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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports in the market, and people can’t help but get interested in its peculiarities. It is the right moment to check some of them.

Aussie Fans in Check: Frequently Asked Questions about Esports

Sports are represented divergently in Australia. This land welcomes different online and offline disciplines, so customers can easily find what they like most of all. For those enthusiasts who can’t imagine their life without esports, Aussie players will become nice samples. They are not less skillful than professional teams that win championships in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Stay tuned to get to know more about leaders of esports gaming in Australia. Onwards!

Top Highest Earnings for Australian Esports Gamers

The country’s locals aren’t associated with a great and deep interest in esports gaming and betting. But Australian obsession for sports is so strong that it is frequently associated as a new religion for them. According to statistics, four out of five reviewers highly evaluate the influence of sports and esports on daily cultural and social lives.

When it comes to esports statistics, data can be missed. Thanks to platforms like CSGO esports betting sites and their alternatives in related esports, customers achieve a great chance to check how profitable gaming can be. Here are some of the prominent results achieved by Aussies:

  • Anathan Pham, simply known as ana, is an absolute champion on the list. So far, the person’s total winning prize pool is the largest one in the Australian esports market. With over six million dollars as a reward, the player hasn’t been focused on one discipline only. The major pool is paid by Dota 2 in this case.
  • Checking the list of the highest payments for esports athletes, novice players can understand what their diligence and attention to detail can result in. For Damien Chok, or kpii, the lucky mistress was on his side too. Though his prizes were significantly less than what Anathan achieved, the sum of about two million dollars is still a high tag to reach.
  • James Giezen can receive a bronze medal for his esports achievements. However, it is unknown which battlegrounds helped him to be included in the top 3 players with the highest overall payments. After all, the way TGLTN plays is great to monitor.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive unites people and helps them have fun while making their leisure time profitable. Several Aussies have received great prizes, but they aren’t as high as what Dota 2 can offer. As practice shows, Dota 2 and the International presents the largest prize pool. Recently, the last International competition was held (in October 2021). The possible award exceeded forty million dollars. Coming back to CS:GO champions in Australia, the ranking includes such names as Justin Save (nicknamed as jks), Aaron Ward (known as AZR), Jay Tregillgas (the account under liazz), and Karlo Pivac (simply as USTILO).
  • Fornite also benefits its fans with nice prizes and rewards. If you want to get lifehacks on how to play Fortnite and win against strong rivals, just check the tactics of Jesse and Jordan Eckley (you will find them as Jesse and Jordan), Leevi Breslin (simply as Breso), Jack Lehane (known as Soz). There are also players who don’t share their real names. For those who are interested to get to know about playing Fortnite, check the profiles of MagMa, Volx, and Hype.

Aussie Preferences for Esports Games

Without a doubt, some games are more popular than others in Australia. Understanding their peculiarities will help interested parties define the Aussie mindset and what makes them eager on playing particular solutions:

  • Rocket League is one of the most beloved gaming activities in the target region. It is a mix of different genres. If you like football and car races, that is a wonderful fusion of the two. Published by Psyonix, it is a relatively young solution in the market. The gameplay and interface are marvelous. When holidays are upcoming, they don’t miss a chance to please their fans with new releases and functions. They welcome Aussies and other fans around the globe to show off their talents not in esports only. For instance, it is a common thing to prepare vehicle costume contests.
  • Blizzard Entertainment games are pretty popular in the country. There are several players who enjoy battles in Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. Aside from making their solutions competitive and thrilling, developers ensure the interface isn’t boring and actually makes participant develop their own playing strategies and tactics. Hearthstone was released in 2014, and Heroes of the Storm were available in the mass market a year after. Overwatch is another game by these developers that conquers the hearts of millions of fans and esports athletes. The best description is a hero shooter. Characters are well-designed and are visually gorgeous. This is a team play, so the interface welcomes players with unique abilities and increases communication between gamers.
  • Solutions like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are global champions. Their plots and design peculiarities leave a lot of room for profile modification and development. These are crucial reasons that help these games to survive, even though mobile applications are at their peak these days. As the ranking from the previous section shows, another reason to say “yes” to them is their profitability.

People in Australia show interest in games performed in different styles — from card games for logical thinking to shooters and MOBA solutions. That means they are open to new things and are ready to try several options. Aussies aren’t afraid of changes and incredible opportunities esports provide.

The Final Verdict

If you desire to learn how to play esports with enthusiasm and not to lose game satisfaction over time, Aussies are a great sample to follow. Their experience is worth getting acquainted with. All that is left is to choose your role and game to try first — this ranking list will help indeed.

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