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Take a look at the differences between diffusing oils & candles and find out why you should be using diffusing oils instead.

Why Use Diffusing Oils Instead of Candles?

After working hard all day and having a stressful trip home in heavy traffic, a lot of people would like to relax at home with pleasant smells. It is believed that certain aromas help people relax and unwind from their stressful days. 

The right scent can calm a person down and provide a sleepy environment. There is a choice in how a person diffuses those scents in their home. A person can burn scented candles or put their choice of scented oils in a diffuser.

The Choice Between Scented Candles and Diffusing Oils

There are reasons for choosing scented candles or Using Diffusing oils. Some people like the romance and warmth of the candle burning with a flame that adds a gentle light to the room. Scented candles seem to be reasonably priced and sooner or later many of us get scented candles as gifts. But these considerations can’t be ignored.

  1. Candles are lovely, but they work by burning the scented wax with an open flame. Many dorms or apartments do not allow open flames for safety reasons. People with small children or pets must worry about the candles being knocked over and the melted wax burning sensitive skin or even starting a fire. And, what happens if a person leaves the home or goes to bed without extinguishing the burning candle?

Scented oil diffusers are safer because they do not use a flame or heat to diffuse the scent in a room. They can be placed in a safe spot out of the way and will still dispense fragrance to the whole room. A person can get details from AromaTech about how diffusers work and how safe they are.

  1. Scented candles may seem pretty safe as far as toxins go, but that may not be true. Scented candles can contain paraffin, benzene, lead, and toluene that, when burned in a candle, can turn into carcinogens you breathe in. This becomes more of an issue the more the candles are burned.

Essential oil diffusers can be a safe and clean way to get the same pleasant scent. AromaTech’s nebulizing diffuser turns essential oils into a fine dry mist that wafts safely around a room.

  1. Scented candles smell wonderful as they burn, but the scent may not last long after the candles are extinguished. The candle’s scent goes away very quickly.

A diffuser administers a constant mist safely all day, night, week, or month. The essential oils can provide a light scent all the time safely and discretely.

  1. Candles must be in the room and in the open to safely burn and provide aroma. They can be attractive and provide a decorative element. But, they can also be accidentally tipped over and cause burns or a fire.

Diffusers do not have to be visible so they can be tucked away in a safe spot and dispense the essential oil mist at regular intervals. They can also be dispensed by an attractive diffuser that blends with a room’s decor.

  1. Money is always an issue, and long-term cost is a factor to consider. A candle lasts a total of about 40 hours of use and then must be replaced. The cost can add up for people who like the scent every day.

Scented oil diffusers cost more at the beginning, but last for years and give the owners the option of using many different scented essential oils. Scented oils and the diffuser are more cost effective over time.

How Essential Oils and Diffusers Work?

What is an oil diffuser? An oil diffuser is a device that is used to break down essential oils into a fine mist that is then dispersed into the air of a room. The mist is made of tiny breathable molecules of the beneficial essential oils. This mist makes a room smell better, and people will feel more relaxed and calmer. 

Depending on one of many oils chosen, the feeling in the room can change to calming, relaxed, energizing, or remembering happy times. There are dozens if not hundreds of essential oils to choose from.

Different oils have different effects;

  • Lemongrass might make people think of vacations
  • Lavender might promote better sleep
  • Eucalyptus oil may clear airways and help people with colds or respiratory issues
  • Basil oil might help with digestion
  • Geranium oil is balancing and calming
  • A blend of bergamot and cardamom may improve focus and be mentally clarifying
  • Some oils can remind people of home cooking
  • Other scents such as peppermint, tea tree, lemon, sage, rosemary, grapefruit, and thyme can be anti-microbial.

Benefits from Essential oil Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are also known as aromatherapy diffusers. Aromatherapy is a method of helping people deal with stress and other conditions with the correct essential oils. People suffering from stress are often helped by installing an essential oil diffuser and using it at the end of the day to unwind and distress.

But there are more benefits with the proper use of diffusers and essential oils. The right essential oils can help people avoid colds and flu or limit their severity. They can also help boost people’s immune systems.

Diffusers can also be used to add moisture to dry air in homes as well as dispense essential oils. Air that has more moisture can make our airways moister and breathing easier.

Some people even claim that using the right essential oils in a diffuser can help soothe headaches and lessen pain in joints and overworked muscles. Essential oils can also help people focus and think more clearly.

The benefits of essential oils depend on the safe and correct use of the oils and the diffusers. Diffusers that use water must be cleaned often to stay safe. Pregnant women, infants, and pets should avoid certain essential oils for diffusers until it will be safe. 

Some people are allergic to certain essential oils. 

If a person has an adverse reaction to certain diffused essential oils, they should discontinue the use of those and find essential oils that do not cause allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions can involve nausea, headaches, or rashes. When first trying to use an essential oil diffuser, make sure there is a way to quickly ventilate the space and get rid of the scent. This could involve opening windows and using a fan. Allergic reactions are not common, but it is best to be safe. 

Introduce one scent at a time in a limited way until you are sure it is safe, then try another one and so on until you have a collection of essential oils you like and do well with.

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