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Who doesn't love playing a card game? Dive into the details of these reasons why card games remain so popular and beloved.

5 Reasons Why People Love Card Games So Much

It is the twenty-first century and despite the incredible development of technology and complex types of games, people still play cards. It is obvious that there is something special in card games that is so enchanting and addictive.  

People even today regardless of age – love games like Solitaire, Poker, War, etc. 

Is it a secret just in that sense of togetherness and a reminder of childhood and harmless time spent with parents or is there something more?

Card games are incredibly practical because there are games you can play on your own; all you need is a deck of cards or a good internet connection. They are both somewhere even free, which means they are accessible to everyone. 

Their popularity is not declining, even though a lot of people associate them with tradition or something outdated – many card games are much more than tradition. Most of the classic games influenced modern ones and so they entered the mythical and archetypal field.

Whether you like card games or not, you surely know that you play at least one, and in this article we have revealed as many as 5 reasons why people love card games so much.

1) It Makes You Look Younger

Physical appearance is not the only thing that matters when it comes to youth. Many would swear that the secret is in a playful spirit. One of the easiest ways to keep a playful mind and spirit is to play cards, among other things. 

You don’t have to be in physical shape, moreover, the rules of most card games are learned quickly. You don’t have to be a certain number of years to play and have fun. There is no risk of injury and people of different ages can play at the same time.

 It is this unity and the reduction of the game to skill and a little luck, that is what makes most card games such a neutral field for fun. Competitive spirit is a matter of practice and skill, not some discriminatory differences like age, race or gender.

2) It Inspires You To Explore And View Life From A Different Perspective

Most card games have simple rules, but winning is not easy. You may just think that you have discovered a universal and unsurpassed winning strategy and just then experience a heavy defeat. But don’t despair. 

Many experienced and even professional card players will tell you that the secret of life is hidden in card games. You can also understand this in a way that you do not need to experience everything finally and defeat, but as a lesson. 

You can learn everything from games; that various life strategies exist and are quite realistic. So, yes, playing cards can teach you some wisdom about life without giving you a headache from that wisdom.

3) They Teach Us Tolerance And Acceptance

There is no doubt that hanging out with people who support our life attitudes is comfortable and enjoyable, and especially when you are playing your favorite games! However, a dose of risk and spice in a card game can be added by playing with new, unknown players – who annoy us for some reason. 

From a psychological point of view, this could be a great attempt and a way to test our limits of tolerance and reconsider our attitudes. Neal Taparia, an entrepreneur and creative director of I’m a Puzzle says that in adolescence, playing cards with someone he didn’t like helped him to grow into a more tolerant person.

Playing cards in such situations can be a kind of neutral ground that can help us accept people whose attitudes and way of life we ​​generally disagree with.

In addition, it can help you expand your circle of friends and not always take life too seriously. So you may become braver and more daring both in card games and in life.

4) It Helps The Mind And Soul

There is no longer the slightest doubt that a good card game occupies the mind and focuses so strongly that the environment almost literally disappears. The ability of the brain to focus and direct energy so strongly, that is, neurons in only one direction, is fascinating from a scientific and medical point of view. Many people struggle with various neurological diseases, as well as various forms of depression. 

These are severe conditions that disrupt the daily lives of patients and their environment. Card games can neutralize anxiety, stress and help relieve various types of mental tension. Scientists have been researching card games for several years and creating new ones, specially designed for people suffering from dementia or depression.

Even if, fortunately – you do not suffer from any of these diseases – you can be sure that playing cards, in addition to fun – preserves health and contributes to the improvement of memory.

5) You Can Always Rely On Them

It sounds a bit pathetic, but it’s true. The cards are always there and the rules are always the same. They provide a feeling of security and warmth. Even when you are the loneliest – you can play cards, alone or with an online partner. There is always consolation in playing card games.

In addition, no matter how many years you play the same game – every time is different. What could be more challenging and attractive than that ?!


The mere fact that there are card games, both online and offline – you have no excuse for boredom. Even if you are the biggest swindler in the world and you don’t like cards – you can certainly find at least one game that will steal your heart. 

Having fun is a natural human need and condition and we should not deny ourselves or feel guilty. Since card games can be anything, just not banal and meaningless fun – there’s no reason to avoid them. It will enrich and beautify life with new experiences and knowledge.

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