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Crisalix 3d Consultation- A Window To Your Post-Facial Plastic Surgery Appearance

Many people are considering facial plastic surgeries to improve their facial appearance and boost self-confidence. Out of many surgeries, facelifts are one of the most sought-after procedures. If you are dealing with aging signs such as saggy skin, wrinkles, and loose skin on your face, you can consult a surgeon known for performing advanced facial plastic surgery. Your surgeon can guide you in the best possible way related to these procedures. 

If you want to get a facelift done but are confused about how your face looks after the procedure, here is a piece of information for you. You can get a preview of your face before surgery with a Crisalix 3D consultation by a facial plastic surgeon in New York. That means you can know what the results will be after the procedure is done. Based on the preview, you can make an informed decision about whether this procedure would be good for you or not. 

This blog describes the Crisalix 3d consultation in detail. In addition, you will learn about whether you are an ideal candidate for a facelift, what you should not expect from this surgery, where the scar will be formed, and how long the results last.

Crisalix 3D Consultation

This consultation involves the use of the latest 3D-imaging technology. This technology helps people interested in facelifts see the results before undergoing this cosmetic surgery. It’s now easy to alter your body to your desired aesthetic look. Based on the preview of facelift surgery results, you can decide whether to go for it. 

Your surgeon can manipulate the 3D model to assume different variations of facelifts so that you can better understand the possibilities of the desired look. You can have open communication with your surgeon, discuss the expectations and get a personalized surgical plan.

Crisalix provides patients with a chance to visualize their post-surgery appearance. It helps enhance their confidence and facilitates a satisfactory surgical procedure.

Once you get the preview of this facial plastic surgery results, you may want to know whether you are an ideal candidate for it or not. Continue scrolling to learn more about your candidacy.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone with wrinkles, drooping, or sagging skin on their face could be an ideal candidate for a facelift. Paying attention to your skin health while planning this surgery is important. 

Generally, a candidate should have good overall health and not consume tobacco products. In addition, they should avoid smoking before or after the surgery for some weeks or months. 

A facial plastic surgeon can thoroughly evaluate your skin and discuss your expectations from these procedures. Based on your skin health, they will recommend this procedure. 

It’s best to have realistic expectations from a facelift. Mainly, people in their 40’s and more consider this cosmetic procedure. Your surgeon will discuss the potential risks and complications of the procedures. 

Things That You Should Not Expect From A Facelift

This surgery can do wonders for you, especially if you have aging signs such as lines or wrinkles on your face. But there are many things that you can’t expect from this procedure. For example- if you have damaged skin due to UV rays, or pigmented skin with brown or age spots, you can’t expect these signs to disappear after the surgeries. 

Scar Formation

Many patients often ask, “Will there be any scar left on their face?” from their surgeons. If you want to get these surgeries done but are confused about whether you will have scars visible on your face, here is a piece of information for you.

Wherever the incision is made, it’s common to form a scar in that area. But if you get these procedures done by board-certified and highly experienced surgeons, they will make incisions where it is difficult to notice the scar. 

How Long Do The Results Last?

Although the results of a facelift are long-lasting, some factors can influence the ultimate effects over time. Even after the healing process, the impact of gravity and natural aging will continue to play a role in shaping your appearance.

According to facial plastic surgeons, patients should take good care of their skin by avoiding damaging UV rays and following a reliable skincare routine. The results of the operations will last for years if proper care tips are followed.

As you can get a preview of your face through a Crisalix 3D consultation with a facial plastic surgeon in New York, you can know what results you can expect from it. If you still have any questions, it’s best to clear your thoughts on facelift with your surgeon.

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