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Looking to play some of your old favorite PSP games? Here's what you need to know about emulators before you get started.

Top five PSP game ROMs to play on your PC or smartphone

The PlayStation Portable . . . This was Sony’s attempt at taking on the portable gaming console market, after Nintendo’s huge success with the Game Boy and the Nintendo DS. After its release in 2004, so many people were fascinated with PSP’s smart design, improved performance, stunning graphics, and innovative storage media. Not to mention the collection of mega fun games that captivated, thrilled, and mesmerized players from all around the world.

Even now that we have access to cutting-edge devices, brand new RPGs, and virtual reality systems, PSP titles remain popular among all connoisseurs of classic, read ‘quality’, gaming. This is why abandonware websites that offer PSP ISOs, or PSP ROMs, the images of your favorite games initially designed to be run on the PSP handheld, are so popular with retro gamers today.

Playing PSP Games with Emulators and ROMs 

If you’re also eager to play old-school games on your PC, smartphone, or any other device, there is nothing that can get in the way of your dream. Even if your physical PSP broke many years ago and there is no chance of you putting your hands on a new one, you can still enjoy favorite classics. There are special tools called emulators that help fans of PSP games quench their nostalgic thirst. There are PSP emulators for Linux, Mac, and Windows users.

There are even powerful and stable emulators for mobile devices, meaning you can install and a preferred emulator on your iOS or Android device. Another thing you need for your retro gaming quest is a safe PSP ISO or ROM download with the video games you want to play. As we’ve already noted, you can get a PSP ROM from dedicated retro gaming sites. But what game ROMs deserve your attention first? Which titles are considered the best of the best? Go on reading our today’s article and we’ll do our best to bring to your mind some cult PSP titles that are worth playing in the second decade of the 21st century. 

The Best PSP Emulator Games 

Once you download appropriate emulation software, you want to get a couple of nice ROMs for your PSP emulator right away. We’ll count down the best titles on our list of the top five must-play PSP games. 

Make sure get PSP games download only from a safe website. For starters, check out and Romshub for the best ROMs. 

 # 5 Resistance: Retribution 

When the PlayStation 3 was first shown off, we got an early glimpse of a daring new franchise called Resistance. While other shooters of this era were all about blasting aliens or delving into World War 2, this series went in a totally different direction and created an alternate timeline, where mankind is being wiped out by the mysterious mutants. For the PlayStation portable, they decided to do a spin-off that let us take on the role of a soldier who basically went mad after his brother’s demise. The most exciting about this game is that there’s a wide range of foes to face and render harmless. From simple ground troops to wall climbing snipers and even living bombs, you need to make sure you have a lot of ammo and stay on your toes. 

# 4 Patapon 3 

Imagine if somebody managed to take the high energy of something like Guitar Hero in the intense strategy out of a title like Warcraft and molded them together into a new game, what you’d end up with would surely be similar to Patapon. While the first two entries in this franchise are awesome, Patapon 3 is where the gameplay was truly perfected. Control is really unique in this game because you don’t directly interact with your party. The little guys you command only now what to do when you play the correct beat. It may look simple on the surface, but the combat is fascinatingly complex. 

# 3 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 

A great spin-off can be rare. But it’s definitely not the case with Vice City Stories. Working together with a drunk gun nuts, going to war with drug dealers, and even embarking on a mission where you need to hack a cleansing robot having a dildo for his arm spice up the already original and fun gameplay. You can take over your opponents’ property and businesses and make a fortune out of them. There’s a stark realism to actually getting to construct your own illegal kingdom one brick at a time.

# 2 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 

Kingdom Hearts has certainly had its fair share of side stories, but the Birth by Sleep series is distinguished by its ability to tell its tale in such an intriguing way. Along with the team of students trained to become Keyblade Masters, you can learn to fight in very different ways. Whether it be physical combat or taking things ranged with hardcore spells, you choose a character and stick with them and make sure they don’t get completely overwhelmed by waves of monsters. The blend of Final Fantasy style, Disney worlds, and intertwining worlds makes for a gameplay experience that’s totally one of a kind. 

# 1 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core gives us a very new look on Final Fantasy VII, letting us take on the role of Zack, a young yet incredible deadly fighter. While the original Final Fantasy VII was a typical JRPG, Crisis Core that was released in 2007 shakes things up by being an all-out action game. Mastering the dodge mechanics and leveling up magic – all works perfectly. This game lays out harder and harder challenges in front of you. What more, Crisis Core is packed with jaw-dropping cut scenes that can stir the emotions of even the most sophisticated gamer. And the pacing of combat and plot is just stellar. 

Now grab the PlayStation Portable games you’re enamored of and embark on a trip down memory lane!

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