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Do you need to shake up you're 'Among Us' game? Try these fan-created game modes perfect for playing with friends. Read how to play them here.

Spice up your ‘Among Us’ game: Try these free mods with friends

Among Us is an incredibly popular free whodunit murder mystery game developed by the indie game company InnerSloth. They released the game in 2018, but it didn’t start to take off until last September. The game received 70% of its total downloads in the month alone. 

Because of the game’s increasing popularity, fans have come out of the woodwork to create fan anything. There is fan merch, art, stories, theories, and game modes. Now they officially licensed with InnerSloth, so you’ll need a group to agree to play the game mode. 

However, the fan game modes are best when played with friends. They’re easy to play and worth adding to your game night with friends. As much as we love to play countless rounds of the original Among Us game, we can use something to switch it up and do something different. 


For those who haven’t played Among Us, it works like this. There is an Imposters team and a Crewmates team. The Crewmates are trying to complete a set of tasks before the Imposter(s) can kill the Crewmates. The Crewmates win by completing all the tasks or voting off the Imposter before he or she can kill all the Crewmates. 

The Imposters have a few tools to help them. Imposters can sabotage things on the map and use a system of vents to move around the map. However, Crewmates can report dead bodies to force a vote or call an emergency meeting. 

Dead by Daylight

Hide and Seek is one of the most well known and beloved game mode so far. However, Dead by Night takes the heart pump action up a notch and raises the adrenaline rush all the way up to 10. It’s perfect Among Us mode for groups that also love horror video games. But don’t think for a second you can’t play if you don’t like horror. Dead by Daylight is just Hide and Seek with a few additional rules and settings. 


  • Crewmates know who the Imposter is from the start. 
  • Impostor counts down to let the Crewmates get q head start meanwhile sabotaging comms and light. No other sabotages are allowed.
  • Crewmates can’t fix lights or comms and can’t report dead bodies or call emergency meetings. 
  • Crewmates need to finish all tasks to win the game by completing all the tasks before the Imposter can kill everyone. 

Game settings:

  • Player Speed – .75x
  • Crewmate Vision – 5x 
  • Impostor Vision – .25x 
  • Kill Cooldown – 27.5 seconds 
  • Kill Distance – Short 
  • Visual Tasks – Off 
  • 2 Common Tasks
  • 2 Long Tasks 
  • 3 Short Tasks 

Frantic mode

If you love horror video games and want to take Hide and Seek and Dead by Daylight even further up the panic scale, then give Frantic mode a try. The game mode is almost identical to the other two except for one small difference. Of the three ways to play Hide and Seek in Among Us, Frantic Mode has to be our favorite. 


  • Impostor does not declare himself at the beginning of the game and can move as soon as the game begins. However, he can not kill anyone for the first thirty seconds.
  • Imposters can sabotage comms and light and Crewmates can’t fix them. 
  • Crewmates can’t report dead bodies or call emergency meetings.
  • Ghosts are not allowed to call out the name of the Imposter
  • Crewmates need to finish all their tasks to win the game before the Imposter kills the entire crew

Game settings:

  • Player Speed – 1x
  • Crewmate Vision – .25x 
  • Impostor Vision – .5x 
  • Kill Cooldown – 20 seconds 
  • Kill Distance – Short 
  • Visual Tasks – Off 
  • 1 Common Tasks
  • 2 Long Tasks 
  • 3 Short Tasks 

Murder, She Wrote

If you want to add some difficulty to the voting stage, play the Murder, She Wrote game mode. It’s better than the colorblind mode because you don’t have to struggle to come up with how to describe a particular character and slightly easier than modes that limit the number of words you can say. 


  • Impostor(s) can sabotage the map, and Crewmates can fix any sabotages. 
  • Crewmates need to finish all their tasks to win.
  • After a dead body is reported, only the person who reported the body can answer questions. 
  • Anyone can ask a question, and there’s no limit on how many each player can ask. However, for an added challenge, limit the number of questions for each round. 

Game settings: 

  • Player Speed – 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision – 1x 
  • Impostor Vision – 1x 
  • Kill Cooldown – 30 seconds 
  • Kill Distance – Short 
  • Visual Tasks – On
  • 2 Common Tasks
  • 3 Long Tasks 
  • 5 Short Tasks 

The Gauntlet 

If you’ve ever watched World Chase Tag, then you’ll love The Gauntlet. It turns Among Us into a 1v1 battle for the ages pitting an Imposter and Crewmate against one another for the ultimate showdown. The Gauntlet is one of the greatest game modes to play with friends. You can prove your Among Us skills and determine who’s the best Imposters and Crewmates are. 


  • The Crewmates and imposters pick one player from their team to represent their team. 
  • Everyone else remains around the emergency meeting button.
  • The Crewmate gets a 15-second head start to complete their tasks. 
  • Crewmates must finish their tasks without getting caught by the Imposter.
  • If the Crewmate can finish all their tasks without getting caught, they must head back and call an emergency meeting, and the Imposter is voted off. 
  • If the Impostor kills the Crewmate before he or she finishes their tasks, they report the dead body, and nobody is voted off. 
  • The last team left standing wins. 

Game settings: 

  • Number of Imposters — 2 or 3 depending on the size of the lobby
  • Confirm Ejects – Off
  • Number of Emergency Meetings – The number of Imposters
  • Emergency Cooldown – 60 seconds
  • Discussion Time – 15 seconds
  • Voting Time – 60 seconds 
  • Player Speed – 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision – 1x 
  • Impostor Vision – .25x 
  • Kill Cooldown – 30 seconds 
  • Kill Distance – Short 
  • Visual Tasks – Off
  • 0 Common Tasks
  • 0 Long Tasks 
  • 2 or 3 Short Tasks 

Every game mode is different, but there is one thing you’ll need for all of them. We recommend going beyond the in-game chat and creating a discord server for you and your friends. It allows for private communication through voice or video chat. It makes the virtual game night a lot easier and a lot more fun.

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