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Is mobile or PC better for casino gaming? Take a look at comparisons and arguments for which platform is better for casino gaming.

Mobile Vs PC: Which is the Better Platform For Casino Gaming?

It has been a big evolution for online casinos since InterCasino’s archaic interfaces back in 1995. Today, almost every big casino brand is accessible on a mobile app. PC gaming has come a long way from the clunky desktops of the 90s to the lightweight ultrabooks of today. 

But mobile gaming has changed the way people access and play online games, portability, convenience and free bonus codes. Each of the two platforms has strengths and weaknesses depending on what you are playing. How do they compare in casino gaming?


The smartphone has become a must-carry gadget for a majority of people. It is a communications device, mobile office and entertainment console rolled into one. Most people will fish out their smartphones for entertainment on the go. 

With a smartphone, your favorite poker video game is at your fingertips. You can play whenever and wherever you are if there is internet connectivity. The surprising thing is that you will find mobile internet even places that have no roads. You can play while resting on a hike. 

Mobile gaming is popular with sports bettors. You can take opportunities of changing odds in a live game, which adds some excitement when watching your favorite game. 

Ultrabooks are portable, but they have not reduced in size such that you can carry one in your pocket. That would make it a tablet, anyway. But it is convenient enough when you want to play a few games when relaxing by the pool.

Convenience Winner- Mobile 

Access to Games 

If you are playing online, you can access the same games on either platform. All online casinos are accessible with the PC, but not all online casinos have developed smartphone apps. If there is no app, you are left with browser gaming on a smartphone which offers a poor playing experience. 

PC online casino gaming has been around for 20+ years, so it has been optimized and perfected. Even online casinos operating on a shoestring budget offer a smooth playing experience. But the rush to move to mobile gaming has seen some casinos make buggy apps that do not offer the best playing experience.  

However, this rush to mobile has come with some advantages for mobile gamers. The stiff competition is forcing online casinos to offer more lucrative incentives for mobile gamers than PC gamers. You can find free bonus codes for signing up on online casino apps, with welcome bonuses as high as 150% of your first deposit. 

Accessibility Winner – Tie 

Gaming Engagement Experience 

Smartphones are almost at par with ultrabooks in terms of specs. They feature Octa-Core processors, RAM up to 8GB, and internal storage up to 256GB. You will also find screen resolutions upwards of 1080 X 2400 pixels in the latest smartphones.  

But even with higher specs, smartphone playing experience is limited to tapping, zooming and pinching. You can play only one game at a time because a smartphone’s smaller screen limits tabbing like you can do on a PC. 

The latest ultrabooks give you a choice of using the keyboard or the touchscreen. A bigger screen offers a bigger playing space and comes with deeper resolution up to full 4K. You can play different games in different online casinos simultaneously, for a more gaming experience than on mobile. 

Gaming Engagement Winner- PC

It is hard to point out which is the better platform between a smartphone and a PC. It comes down to the time and place of play. For fun on the move, you are better off with a smartphone because of its convenience and portability. If you are around the house, playing on the PC offers a more engaging gaming experience.

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