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What we truly desire is ‘Lucifer’ Tom Ellis’ eye-wear

Tom Ellis, best known for his work in 'Lucifer', has what we truly desire. His eye-wear is off the charts awesome, so we tried to find dupes.

What we truly desire is ‘Lucifer’ Tom Ellis’ eye-wear

Netflix’s Lucifer returned for a fifth season last month and honestly, it just gives us another excuse to admire Tom Ellis.

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While we may not be able to get his devilish smile or impressive physique, it’s easier to copy his suave sense of style. Most of all, his designer eyewear. And what do you know; the Devil doesn’t have to wear Prada to look good!  

I recently came across specscart.co.uk, which makes trendy eyewear much more accessible to students. There are no middlemen in between and we can choose from a variety of glasses and sunglasses.

It’s like Prime, but for eyewear.

I love it especially because it brings Tom’s style right to our fingertips. The styles are very similar to what he wears in Netflix’s Lucifer – keeping it simple with classy black frames. Of course, that’s what we expect from the Prince of Darkness.  

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You can get a great match here. Wear it with smart casuals or formals, and you’re all set. 

When it comes to glasses, he prefers to go angular with black, rectangle frames. Geeky Satan? Bring it on!

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The Deane model on Specscart gives off the same vibes. Even if you’re reading this with great 20/20 eyesight, it always helps to own an awesome pair of glasses. Just choose non-prescription glasses while you’re checking out.

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