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Women's blazers can be powerful statements for professional women. Take a look at the benefits of blazers and different ways to wear them.

Impress at Your Next Event with Women’s Blazers

Though we are pushing more towards equality, empowerment as a woman is still a large concern of ours. As women, it’s more important for us to be confident in holding space and commanding the room, without the worry of being considered “intimidating.” 

Femininity in women does not have to mean demure, submissive, or dainty, as it once was thought to. And women can hold masculinity as well, and we can marry both qualities in our decisions in all aspects of life, including our dress.

If you’re interested in standing out as the strong woman you are, one option for your clothing choices at your next event could include one of the women’s blazers available in the fashion market today.

A Blazer is Bold

Blazers can give you a long, strong line when worn to a special event. A well-tailored one can bring out your physique, or offer strength in a dress that other jackets can’t. Wearing a blazer makes a statement about you as a woman; it says you’re professional, comfortable, and confident. You can command a room in the right blazer.

Blazers Offer Variety

A good thing about a nice women’s blazer is that it can come in many different colors and cuts. A bright-colored blazer offers even more stand-out opportunities, and you can really make a statement in one of those.

A slimmer-cut, more tailored blazer creates a nice, structured look that is flattering on any body and can come in longer or shorter styles that elongate and define your body. You can play with proportions with a blazer depending on what you wear it with, so it gives you opportunities for creativity.

A more boxy, “boyfriend-style” blazer can be dressed down for a more casual weekend vibe or dressed up for a comfortably refined event. 

Another variable to take into account with blazers is the fabric and material options you can pick from. For a classic look reminiscent of the standard daily suit many of us wear, go for a blazer made of worsted wool or twill. For more laid-back, casual events, try one in a khaki or even linen. 

How to Dress a Blazer

With a blazer, you also have multiple options of what to wear it with and how to style it. Here are a few ideas to consider when you’re putting together your next outfit that’s centered around a blazer.

Pair with Slacks

For a classic look that is always in style, pair your blazer with a nice pair of slacks. There are a few different ways you can play with this outfit, and make it yours.

You can go the traditional route of wearing a matching pair of pants with your blazer or add some variety with a different color of pants. If you’re wearing a bright colored blazer, but don’t necessarily want your entire look to be that bold, it’s a good look to pair that with black or khaki pants, depending on the occasion. 

You can also add some uniqueness to the fit of your pants. You can wear some matching pants that are a slick, tailored style that matches the vibe of your blazer, or take things up a notch by mixing a boxy blazer with flared, flowing pants. Or, wear an oversized boyfriend blazer with some skinny fitted pants. 

Wear Over a Dress

A fun and different way to dress up your blazer for an event is to throw it on over a dress.

This can look good with a wide variety of dresses, from a bodycon mini-dress and heels to a maxi dress made of tulle and ruffles. A blazer can add structure and strength to any delicate dress you pair it with. 

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