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Some dogs like to sleep under the bed. Discover whether your dog fits the bill and why they like to do it.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed

If you’re a dog owner, you must be used to your dog hiding under your bed or sleeping there without your knowledge. Imagine waking up to the noise of breathing coming from under your bed. You dare not look down, but you also can’t find your dog. And then when you finally do look under the bed, voila! There is your dog. So why does that happen? Why does your dog scare you out of your wits occasionally?

There is more than one reason for this kind of behavior. While some dogs might usually sleep under the bed, others would only go there periodically. Does this point towards odd behavior? No, it doesn’t. Dogs sleeping under the bed is a very natural instinct that they act upon. A long as they aren’t sick, if they’re just eaten green peppers or something odd then this could be cause for concern but if not it’s perfectly normal. 

Dogs are known to be den animals. They find comfort in small, covered spaces and feel safer there. The reason your dog keeps skipping to the floor under your bed could either lie in their search for comfort or safety.

While one reason is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, the other one might be a bit problematic. Small, contained spaces provide a feeling of security and warmth to the dogs. The temperature in that cozy area also encourages your dog to get more comfortable there. So, if your dog loves sleeping under your bed or just lying there, it might be time to build your dog a dog house. 

Creating a similarly contained and cozy space for your dog within the house can help you form receiving surprises in the middle of the night. If you see that your dog enjoys sleeping under your bed, make him a kennel with comfortable bedding and roof to create the effect of a contained space. Place its food container and other toys nearby so that your dog can have a relaxing time living in his little den.

However, another reason for this behavior can be alarming. If your dog is sick or anxious, it might find solace in hiding under your bed or sleeping there. If this behavior is new to your dog, he might be ill or is anxious about something. Many “den animals” resort to hiding under beds when they’re scared. For example, during a thunderstorm, you might notice your cat or your dog running to hide in corners or under your bed. If this is the case, make sure you lovingly stroke them and provide distractions such as food, toys or maybe take them into another room where they are distanced from the environment, causing them anxiety.

If your dog is ill or in pain, you should immediately take them to a vet. A vet can not only diagnose what’s wrong right away, but they can help coax the dog to calm down. If there are any hidden injuries, the vet will be able to discover them as well. These injuries can become harmful for the dog if not noticed and treated. Keep an eye on your dog till he is doing fine and not hiding under your bed out of anxiety or pain.

Dogs are super sensitive creatures, and they yearn for comfort and love. As their owner, it is your job always to take care of them and their needs. Keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior, and if you see anything unusual, attend to it. If your dog likes hanging out under your bed, let them. However, also make sure they’re not doing it to avoid something outside and are completely healthy. 

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