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Whether you work from home or the office, the working day is equally exhausting. These games should help your brain!

The Best Games You Can Play When You’re Exhausted

Whether you work from home or the office, the working day is equally exhausting. It is especially difficult at the end of the week when it seems to us that the weekend is coming with turtle steps. 

Sometimes this incredible fatigue is the result of hard daily work and stress, and sometimes it is the result of a long period of chronic stress.

Such situations often require a long-term plan for relaxation of the body and mind. One of the easiest ways to rest and relax after a hard day is to play online games.

Neal Taparia, the mastermind behind Solitaired shares his thoughts: 

“Play these interesting games when you are on a break or when you urgently need to take your thoughts off work because it seems to you that your head will literally explode. You should also try to relax by playing good, old Solitaire. “

Simple things can do wonders, and our recommendation is a warm bath and one (or more) games from our bellow list of games that are best played when you are exhausted.

Line Rider

An ideal game for people who like to scribble. You don’t need paper and pen, just a mobile device or desktop. You draw cursive or simple lines with the cursor or your finger on the smart screen, and that is the essence of this game. 

The catch is that you actually relax subconsciously and release tension. In addition, you can surprise yourself with your drawing skills, and such a discovery will surely please your mind and body.

Quick, Draw!

Similar to the previous game, Line Rider. The game gives you a topic to draw on and you have limited time to complete the task. The game was designed by Google and is based on artificial intelligence.

By playing this simple game, you are participating in a kind of futuristic experiment. When you answer a task and draw what is required of you, the neural network of artificial intelligence must recognize it. 

In essence, you are competing against and for the development of artificial intelligence. Sounds fun, doesn’t it ?!


One of the best things about these games is that they all have simple, easy-to-remember rules, and they are incredibly fun. QWOP is a game in which the goal is for the runner to run a 100 m race. 

The catch is that you can only use the Q, W, O, and P keys. You must use them to help the Olympic runner move, run the race without falling or being disqualified.

QWOP is also the name of the runner. Movements are limited and you can use the keys to manipulate only the thighs and leaves of runners.

Honestly, the game can be frustrating sometimes, but if you don’t take it too seriously, you can have a good laugh, and who knows, maybe your runner will break the record in the 100 m.


There are some sublime Easterners, yoga wisdom in this game. It is enriched with great, soothing music. Entanglement is based on puzzle games and aims to create the longest possible path using tiles. 

Metaphorically, it is as if you are creating a way out of the confusion and chaos of your own mind. That’s why it’s so soothing because you’re essentially communicating with your subconscious. The longer your trajectory and the more successful you avoid the wall – the better player you are.

Also, you can play the Entanglement alone, in solitaire variants, and you can also compete against online opponents. In addition, when you download this game, you don’t need the internet to play it, which is an extra point for this, somewhat zen game.

Slime Volleyball

As the name suggests, this game is literally volleyball between two slimes. The game is almost as old as the internet, but it is still incredibly charming. Cute animated characters who pass the ball over the net. 

The ball mustn’t touch the ground, because then it is a point for the opponent. Despite its simplicity, this game is great for focusing and resting the brain, as well as channeling stress. Tame and silly characters will further please you and make playing cheerful and relaxing.

Book Tower

A great choice for perfectionists to practice their obsession with perfect rows. If you are also a book lover, you like to read or study, then this cute game will delight you visually and in terms of content.

The goal is to compare as many books as possible on top of each other, without the tower of books collapsing. You have to be focused and careful; calm movements and know how to assess the situation well. 

Seemingly banal game, but don’t be fooled. You will need to develop a strategy on how to perfectly stack a tower of books without having a mini-book disaster. This game is great for practicing concentration and focus and is also a great choice for relaxation.

A Dark Room

The most complicated game from our list, A Dark Room combines the beauty of the simplicity of the first PC games and modern complex scenarios. 

The game begins with the mystical awakening of the main player in a dark room. The only thing he can do is to fire the light and put out the fire and thus know the world around him. As the player progresses, the story becomes more complicated. The game also includes a female character who helps the main player, wanderers, aliens, and a classic story about saving the world.

Like most good games, it will help you rethink yourself and your worldview. It will also help you to relax from reality, boldly moving through the darkness of the virtual dimension.

The game is available for Android and IoS devices.


The only good thing about exhaustion is that there are better and more sophisticated ways to neutralize or remove it. The best way to relax is to have fun that doesn’t cost much and is easily available. That’s why these games are a great choice after a hard day.

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