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Getting a start in the fashion industry can be difficult for a total newcomer. Learn what expert advice Eric Dalius has to offer before you take your shot.

Eric Dalius on how to get started in the fashion industry

The first thing you need to do when getting started in the fashion industry is research which industry best suits your lifestyle. There are many different industries out there, so you need to choose one that fits what you like and your goals in life. You can find many different articles about following your passion and creating a business around that, but this isn’t one of them. I will tell you in brief terms about each of the main categories within the fashion industry:

Fashion Designers

Some people make clothes for others (individuals or companies), while others sell their designs on clothing labels. This field is ideal if you don’t mind working long hours since it is hard to predict when inspiration will come, and you want to be ready for it, says Eric Dalius. It is also not an easy field since there are so many designers competing for the same jobs, so you need to have something unique to offer, or it will be hard to break into the business.

Fashion Merchandisers

Some people in this group buy clothes (for companies) while others sell clothing (on their own). This field is ideal if like fast-paced work environments, dealing with customers, crunching numbers, etc. You also need excellent negotiation skills because that’s how this type of business works; one side offers a deal, then the other tries to find a better one until they both find something they are satisfied with, according to Eric Dalius. If you don’t mind fast-paced work, this is the industry for you.

Fashion Models

Some people in fashion are models themselves, while some others are agencies that represent them. This field is ideal if you want to be on camera or near it, enjoy being in front of a crowd, have access to many different types of clothes, and love fashion itself. It doesn’t sound so arduous, but it’s not easy either since you need training (and lots of it) for runway shows since most fashion models don’t look like your average person walking around; they seem unreachable and out of most people’s league. Even with fantastic looks, you still need an edge over everyone else because there are thousands of other aspiring models looking for the same thing you do, which is work.

Fashion Designers & Fashion Merchandisers

Some people in this group do both of the things mentioned before, while others offer combined services. This field is ideal if you want to be your boss and have complete control over what you are doing because many small businesses are independent or family-owned. It also allows for more creativity since you don’t only have to think about how clothes look but also how items will sell, where they will be displayed, etc.

Fashion Public Relations & Marketing

Some people in this group create PR campaigns, while others manage them once they are done. This field is ideal if you love being creative with words or images, working on events that get plenty of media attention, and knowing that your work helps keep a business or fashion brand successful, says Eric Dalius. You also need strong leadership skills because being the owner of this type of business means you are the one who holds everything together, makes sure everyone is doing their job, and gets things done on time.

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