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Twitch is a huge online platform. Find out how to stream some of the best Twitch streams online for free.

Best Twitch streams to watch online

Twitch streams are quietly dominating popular culture. There are millions of users online, and thousands of Twitch streamers providing priceless content, whether it be gaming tutorials, drawing seminars, or general discussions about film and television. While the range of Twitch streamers is vast, it can be a little intimidating for those who are new to the platform. Where do you start?

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve decided to run through some of the most notable Twitch channels on the internet and break down why they are worth checking out. If you want to watch some of the previously streamed content on these channels, then Twitch vods are the best way to go.

Let’s get started:


Ninja is the biggest Twitch streamer in the world with over 12 million followers. Twitch Metrics reports that he’s also the most consistently-watched streamer to date, no doubt aided by his ability to get celebrities like Drake and Ellen DeGeneres to sit in with him. Most of his content revolves around his Fortnite play, but he also streams about games like Realm Royale and Battlefield V.

If you’re into video games and are relatively new to the Twitch game, then Ninja is the best starting point. He provides the most accessible commentary and his association with Twitch streamers will allow you to branch off and find other streamers.


Mirggles is a Twitch stream run by animator and storyboard artist Miranda Quesnel. She streams illustrations and tutorials on how to maximize your drawing talent, as well as general chats about techniques and how to efficiently tell stories through images. It’s a perfect streaming option for those who want to work on their drawing, but are unsure as to how they should proceed. 

Quesnel also provides exclusive looks at the animated movie she’s working on, which she describes as a fantasy/realism story that deals with mental health. She has over 3.6 thousand followers and all of her streams are archived on Twitch vods.


Logic is another high profile Twitch streamer, largely because he used to be a world famous rapper. The chart-topping emcee retired from music in 2020 and became the first official music streaming partner to sign on to the platform. Logic has continued to parlay his popularity online, as he currently sits at 547 thousand followers.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Logic’s music, his Twitch channel is a great place to go for video game play, hip-hop discussions, and exclusive content. In January 2021, he premiered the mixtape Planetary Destruction on his channel. He dropped it under the name Doc D, but most fans were able to discern that it was merely a cover for more Logic music.


SLAKUN10 is the Twitch handle of Argentine soccer player Sergio Agüero. The professional athlete first tried his hand at Twitch streaming when the Premier Club season was cancelled due to COVID, and his channel quickly grew in popularity. He currently sits at 3 million followers.

SLAKUN10 specializes in FIFA game play, and his reactions are a big part of the appeal for viewers. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a professional player, so any insight or commentary he has is spot on. 

Final word

These are just a few of the streamers and the topics that are available to watch on Twitch vods. There are options for everyone, so don’t be afraid to explore the platform and find the Twitch streamer that best speaks to your interests.

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