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For those seeking an amazing yet personalized gift, a necklace could be the answer. Learn how to make gift giving easy now!

Suffering a gift giving nightmare? Buy these necklaces

For those seeking an amazing yet personalized gift, a necklace could be the answer. Unlike sweaters, necklaces really are one size fits all. They come in an assortment of styles and colors, and everyone loves receiving this type of jewelry as a gift. Thankfully, necklaces also come in an assortment of metals and stones, which can help the gift fit into any price range.

Deciding on a Necklace Budget

Men and women of all ages love necklaces. Those interested in buying a necklace as a gift should first decide what their gift budget will be. Necklaces are available at all price points, so there will be options for every gift budget.

Those buying a necklace as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, or graduation gift may choose to have a larger budget, as the gift is for a very special occasion. Those purchasing a necklace for a child or a young girl may want a smaller budget, as children are often harder on items. What the desired necklace is composed of will also affect the gift budget.

Keep in mind that buying a 12-karat or 14-karat gold necklace will cost more and will require a larger gift budget. Those with a more modest budget should consider buying a necklace that is sterling silver or gold coated. A popular metal for those on a budget is gold vermeil. Gold vermeil looks like 14 karat gold but is much more affordable.

Any jewelry metal option is great for gift gifting. There is not one metal choice that is superior to the other. The receiver of the gift will likely love a necklace of any material as long as they are happy with the metal color.

The type of stone in the necklace will also affect the price. Those with a larger budget may want to look at necklaces with diamonds. Those working with a smaller budget may want to consider cubic zirconia stones. They look like diamonds and are just as lovely but are far less expensive.

Other stones available in necklaces include pearls, colored gemstones, black onyx, turquoise stones, and more. Some simple necklaces, like box chains, may not have stones at all. Usually, the more stones that a necklace has the higher the price will be. Again, the stone quality and the stone choice will affect the pricing.

The Perfect Necklace for the Perfect Occasion

When shopping for a necklace, consider the occasion that the person will wear it for. Will the necklace be worn daily, such as to school or the office? Perhaps the piece will be worn on special occasions, such as at weddings and formal events.

With an idea of when and where the person will wear their new necklace, a shopper can determine which type of necklace to look for. Popular necklace styles include simple chain necklaces, attention-grabbing pendant necklaces, choker necklaces, unique charm necklaces, and elegant lariat necklaces. Necklaces can also be dressed up or down based on the person’s wardrobe choice for the day.

If the goal is to choose a necklace that the person can wear every day, consider a box chain, a pendant, a charm necklace, or a lariat. All four of these styles can easily go from casual to dressy based on the person’s outfit of the day. If the goal is to give a necklace that looks great with formal wear, consider a choker or a lariat.

Notice that a lariat fits into both categories, as this is a universal jewelry piece. Lariats come in gold tones and silver tones, with and without gemstones, and are perfect for any occasion. For those that are not familiar with a lariat, this type of necklace looks like the letter Y when word. There will be a dangly piece that hangs down towards the wearer’s chest.

Lariat necklaces look classy at the office and casual when worn with jeans. The person who receives a lariat necklace can dress it up with a little black dress for formal occasions. This piece of jewelry makes an amazing gift because the person can wear it anywhere and everywhere.

Chokers are short necklaces that are made to be worn close to the neck. They can be simple or complex and are popular at formal events. They can be adorned with diamonds or jewels and can be purchased to match tennis bracelets. Some people choose to wear multiple chokers at once and go for an edgy look. If the person who will receive the necklace is edgy and hip, this type of necklace could be the one for them.

Box chains are simple necklaces made of interlocking pieces. Some people choose to wear one chain at a time, while other people layer their chains. While they can be worn plain, they also look great with charms, pendants, or lockets strung on them.

Box chain necklaces can also be referred to as link necklaces. Some box chains are thin and delicate, while others are made of thick chunky pieces. If the person doesn’t seem to wear a lot of flashy jewelry then this is the piece to consider for them.

What is a charm necklace? This is a trendy necklace that is typically adorned with charms or gemstones. Some people use charm necklaces to show off their love of flowers or butterflies, while other people choose to have charm necklaces personalized. Charm necklaces make great gifts for little girls and teenagers.

For a personalized charm necklace, the charms can be ordered in letters to spell out a person’s name, their child’s name, or their pet’s name. Charm necklaces are perfect for everyday wear. Charm necklaces can go from school to work to the gym with a simple wardrobe change, and they look great in all three places.

Pendant necklaces come in both classy and trendy versions. This type of necklace is related to the box chain but is adorned with a pendant. The pendants can be used to showcase the personality of the person wearing them. Hearts, stars, lockets, gemstones, and locks are all common choices for pendants. Many people choose to wear their favorite pendant necklace daily.

The Metal Colors Available for Necklaces

Just as there are several options for the metal choice of a necklace, there are just as many color options. People can choose between silver tones, gold tones, shades of rose gold, and more. When shopping for a necklace to give as a gift, consider the metal colors that the person commonly wears.

Some people prefer necklaces that are silver in tone, while others prefer yellow gold. Rose gold is very popular with younger generations, as the metal color is more pink than yellow. Shopping for a tone that the person loves will help guarantee that they are delighted with their new necklace.

Caring for the New Necklace

Many people are unaware that necklaces need to be cleaned and cared for regularly. Over time, necklaces can get dirty and tarnish. Make sure the person receiving the necklace knows that they should remove their jewelry before taking a shower or a bath. This is especially true when caring for jewelry that is gold vermeil.

To safely clean jewelry, mix equal parts baking soda and water. Avoid harsh chemicals, as these can strip the gold vermeil coating off. Coat the piece in the mix and allow it to sit for a minute.

Next, place the coated jewelry under warm running water and rub gently using a soft cloth. Never use a scratchy cloth, and never rub hard, as this can scratch gold jewelry and take the coating off of gold-coated pieces. Also, be sure to gently rub the jewelry up and down, and not in a circle. Rubbing in a circle can also scratch the piece.

When the piece is clean, dry it with a soft, dry cloth. This step can restore shine to jewelry pieces. Always check the pouch or box that the necklace came in, as some companies include special care instructions with their jewelry pieces.

Caring for and cleaning jewelry can keep it looking new and shiny. There may be some special cleaning products on the market that can help simplify the process. When using these special jewelry cleaning products be sure that they won’t damage the metals and gemstones used in the specific piece.

Necklaces Make Great Gifts

In conclusion, necklaces make great gifts because there are so many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Some pieces are made to be worn every day, while others are designed to be worn on special occasions. Thanks to the different budget-friendly metal and stone choices, necklaces can fit into any gift budget.

Necklaces are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. Some people choose to give a necklace to commemorate a special occasion, such as the birth of a child or in recognition of a job promotion. Others choose to give jewelry for no reason at all. Jewelry is always a great gift idea, and a new necklace is a delight for anyone receiving one.

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