mainly targeted. Eurocentric features and model Asian looks have made many put themselves under a knife. You can find numerous pages on instagram that advertise before and after faces of their customers. Older women undergo surgery to appear in their twenties, and young women try to ‘fix’ their ethnic noses for smaller, upturned eurocentric ones.

Aesthetic clinics have sprung around street corners. But Dr. Hasan Benar warns us not to believe every before and after photo on instagram. It is a less-known reality, but most of those transformations are simply photoshopped and not carefully performed surgical treatments. This belief is also perpetuated by the toxic celebrity culture, which has the younger generation in a chokehold.

However, the esteemed Dr. Hasan Benar, who has performed aesthetic treatments on the world-famous names in his clinic in London, cautions people about such social media traps.

Dr. Hasan Benar was born on May 8th in 1987, in Cyprus. He went on to graduate from Yeni Erenkoy High School and enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in 2004. In 2011 he earned his graduation degree from Hacettepe Medical Faculty. Along with a High Honor Certificate in Ankara.

Dr. Hasan Benar has almost ten years of surgical experience. He is aware of all that goes down in this industry. Therefore, he explains that for every reputable expert who uses Instagram to promote their business. A charlatan or a back-street quack is doing the same. Naive people are often blinded by their desperation. Thus, such crooks easily win them over with impressive pictures and positive reviews. But we should not ignore the dangers.

But where social media has its flaws, it has its benefits too. Lately, events have taken quite a turn, and more and more women are coming forward on social media to share their horror stories of being treated by unqualified aestheticians. These women had been catfished online with impressive, almost magical, before and after shots and the sweet promise of a perfect face. However, things had taken an ugly turn. 

“The before-after posts circulating on social media are a complete trap. Photos are changed with photoshop applications. People are being deceived by promises that have no scientific or medical basis. Unfortunately, many people, especially young people, believe these posts and lose their money and health,” explained Dr. Hasan Benar.

He has done extensive research in this field and attended numerous conferences to progress aesthetic surgery. Moreover, Dr. Hasan Benar has published a plethora of medical articles in the medical literature. However, his most jaw-breaking contribution was when he found the new dermal filling techniques called 2 Point Jawline and Rhinolift.

According to Dr. Hasan Benar, “Our aim in aesthetic procedures is to make our patients look beautiful and help them boost their self-confidence. Unfortunately, however, we have patients who have major problems due to poor work. Unfortunately, our patients are responsible for this situation.”

Since Dr. Hasan Benar is a popular name, his word is bound to be taken more seriously by the self-conscious community. First, however, we must realize that aesthetic surgery is a boon. But, unfortunately, it quickly turns into a bane. Surgeries to beautify the nose and jaws are leaving people with breathing and chewing maladies. But most people are in it for money, so the responsibility to protect our health lies on us. 

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