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Play against your faves in Versusgames and win big when you correctly predict what choices they make. A or B, which option will you choose?

Compete With A Celebrity On This App To Win Cash

The world of gaming continues to change as we know it with Millennials, GenZers, and even millions in the adult population now engaging in all sorts of digital competitions across the globe. 

This surge in gaming interests should be no surprise since the pandemic drove many to search for ways to escape from boredom, find new human connectivity, or simply find some great entertainment as a way to have fun. 

In fact, two-thirds of Americans, 227 million, played video games as a way to escape and as a way to relieve stress during the lockdown and social distancing measures.  However, even after certain restrictions have been lifted, we’re still finding a steady climb which experts anticipate will not be slowing down any time soon. 

celebrity versusgame

Furthermore, everyday content creators and leading influencers are now looking for creative and alternative ways to bring in a little extra cash, making gaming monetization a huge drawcard for many. In fact, even celebrities are now wanting to get in on the action. 

Of course, many celebrities flourish in success through appearances, interviews, and endorsements.  Each provides revenue streams and keeps them in front of their fans.  A new area gaining momentum and providing them with some added value in gaming.  

Entertainers are getting on board because they understand that interacting with their fans on a variety of popular topics and events that they love can enhance engagement.  They also don’t mind having a little friendly competition to add to the excitement. 

celebrity versusgame

One of the ways they are engaging with their audience is by creating gaming content on pop culture events through a popular App called VersusGame. VersusGame has a unique approach in that the app simply rewards its users for being right.  

It’s a predictions app that allows celebrities and other content creators to challenge their fans and followers by making guesses on various things like who they feel will win The American Music Awards, or how they feel the plot to their favorite TV series will end, or who they feel will win at major sporting events – plus more. 

In addition, users can attain followers and win loads of cash.  In fact, a few current celebrity users loving the App include Kevin Hart, Noah Beck, and Jason Derulo. While Instagram and YouTube are great outlets for content creators, VersusGame is proving to be extremely competitive. 

celebrity versusgame

For example, their content creators have the opportunity to make over $17,000 a month on the VersusGame platform and an average of $4,000 per month on YouTube.  Therefore, making the app a new lucrative stream of income for many.  

With the holidays quickly approaching, downloading a gaming App like VersusGame affords many the opportunity to win holiday cash and interact with their favorite celebrities.  

With over 9 million users and over $17.5 million in prizes given, VersusGame is taking the lead when it comes to an innovative approach to the way the world utilizes knowledge and leveraging of celebrity status.  To have the ability to win big by knowing current pop culture news is a game-changer. 

celebrity versusgame

They are leveling the financial playing field by serving this opportunity to everyday people interested in putting money into their pockets. Many have left their jobs, gone back to school, and gained unexpected extra income using the App.  

What is even more amazing is that it is giving both users, influencers, and celebrities the opportunity to interact with one other.  The outcome is that everyone benefits both monetarily and by gaining popularity.  To download the App, start creating games, and win money, download here.

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