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Movies can inspire fun games. Here are the best casino slots inspired by popular franchises.

6 best movie themed casino slots online

The main reasons we love watching movies are the characters that inspire us to do great things and exciting stories in which we like to imagine ourselves as a part of it. From a young age, we love to fantasize and keep our minds away from the harsh reality that life throws at us day-by-day. 

Movie-themed slots are a good way to hang out with some of our most iconic movie characters and share their adventures. Sure it’s still going to stay in your imagination, but the combination of fun and the possibility of making some extra cash will make you fall in love with them as they’re a part of your life. 

Sit back and enjoy because we’ll talk about the six most iconic movie characters who found new popularity on the exciting game of slots online.

1. The Dark Knight

Does Batman need any introduction at all? One of the oldest and most revered comic books and movie characters now has his version of online slots, and it’s played by many of his true fans. Microgaming did a very good job as always by creating a slot game with great graphics and sound. 

The online slot includes many known characters from the Batman franchise that add something special to an already great slot game.

2. Austin Powers

Yeah, baby! Austin Powers movies are still embedded in our minds as one of the best comedies ever made. No wonder Austin Powers online slots are out there and having a big player base. The game has a 1960’s flower-power theme with a fabulous design. 

Game designers made sure that many bonuses keep the players entertained for hours ahead. Even though this online slot is most popular in the UK, it still has a player base worldwide. One of the best online slots UK – play casino Slot machine games on PrimeSlots and have a look at what other slots are so popular in the UK.

3. Gladiator

Russell Crowe’s character in this movie took many chances and played a risky game by doing it. No wonder this slot game makes you take more risks but gives you the opportunity to win a hefty progressive jackpot. 

Created a decade ago, Gladiator online slot has paid out millions in jackpots by now. Sometimes taking more risk pays off in the end, so that’s why a huge player base still invests their time and money enjoying this exciting online game.

4. Pink Panther

Pink Panther online slot is powered by Playtech software, and it’s very popular among the fans of the movie. The game gives away free spins, and its progressive jackpot seduces you into coming back for more. 

The character of detective Jacques Clouseau follows you on your quest to win big, and with the support of the bonuses followed by the Pink Panther character, you’re almost certain to win if you play the game right. The game has a large women player base that loves the pink graphic design even without being a fan of the movie.

5. Superman

A Man of Steel slot game cannot pass by without us noticing it. A well-known DC character got his version of the game powered by Cryptologic software, which has many other DC characters in other popular online slot games. 

Besides playing and making some extra cash, you’ll be in a constant battle with Lex Luthor to save the world from his tyranny. For all you Superman fans out there, this game will bring much joy, and we recommend spending some of your free time playing it.

6. Highlander

Here we have another great game by Microgaming that brought back to life one of our favorite characters. With up to 243 ways to win, your chances are big for cashing out at the end of the day. The movie made in the ‘80s is still remembered in the hearts of Scottish people. 

With the design of the Scottish Highlands and the city of New York, this online slot game is a joy to play. The game’s main attraction is a feature where you’ll get ten free spins for free randomly. By getting them free, your chances of making a profit increase drastically.


These days in the age of the COVID pandemic, online slots became a safe alternative for gamblers who love spending their time playing slots. Why not combine two of the things we love to do and play these movie-themed slots to keep us entertained while staying safe. 

There are other alternatives for spending time in isolation, as seen on this site. Choosing them might not give you the chance of making money while having fun as online slots do, but it can still be a good alternative.

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