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Join us as we explore the great characters of 'God of Ragnarök'! Get a glimpse of their stories and find out we how and if you can play the game for free.

Meet the characters: Where to play ‘God of War Ragnarök’ for free

God of Ragnarök promises to close out the story of Norse mythology. So, of course, there’s quite a bit of characters fans must keep in mind and track of, but we’re here to help. Perhaps, it’s been a little while since you’ve played God of War (2018). Or you just feel like checking on something. 

We’ve gathered a God of Ragnarök character guide, showing you everyone we know so far who is returning or making their debut in this ominous confrontation. This could end up being one of the best PS5 games available, depending on how matters played out. Don’t worry if you’re not caught up with where the story is at so far, just explore the great characters of God of Ragnarök!


The Greek God of War. Untold centuries succeeding the wipe-out of the Greek pantheon, Kratos arrived in Midgard, meeting and marrying the Giantess Faye and having a child, Atreus. Kratos often has a difficult time relating to and connecting with his son. But the two do bond over their godly bloodlines and spread Faye’s ashes from the greatest peak in Jotunheim.

Though old age and injuries are clearly catching up to him, Kratos is still a god with strength and power, wielding the frosty Leviathan ax and fiery Blades of Chaos. 


In God of Ragnarök, Atreus is the Son of Kratos and Faye, and really has two names. Atreus’ father gave him a Greek name: Atreus. And his mother gave him a Norse name: Loki. Out of the game’s characters, Atreus struggles to comprehend his godly bloodline. 

One one hand, he loves his father but on the other, he’s usually frustrated with him. Atreus wields a bow and arrow with skill, while he can also magically summon the spirit versions of great animals like wolves. 


New characters are more than a great addition to these stories. In God of Ragnarök, Angrboda is a mysterious newcomer, and a young Giantess. 


Freya is the Norse Goddess of Fertility and leader of the Valkyries. She’s the estranged wife of Odin. She was once greatly kind to Kratos and Atreus, but now she swears vengeance due to the death of her son Baldur. Freya is a skilled warrior who can shift into a great eagle and also processes Vanir magic known as Seidr, which is massively powerful but usually has strange rules and drawbacks. 

Odin bound her with magic to be unable to harm another being. The spell, however, appears to have been removed. 


Thor is just one of those characters that simply have to go down in infamy. The Norse God of Thunder and a son of Odin, Thor is the head enforcer of Asgard. In the universe of God of Ragnarök, Thor is one of, if not the most dangerous being in existence. Thor is single handedly responsible for taking out the giants in the Nine Realms.


Tyr is the Norse God of War and another one of Odin’s sons. He aimed for peace with the giants, trying to keep them safe from his family. This character traveled all over the world, collecting relics and treasures from different cultures. This God is greatly loved by anyone he crosses paths with. 


(We’ve been hearing a lot about Odin.) He’s the Allfather, the Raven God, the ruler of the Aesir and Vanir. This character has as many names and titles as he does plots. His ambition is to control everyone and everything in the Nine Realms.


Brok is the Brother of Sindri, Brok is one of the two dwarves responsible for making Mjolnir and the Leviathan ax. He can be extremely stubborn but is a master craftsman. 


In addition to being the other dwarf who is responsible for bringing Mjolnir and the Leviathan ax into the world of the God of Ragnarök. But he’s a stubborn germaphobe


Durlin is one more new character, and appears to be a dwarf merchant of some kind. 


Is there any way we can play for free? God of Ragnarök will not be getting a free upgrade between the PS4 and PS5 editions. 

Share your favorite characters in the comments below!

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