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Are you looking to stay up-to-date on the latest in esports and gaming? Here are some of the best sites to check out!

Sites that are sure to be helpful to every esports fan.

Esports are having a resurgence right now because computer games have become a lucrative source of income for many people between the ages of 15 and 30. reported that some professional players could earn prize money and sponsorship money in the six-figure range from their efforts.

The word “cybersport,” which has appeared in several Internet headlines, conversations, and comments, has made its way to the world of broadcast television. In recent years, e-sports have begun broadcasted on television. Some TV programs are devoted entirely to this form of competition. Examples include the League of Legends World Championship final and the finals of Epicenter, The Boston Major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2 top championships.

Cybersport is a sport that takes place online. The word was first used in the 1990s and is still in use today. Doom, which was played over an IPX network, was the first cybersport game created. 

At the moment, esports encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Listed below are websites that can assist you in understanding how esports are played and where fans go to read the news. 


Reddit has a community with more than 330 million users, of which 23 million are from the United States of America. Reddit operates through the use of forums or subreddits as they are commonly referred to. R/Esports is one of the most well-liked subreddits on the internet. It was founded in 2009 and has since grown to include more than 70,000 subscribers.

This forum is for esports players, and it provides them with the opportunity to debate any topic relevant to esports in general. On the subreddit, you will find people who share your interests. No matter what subject you are interested in, there will be someone who can answer your questions.

R/eSports may not be the most popular subreddit on Reddit, but it is one of the most active. Other smaller forums for video games and other interests are also available on the internet. If you’re exclusively interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we recommend that you join the million-strong Global Offensive community. You can also join our League of Legends subreddit if you want to discuss the game.


Twitch is, without a doubt, the uncontested king of live-streaming game content. According to Amazon, the site attracts approximately four million visitors per day, and more than 100 million visitors come to this site each month.

Twitch is more than just a video-streaming platform for gamers. Twitch is a video-streaming platform where professional esports players broadcast and earn their income. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was a streamer who earned as much as $ 10 million per year, but that was just until the beginning of this year. He then stepped away from the stage to another platform. Including the fact that he was popular with 10 million YouTube subs, he had a total of 14.7 million followers on Twitch.

YouTube is ranked second on the list of the most popular video-streaming platforms. In contrast to Twitch, YouTube is free and well-known. In addition to allowing streamers to accomplish the same things they can do on Twitch, it also serves as a video hosting platform for streams to use. 

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