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Overcome the Challenges of Onsite Event Badge Printing

Event badges have become a necessary part of any event, and they have a great impact on the attendees. The traditional method of badge printing is done by keeping them ready before the event starts, but that comes with many issues. With onsite event badge printing, all the hectic are reduced, and they provide many great advantages to the organizer and attendees. With this, the check-ins are much faster and enhanced, onsite printing provides great flexibility, and also it reduces the cost of the event. They are also great at providing a seamless and error-free event registration process that can either be done on the spot or prior to the event with a registration platform. But with all the benefits, this technology or smart solution also comes with some challenges.

In this blog, we will discuss the challenges that can occur during the onsite event badge printing process and how they can be overcome.

The Challenges of Onsite Event Badge Printing

However, onsite badge printing is a great option for your in-person events because it can help streamline the process. Attendees would show up and can seamlessly move through the events registration and event ticketing platform. They will receive a well-designed event badge quickly and move with the event experience. However, without using the right tools and technology, event organizers can face many challenges and difficulties during the process. And it will directly affect the attendee experience. 

There can be long lines and huge gatherings that can occur when the attendees show up simultaneously and there are not enough people or badge printers to process them quickly. Without a proper onsite event badge printing solution and adequate staffing, it can create bottlenecks and frustrate the attendees. This can either make them lose their interest or can affect the experience. Additionally, without the right technology and solutions for event badge printing, the registration and ticketing process can stall as the teams run into technical difficulties. Or if they are taking a long time to print the event badges because of the printing errors. Without the technology working properly, this situation might result in printing mistakes that can cause the attendees to end up with badges that are hard to understand or don’t look good.

Moreover, these badges can involve important and sensitive information such as names, personal information, payment data, photos, and more. The event staff can run into security issues that can be hard to solve or time-consuming. So it is important to look for technology or indulge ideas for event badges that are built with security and compliance top of mind.

Overcome the Challenges of Badge Printing

As streamlined as it may seem, onsite badge printing can be made difficult if not looked at properly. Other than the above-mentioned challenges, this solution can face more issues. To overcome these challenges, here are some great ideas for event badge printing.

Use an Online Registration and Event Ticketing Platform

Unless you are keen on doing the registrations and ticketing manually, it would be a great idea to invest in a purpose-built platform that works efficiently. With this, the attendees can be empowered to fill out their own information from names, and contact details to their social media handles or organization. With will reduce or eliminate data entry errors so that the onsite printing process can be done faster. There are many online platforms and solutions available in the market today and to get the best results look for a complete event management solution that will help with all the aspects of event experience. Including event registration, ticketing, insights, and marketing.

Leverage a Badge Printing Kiosk

In order to ensure that the audience doesn’t create huge gatherings and there is no bottleneck during the entrance of the event. You make it easy for the attendees by setting up an onsite event badge printing kiosk. That can enable the attendees to self-serve and create their own badges with accurate information and self-check-in. With this, you might still have some of the staff on hand to facilitate the registration who are comfortable with a professional to check them in.

Use a Mobile Event App

Mobile event apps are already a pivotal factor that is being incorporated into many events. Investing in an event app that is suitable for your event needs and can integrate with the badge printing solution. You can enable the attendees to register and check in to the event with their mobile devices. Even the designing badges for events can be done inside the app and if they need to, they can either print it onsite or continue to use the digital badge. These apps are a great addition, and they can even give attendees an all-in-one tool that can enhance their experience. From creating personalized agendas, access to speaker profiles, interacting with other attendees, and more. Streamline event app adoption by ensuring that the attendees can access the app directly from the kiosk and that you have plenty of signage for the event app.

Test Before Starting to Use the Printing Solution

After completing the setup for the event badge printing solution and implementing all the great ideas for enhancing the process. It is a mandatory process for checking everything about the printing technology before starting to use it. This is due to the fact that sometimes small yet impactful errors can occur during the process that can be related to the printing quality. So making sure that everything is working fine before the event is necessary to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Also, it gives you the time to prepare for these necessary hectics.


The event industry changes frequently with smart technologies and solutions. And that there is no specific or anything that can work effectively. With onsite event badge printing, there are many great advantages that can be achieved, but it also comes with some difficulties. That can create a negative impact on the attendees and can impact their event experience. To avoid these challenges, there are some necessary steps that can be taken to overcome them and streamline the event experience. 

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