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Find out how online casinos differ radically from land-based casinos, explore the range of games, rewards, and bonuses.

Which is better: an online Canadian casino or a land-based casino?

No person left in Canada with no knowledge about casinos and gambling. We constantly meet gambling topics in books and films and can buy lottery tickets at the checkout of many stores. According to statistics, more than 80% of Canadians have gambled for real money at least once in their lives, whether it’s a lottery, sports betting, or playing in a casino.

At first, there was only one option to play poker with friends – a land-based casino. With Internet and technology development, everything has changed, and now you can join any casino from anywhere.

canadian casinos

Online casinos review

An online Canadian casino is like a big toy store with thousands of different products for every taste. Designed in a certain style, gambling sites lure new gamblers with bonuses, rankings of the latest winners, and offer to try new gambling industry titles.

The range of online games can reach several thousand since the sites are not limited by physical space. Here you can place a bet on roulette, spin slots, join a poker table or try your luck on the Wheel of Fortune in a few clicks. Creating a new account and replenishing an account takes a few seconds, and you have no time limits.

All the new and top Canadian online casinos are constantly checked and reviewed by thousands of reputable sites, like You must pay attention to the vital online casino points – Licensing, payment options, deposit, and withdrawal speed. In addition, never neglect the real players’ reviews.

canadian casinos

Introduction to land-based casinos

In movies and TV shows, you have probably seen luxury land-based casinos with poker tables, slot machines, and dealers. Large Canadian casinos look exactly like this inside and offer the widest range of entertainment. Here you can have a drink, participate in shows, play different games and meet other people.

In addition to giant Canadian casinos, you can also find small facilities dedicated to one game, such as slots or poker. If you decide to have fun with friends, then it is better to go to a major casino with different games to change entertainment during the evening. And don’t forget the dress code!

canadian casinos

Online and land-based casinos face-to-face comparison

Staying at home on the couch and logging into the casino from a tablet or going to a big casino after work is an eternal dilemma for many players. To find the answer to this question, let’s compare all the gaming features from home and in a land-based casino.

canadian casinos

Range of games

No matter how large a land-based casino is, it will be limited by the size of the premises. Each slot machine requires power and maintenance, making it even more difficult for the casino. 

The largest land-based casino branches can offer visitors several hundred games and rooms for roulette, poker, and blackjack. There are also small casinos that focus on one game and have several poker tables.

Canadian online casinos are the clear winner in this dispute. If the site cooperates with many game providers, it can offer 3,000 different titles. In addition to slots, you can play blackjack, enjoy live dealer roulette, try luck in bingo and other entertainment.

canadian casinos


The atmosphere is the main feature everyone chooses land-based casinos. Picture yourself walking into the lobby of a luxury hotel in a suit, and you see a lot of people playing at the same table, discussing games, and having fun. 

You can feel the atmosphere of real gambling in the air, and it’s as cool as in Hollywood films about Las Vegas. But there is also a flip side to the coin – at the same table, you will play face to face with other people. During the defeat, they can be nervous, put emotional pressure on you, which is quite stressful.

There is no gaming atmosphere in online Canadian casinos, but sites try to do their best to interest players and make their time in the game as enjoyable as possible. You can chat with other players online, and the site’s design helps create a gaming mood.

canadian casinos


Land-based casinos do not have specific bonus systems, but you can receive complimentary bonuses for regular visits. Some branches have a loyalty system and a VIP membership that gives you extra perks. These can be chips, birthday gifts, access to limited tables, and more.

Online casino bonuses are essential for new and regular players. By replenishing the balance, everyone can receive free spins, extra cash, a multiplier for the next games, and access to tournaments.

canadian casinos

How to choose an online casino

If you can’t decide which casino to start playing at, we have prepared some tips for beginners:

  • If you have never gambled before, start with free games.
  • The larger the range of games, the better, because you will want to try something new one day.
  • Before starting gambling, read the reviews about online casinos.
  • Check the opening hours of the land-based casino so as not to waste time on a trip.
  • Give preference only to trusted casinos that have been operating for many years.
  • Take your friends with you for more fun.

Whether you choose a land-based casino or a free casino, gambling will bring a lot of fun and a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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