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The Casino Dice

When you’re playing online slots at an online casino, there isn’t really much use for a dice. However, playing casino table games at a brick-and-mortar casino will most definitely require the real thing. These small little devices had a humble beginning, but they have now been crafted specifically for casinos to ensure that players have a fair game. So why don’t we find out a little more about them, and what exactly is a casino dice?

Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit for more information on how to gamble safely.

What Is a Dice?

These small, throwable objects, that are usually marked on their sides by dots to represent numbers, are used in games of chance to generate random values. A typical die has six sides to it, and when it’s rolled, the die should come to a stop with each side having an equal chance of being landed on.

The History of a Dice

There isn’t exactly an exact date or origin of the dice, however there are other forms of it recorded in history. Dice may have evolved from knucklebones in fortune telling, and there are also examples of stick-like indicators used in an ancient Egyptian game called senet. The first archaeologically found dice was located in East Iran dating back to 2800 – 2500 BC for a game similar to backgammon. There have also been findings of bone dice in Skara Brae, Scotland – dating back to 3100 – 2400 BC.

Casino Games

Casino dice games are very popular games and can be played all over the world. Casinos offer more than just dice games, but here are some of the most well-known games with a dice:

  • Craps / Simplified Craps
  • Hazard
  • Chuck – A – Luck
  • Klondike
  • Banka Francesca
  • Sic Bo

The Common Dice

A common dice is typically 16mm and it numbered with dots known as pips. Dice can run clockwise (left-handed) which is more western style, or it can run counter-clockwise (right-handed) which is found more frequently in China. The common dice has softer edges so that when it’s thrown the dice actually rolls.

These dice aren’t known for being the most precise, and so they’re produced using an injection mold with the pips being part of the mold. The die is then submerged into a different paint, left to dry and then polished till all the excess paint is off and only the paint in the pips are left.

There are some differences between the style of western dice and eastern dice. On an Asian style dice, the pips are placed closer together and more towards the center of the dice. Furthermore, the pips are the colour red for the number 1 and number 4 side of the dice.

The Casino Dice

Compared to the common dice, the precision of the casino dice takes a little more effort. A precision dice is milled into its shape instead of being produced via an injection mold. The pips are also milled out so that they can be precisely cut out to make sure it does not influence the weight on each side of the die, and then filled in with a different colour but the same density as the die material. This is to make sure the center of gravity is geometric. It is again polished/sanded down so that the edges are sharp and straight unlike a common dice. If you were to throw a casino dice, it would not roll like a common dice that has rounded edges but would instead drop and land in its position.

A casino dice is usually translucent to make sure there are no bubbles or weight inside for cheating. They also come with other safety measures such as serial numbers, glow spots, key letter spots, and inverted 2-3 pip, or a logo.


I guess it’s good to know a little history on the dice. The next time you go to a casino, you’ll know exactly what makes a casino dice so special compared to the common dice. In addition to that, you’ll also know what to look for when inspecting a casino dice for its legitimacy. With the list of casino dice games we’ve given you, you could also find out exactly how they’re played so you can enjoy them with some confidence!

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